Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 594


Yi Tianyun wasn’t surprised by the old man’s appearance. He knew that the World Dragon Empire would have someone of this calibre!

Even though Yi Tianyun knew that this old man wasn’t in his prime anymore, he could see that the old man was still extremely powerful!

“Former Emperor Old Ancestor!” Chen Xuan immediately kneeled as he was in the Old Ancestor’s presence.

He completely forgot about the Old Ancestor’s existence, but he knew that his shameful act was unforgivable!

Now, Old Ancestor Chen Feng was the only one who could hold Yi Tianyun down and make sure that the World Dragon Empire wouldn’t be decimated!

“Old Ancestor Chen Feng has come! Now that brat wouldn’t be able to lay a hand on Former Emperor Chen Xuan!” The cultivator on the side said excitedly.

“Ah, I never expected something like this would happen! How about a truce for now, friend?” Old Ancestor Chen Feng said with a sigh.

“Old Ancestor! He already killed your grandson! How can you let him go!” Chen Xuan said confusedly.

“Shut up, will you? clearly, you are a fool who doesn’t understand the situation!” Chen Feng said annoyedly.

“You are a Saint King expert! I believe that you have witnessed my power, but I also believe that you wouldn’t let me get away this easily if I was slightly weaker than you!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Yi Tianyun’s word was indeed correct!

Old Ancestor Chen Feng couldn’t afford to fight Yi Tianyun now as his life expectancy has reached its limit!

He wanted to stay idle and continued amassing Spirit Energy to prolong his life!

“This small one’s power is chaotic! I believe that he is also at Saint King Stage. I can’t fight him now! the only thing that we can do now is to make a peace treaty so that we can continue cultivating and then finish him once you reach Saint King level!” Chen Feng whispered to Chen Xuan carefully.

Former Emperor Chen Xuan gritted his teeth and looked at Yi Tianyun with a hateful look on his face. He nodded to Chen Feng’s word as he admitted that he was nowhere around Yi Tianyun’s level.

But as Old Ancestor Chen Feng turned his attention back to Yi Tianyun, a phantom shadow rushed past him and attacked Former Emperor Chen Xuan!

It was Yi Tianyun’s phantom shadow that clad in red armour from the Dragon God Phantom Shadow.

As Yi Tianyun’s phantom shadow rushed past Old Ancestor Chen Feng, it attacked Former Emperor Chen Xuan quickly!

Everything was too sudden, and nobody was able to comprehend what was happening!

Chen Xuan himself believed that he would die from this attack!

Old Ancestor Chen Feng tried to react to Yi Tianyun’s attack and burned his Dragon Clan Blood Essence as he had to do that in order to escape Yi Tianyun’s Dragon God Bloodline’s domination!

But Yi Tianyun saw this coming, so before the old man could complete his posture, Yi Tianyun’s phantom shadow pushed him aside, making sure that the old man couldn’t finish attacking and once more shifted his target to Chen Xuan!

Yi Tianyun’s phantom shadow’s fist struck Chen Xuan in the heart!

Chen Xuan was trying his best to defend and survive, but it was a futile struggle imagination as Yi Tianyun’s punch easily pierced through Chen Xuan’s defence.

“God damn it!” Chen Xuan said as he knew that his defence was useless!

“Die, bastard!” Yi Tianyun shouted coldly as his phantom shadow struck Chen Xuan’s heart!

A column of light appeared where Chen Xuan stand once again, and this time it proved to be fatal!

“Xuan’er!” Old Ancestor Chen Feng shouted as he stared at the light column nervously.

“You want peace? Why would I do that? if I have the power to destroy you, why would I stop?” Yi Tianyun said coldly to Chen Feng!

Furthermore, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t just let someone that once threatened his faction roam free.

“You actually killed Xuan’er! you will pay for this!” Old Ancestor Chen Feng shouted furiously.

His body was instantly covered with a thick Gold Dragon scale, and his combat power rose once again!

Old Ancestor’s Dragon Clan Bloodline was far more potent than World Dragon Emperor’s.

“Now, that’s more like it! let me see how strong a Saint King Expert really is!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked excitedly. There was no fear in his eyes!

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