Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 589


The wall, the very symbol of World Dragon Imperial City, has collapsed! Furthermore, the buildings near the city gate were destroyed too!

“Get out, World Dragon Great Emperor!” Yi Tianyun shouted towards the Palace.

“You are bold!” a dragon’s roar could be heard from the distance.

Yi Tianyun could see a giant dragon was coming towards him from afar, and Yi Tianyun smirked as he knew that he could still handle something like this!

Yi Tianyun then punched the Dragon’s body as soon as it got close enough to him!

Yi Tianyun’s punch created a whirlwind that sucked so many things from the destroyed building while the Dragon was trapped inside.

Then Yi Tianyun looked up and saw two more Dragons were coming, and this time, two cultivators were riding the Dragons!

“It’s country protector Divine Dragons!” The guards shouted excitedly.

Those were the dragons used by the Emperor and the Former Emperor. The Imperial City was protected by those two dragons for such a long time that the guards instantly felt that they have won!

After the Dragons got close to the City Wall, the cultivators that rode them immediately jumped up!

They are the Great Emperor Chen Chen and Former Emperor Chen Xuan themselves!

World Dragon Great Emperor: Spirit King 8th Layer Spirit King Stage.

Equipment: High-Grade Soul Tool Suit, Dragon Clan Bloodline.

Martial Arts: True Dragon God Claw, True Dragon Roar, True Dragon God’s Secret Art.

Weakness: None.

Combat Power: 860.000.000 Points.

Former Emperor Chen Xuan: Spirit King Peak Stage.

Equipment: High-Grade Soul Tool Suit, Dragon Clan Bloodline (almost become the True Dragon Bloodline).

Martial Arts: True Dragon God Claw, True Dragon Roar, True Dragon God’s Secret Art.

Weakness: None.

Combat Power: Points.

Yellow Dragon: 8th Layer Spirit King Stage.

Equipment: Thick Dragon Scale on par with High-Grade Sacred Tool, True Dragon Bloodline

Weakness: None

Combat power: 900.000.000

Silver Dragon: 8th Layer Spirit King Stage.

Equipment: ….

The dragons were quite powerful if he compared it with everything that he has seen before!

Yi Tianyun tried to check the Dragons’ detailed information and found something interesting!

The Dragons were not a True Dragon. It was only a Flood Dragon that was fortunate enough to receive essence from a true dragon!

But Yi Tianyun knew that 900.000.000 combat power wouldn’t cut it for a True Dragon!

“It is just a Yellow Dragon! You arrogant bastard! And look at that, you only have a Dragon Clan Bloodline!” Yi Tianyun said as he sneered and taunted the Emperor and the former Emperor.

What Yi Tianyun said was an undeniable fact. He knew that once he used his Dragon God Bloodline, all Dragon Clan in the vicinity must bow down to him!

“How dare you taunt us! I don’t think that you are someone who would commit suicide by doing something like this! you are a sinner for destroying our Gate and Wall in the first place.” The Emperor said with rage in his voice.

Not only that, but his eyes were also filled with the burning passion!

“Sin? What are you talking about?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“We have kindly invited you to come to the World Dragon Empire, but what did you do? You killed our messenger and ignored our request! Not only that, but you even dared to kill two of our Divine General!” Great Emperor Chen Chen said furiously.

The cultivators who have been watching everything that happened booed Yi Tianyun once the Great Emperor landed!

Their fear of Yi Tianyun’s power was absolutely gone as they were confused.

“Hey, is there any way to purge my sin?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“It’s simple! All you must do is kneel on the ground and ask for forgiveness! That way, we will spare your body and return you to where you came from, but if you don’t want to do that, we will completely obliterate everything that you knew!” The Great Emperor said coldly.

Countless eyes stared at Yi Tianyun as they wanted to hear what Yi Tianyun had in store.

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