Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 593


The light column shone brightly, and no one could see what happened to Former Emperor Chen Xuan!

Previously, the World Dragon Emperor couldn’t withstand Yi Tianyun’s punch. Now, the Former Emperor also took on the same attack.

They didn’t know whether the Former Emperor could withstand it or not!

If Former Emperor Chen Xuan was also killed in one punch, then it was obvious that Yi Tianyun was a Saint King cultivator!

After the light column has gone, a figure stood on the edge. It was Former Emperor Chen Xuan, but the Silver Dragon is nowhere to be seen!


‘Successfully killed Silver Dragon!’

‘Reward: 230.000.000 Exp, 13.000 Cps, 1.300 Sps, Silver Dragon Soul, Silver Dragon Scale, Silver Dragon Ring!’

‘Silver Dragon Ring: X10 Defence Power, X10 Combat Power, 10% Crit Chance. Consume 5.000 Cps to use [Silver Dragon Protecting Shield]. The shield can withstand any attack from Spirit King Stage enemy to the user for 5 minutes! 1-hour cooldown!’

‘True Dragon Bracelet: X25 Combat Power, 20% Crit Damage. Consume 5.000 Cps to release a true dragon power, which would amplify the Combat Power 30 times the normal value for 5 minutes! 1-hour cooldown!’

Yi Tianyun checked the items that he got from killing the dragon, and he was satisfied enough with those items. Now he had a new accessory to replace the previous one!

Yi Tianyun then shifted his eyes to Former Emperor Chen Xuan, he knew that the Former Emperor was heavily injured, but he was certain that it wasn’t enough to kill him!

Former Emperor Chen Xuan had a higher cultivation base than World Dragon Emperor Chen Chen. Because of that, he survived Yi Tianyun’s punch, although Yi Tianyun was pretty sure that Chen Xuan wouldn’t be able to survive one more hit from Yi Tianyun!

“That one wasn’t bad at all!” Chen Xuan said as he tried to stand still while bluffing.

He was angry, but he also felt fear from Yi Tianyun! His Divine Tool was useless!

The cultivators who have been watching the fight from the beginning knew that their Former Emperor was already defeated!

No one else from the World Dragon Empire could resist Yi Tianyun’s overwhelming power!

“How can this be!? We are the World Dragon Empire, the most powerful empire in Mortal World!” a cultivator on the side said amidst the silence!

They were reminded just how weak they were as they couldn’t do anything against the invading enemy!

“You are a Saint King expert!” Chen Xuan said nervously.

He was perplexed by how strong Yi Tianyun was despite his young age!

After all, Mortal World was not blessed with vast Spiritual Energy like Ghost World or Heavens World, making it harder to cultivate!

“What are you saying? But regardless, there would be no World Dragon Empire starting from today! If you feel despaired by my decision, blame it on your own decision for trying to pick a fight with me! I am just building my own empire peacefully, but you succumb to Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s temptation! Don’t blame me on your deathbed later!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Chen Xuan turned pale; he knew that it was his fault that the World Dragon Empire would be annihilated today!

If he could go back in time, he would’ve declined Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s request no matter what the reward would be!

But now, there was nothing but regret in his mind!

Yi Tianyun then held out his hands towards Chen Xuan, and suddenly, a light beam shot out from his hands, with an intention to kill Chen Xuan immediately!

Chen Xuan himself has already accepted his fate that this was the end of the line, but he surely regretted his action to involve his son, Chen Chen, in this problem!

But as he accepted his fate, suddenly someone saved him by dispersing Yi Tianyun’s attack with his palm!

Yi Tianyun was surprised, it was one of his best attacks, but someone else easily repelled it. He immediately checked the man’s information with his appraisal eye.

‘Former Emperor Chen Feng: 1st Layer Saint King Stage!

Equipment: High-Grade Sacred Tool with Saint Soul Strength.

Martial Art: True Dragon God Claw, True Dragon God Secret Art.

Weakness: None.

Combat Power: 1.800.000.000 (Normal State)


The Saint King Stage was twice more powerful than a Spirit King Peak Stage cultivator!

This Former Emperor was already old enough to experience power decline, but he was a Saint King Expert nonetheless!

A lot more powerful than any cultivator that Yi Tianyun has ever fought up until now!

But then again, compared to Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s Imperial Preceptor, Chen Feng’s power didn’t seem that scary!

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