Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 587


The news about Heavenly Clouds Imperial City that managed to turn the tables against the World Dragon Empire spread around the Mortal World.

The Empires on the Mortal World were curious about the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s fate because of their rude behaviour toward World Dragon Empire!

However, the news shocked them! They never expected to hear that the two Divine Generals from World Dragon Empire would be killed that easily!

They wondered whether Yi Tianyun would overthrow the World Dragon Empire or assumed a defensive stance and waited for World Dragon Empire to attack first!

But they were getting nervous as they didn’t know what Yi Tianyun would do to them if he by any chance overthrew the World Dragon Empire!

After all, they did act rudely at Yi Tianyun’s coronation ceremony!

The Empires on Mortal World began to think of what to do themselves as they didn’t know whether to side with the World Dragon Empire, Heavenly Clouds Empire, or remained neutral!

They knew that being neutral was the worst-case scenario as both sides would become their enemies!

At the end of the day, Yi Tianyun was shocked to hear that several Empires were still supporting the Heavenly Clouds Empire in this war.

But several other Empires still supported World Dragon Empire as World Dragon Empire had a long history of being the best on Mortal World!

Although Yi Tianyun successfully killed two Divine Generals of the World Dragon Empire, they still believed that the World Dragon Empire couldn’t be defeated!

World Dragon Empire occupied the most abundant continent in terms of Spirit Power, and thus they could produce a better cultivator overall!

With that in mind, what could Heavenly Clouds Empire do?

They only had Yi Tianyun with them!

The Empire that supported the World Dragon Empire kept on mocking the Empire that supported the Heavenly Clouds Empire as they thought that supporting a crumbling Empire was as good as suicide!

But on top of everything, they knew that showing the support to Heavenly Clouds Empire at this time would be terrifying as those Empires could easily become World Dragon Empire’s target!

Meanwhile, the World Dragon Empire was full of rage after hearing that Yi Tianyun has killed two of their Divine General.

They clearly sustained massive damage from losing two Divine Generals at the same time!

“How can that brat be that powerful?!” World Dragon Great Emperor asked furiously.

With the two Divine General at 8th Layer Spirit King being easily defeated. It was clear that Yi Tianyun was far more powerful than them!

The news even reached World Dragon Former Emperor’s ear. They immediately came back from their retreat as they knew that the Emperor would face a crisis soon!

“Chen’Er! You are acting too brazenly! Because of you, our Divine General died a dog’s death! This fight is not our fight, but theirs!” the World Dragon Empire’s former Emperor said annoyedly; his name was Chen Xuan, while the current World Dragon Emperor was Chen Chen.

“I know, but after exploring his feat the best that we can, we thought that the Heavenly Clouds Emperor was at 3rd Layer Spirit King stage at most, but obviously, it was false information!” Chen Chen said regretfully.

“This mistake must be corrected as soon as possible! Even if he is from a dragon clan, we have the final say in Mortal World! No matter who is backing him, we have to prevail!” Chen Xuan said confidently.

“Yes, that might be the best, Imperial Father, but what should we do now?” Chen Chen asked curiously.

“We have a simple solution. We have to bring out two Protector Dragons to destroy the Heavenly Clouds Empire! If we defeat the Heavenly Clouds Empire, no one else will dare to mess with us!

They clearly believed that the World Dragon Empire was the strongest Empire n Mortal World and no matter who the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s backer was, they wouldn’t back down!

“Great, do we have to alarm the Old Ancestor too?” Chen Chen asked curiously.

“I don’t think that is a good idea! Unless our plan is truly failed, we don’t have to wake up the Old Ancestor!” Chen Xuan said confidently.

“Well, both of us have to be enough to deal with that damned fool!” Chen Chen said excitedly.

But Yi Tianyun was currently flying toward the World Dragon Empire to end this war altogether. He knew that he could always count on himself to get the job done!

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