Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 595


Old Ancestor Chen Feng was infuriated!

The golden dragon aura that covered his body burned brightly. Furthermore, his body gradually became younger!

Old Ancestor Chen Feng that appeared to be an old man before, now became a handsome middle-aged man!

All cultivators around them were shocked to see Old Ancestor’s transformation!

How could someone reverse their age like that!

But this was not surprising at all for Yi Tianyun because he knew that Chen Feng must have burned his blood qi to attain this condition!

“You will die!” Old Ancestor Chen Feng said coldly.

He then pulled out his Long Spear, this long spear was also a Divine Tool, but it was the best Divine Tool that World Dragon Empire had!

‘Desolate Ancient Dragon Spear: Lower Grade Divine Tool, built with Desolate Ancient Giant Dragon’s Blood Essence and Dragon Bone. Have a high attack value, like the Desolate Ancient Giant Dragon itself!’

Yi Tianyun was impressed! He never expected the World Dragon Empire would have three Divine Tools even though they were merely a Mortal World’s faction. However, all their Divine Tools were Lower Grade Divine Tool!

“There are a lot of people wishing for me to die. You will have to wait in a line!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Great, then I can be the first to crack your head open! Take your weapon out and fight me!” Chen Feng said coldly.

Weapon? Why would I need that?” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

Yi Tianyun was acting arrogant, but the truth is he really didn’t need a weapon at all! after equipping the Ring and Bracelet earlier, he could deal with Chen Feng with his bare hands!

After all, after burning his Blood Qi, Chen Feng’s combat power only reached points. Even without equipping the accessory he got after killing the dragons, his combat power has already reached 3 billion with only Crazy Mode!

“That’s nice of you! I will teach you to respect the elderly.” Chen Feng said casually.

“Teach me? You don’t even have enough power to be called Saint King Expert! what could you teach someone that knows better than you! You even burned your blood qi without hesitation!” Yi Tianyun said while taunting Chen Feng!

Yi Tianyun’s smirk made the old ancestor pale. He never expected Yi Tianyun to know that much!

His cultivation had already reached the peak a long time ago, and he could no longer breakthrough ever since!

“It doesn’t matter! No matter what you say, I have enough strength to deal with you!” Chen Feng said coldly.

Chen Feng then slammed the tip of his spear to the ground, and a Gold Dragon Phantom Shadow appeared before him.

Suddenly, Chen Feng absorbed the vitality around the area, killing small animals and withering the vegetation around him!

Chen Feng became even younger!

Now, his skin looked more vibrant, and he was also brimming with vitality!

He then rushed towards Yi Tianyun, leaving a small sandstorm in his wake; the same could be said to the Gold Dragon!

As they rushed toward Yi Tianyun, the small sandstorm became bigger!

His combat power rose once again, reaching 3,5 billion!

World Dragon Empire’s cultivators cheered Chen Feng excitedly as they believed that Chen Feng would win!

“Your power is quite strong, but it was boring in front of me!” Yi Tianyun said casually, then he activated the Crazy Mode, Dragon God Bloodline, and equipped the True Dragon Bracelet and Silver Dragon Ring!

His combat power skyrocketed! Now Yi Tianyun had 4,1 billion combat power!

The air around Yi Tianyun’s fist began to shook as he concentrated almost all his tremendous aura into his fist!

Yi Tianyun’s body was covered with a thin Dragon Armour. It looked brittle compared to Chen Feng’s Dragon Scale, but it was harder and more durable than Chen Feng’s!

Yi Tianyun then raised his hands and slapped Chen Feng and the Gold Dragon at the same time!

Everyone on the scene could feel the shockwave as Yi Tianyun’s palm hit the Old Man!

The wind suddenly became wild, and the dust from the ground immediately blurred everyone’s vision!

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