Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 588


The guards on World Dragon Imperial City’s walls were startled as they thought they saw someone flying towards them at unbelievable speed!

“This is a warning! You have to slow down and get down. You are entering World Dragon Imperial City’s limit. We have to kill you if you choose to disobey our orders!” The guards used their Voice enhancer divine rune to warn the man who flew towards the World Dragon Imperial City!

There were three guards at Void Spirit Stage standing guards on the Imperial City’s wall. They believed that they were enough to intercept the unknown cultivator, and there is no need to warn their higher-ups!

World Dragon Empire was equal to a Divine Nation here in Mortal World because they have much stronger cultivators compared to any other Empire! But the guards were startled as this was the first time that their warning was ignored!

“He was still heading straight to us despite our warning!? Is this his first time visiting World Dragon Imperial City?” the guards were startled as they saw the man was still flying towards them without any intention to stop!

“This man is clearly stupid! We didn’t hear any words from the higher-ups about any cultivator that would visit, so it’s okay if we attack him right now!” the guards snickered excitedly.

The guards prepared themselves to intercept Yi Tianyun from the sky. They took out their weapon and readied themselves to attack!

They then immediately flew and tried to attack Yi Tianyun in the sky, but clearly, they were surprised by how fast Yi Tianyun really was. Yi Tianyun easily got past the guards and flew towards the city!

“Don’t let him get away!” The Guards said as their complexion changed!

They know that they couldn’t let an intruder enter the Imperial City!

They realised that the cultivator who just got past them have an overwhelming aura!

But the guards were clearly late. They couldn’t catch up with Yi Tianyun, and Yi Tianyun landed inside the World Dragon’s city wall, and a light that suddenly illuminated the sky above the World Dragon Imperial City successfully drew everyone’s attention!

But as they tried to not look at the light, a deafening sound was heard! The cultivators on the City Gate were blown away while a tornado swallowed many cultivators who were still flying!

After that, the ground beneath World Dragon Imperial City violently shook as the great array around the city were starting to fail!

As the Great Array failed, it instantly blew out, killing unfortunate souls who were confused inside the Imperial City!

The disaster kept coming one after another. This time, a boulder fell, destroying buildings as they fell.

After a while, the light finally disappeared, and the cultivators inside the World Dragon Imperial City gradually saw the disaster that befalls their Imperial City.

They were shocked as they found that their Imperial City that was famous for its impregnable defence, was easily destroyed!

“The great array was broken; we are under attack!” The cultivators shouted as they began to worry who would dare to attack them!

But they immediately saw a figure above the Imperial City looking at them indifferently.

“Is that the rumored Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor?” a cultivator said as he knew Yi Tianyun’s face.

The rest of the cultivators started to get restless as they finally found out who was attacking them. Just one person attacking World Dragon Imperial City is truly remarkable!

The cultivators in the Imperial City panicked and began to evacuate the city as they knew that they weren’t Yi Tianyun’s opponent!

The situation was chaotic, causing many ordinary people to get mixed up and trampled as they tried to leave the Imperial City!

“This is bad! Not even the Divine General could cope up with his cultivation! We are clearly just an annoying ant to that man!” The cultivator said nervously.

“World Dragon Emperor! Come out here!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he waited in the sky.

Yi Tianyun didn’t even bother using any disguise as he was confident that his might in Mortal World is absolute!

Every other cultivator in the Imperial City noticed that Yi Tianyun’s aura was more powerful than any other cultivator that they have seen!

But the cultivators in the Imperial City were also confused. They didn’t know why Yi Tianyun went as far as attacking the World Dragon Empire alone as they were still confident that the World Dragon Empire wouldn’t lose to one person!

Most of them thought that Yi Tianyun was too arrogant to attack an empire by himself, while the rest thought Yi Tianyun was just a suicidal idiot!

However, Yi Tianyun believed in himself, and therefore believed that from today onward, the World Dragon Empire’s reign in the Mortal World from ancient times ago would end today!

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