Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 597


Chen Feng looked like a complete lunatic right now, scaring everyone from the World Dragon Empire!

Saying that everyone has lost their trust in the World Dragon Empire was not an exaggeration at this point!

Therefore, the World Dragon Empire’s reputation has fallen to the mud!

Now that he was losing to Yi Tianyun, he didn’t need to think about his people any longer. He was adamant about sacrificing all of them in exchange for power!

He didn’t need to think about anything else as he knew that the World Dragon Empire had been done for anyway!

Chen Feng just stood in the middle of the Great Array as he absorbed the Blood Essence of many cultivators on the Imperial City at once.

He knew that the World Dragon Empire had cumulated many great cultivators, and thus the amount of Blood Essence that he got was invigorating!

Chen Feng smirked as he knew that the Great Array would suck the cultivator’s blood essence dry, and therefore, after killing Yi Tianyun, there would be no eyewitnesses left!

He knew that the World Dragon Empire could be rebuilt later!

The cultivator kept on shouting for Chen Feng to save them, but their voice clearly couldn’t reach Chen Feng’s heart!

“Please! Avenge us, Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor! Our Old Ancestor has abandoned us!” one of the cultivators shouted to Yi Tianyun as he walked past the cultivator near the palace gate.

Yi Tianyun looked at the cultivator in a funny way. He couldn’t bring himself to show any respect to someone with such a flimsy constitute like this.

He couldn’t even see them in the eye and sympathize with them!

At first, they wanted to kill Yi Tianyun, but now that their Old Ancestor has abandoned them, they asked for Yi Tianyun’s help!

Cultivation of Evil Martial Arts was nothing unusual in the cultivation world, but nobody wanted to see or associate themselves with them!

Now that Old Ancestor Chen Feng has sacrificed his own people’s lives to advance his cultivation further, it was deemed an Evil Cultivation!

Now that the cultivators realised that their Old Ancestor had committed a taboo, they didn’t want to be associated with him anymore!

“A group of useless trash! I have sheltered you for so many years, but you judge me to use some sort of Evil Cultivation as soon as I take back what I give to you? pathetic!” Chen Feng said coldly.

But then he turned his attention towards Yi Tianyun and smirked, “I didn’t expect you would follow me, but I acknowledge that strength of yours, but under my Demon Blood Great Array, you will never touch me again!” Chen Feng said coldly.

Chen Feng’s combat power kept rising every second, Yi Tianyun kept checking Chen Feng’s combat power, and now he saw 4,1 billion points!

Previously, Chen Feng’s combat power was only at 3,5 billion points!

It was amazing, indeed, but it must have some sort of side effect!

But it didn’t really matter to Yi Tianyun. He could still increase his power by equipping other items that he got later!

In a way, Yi Tianyun had many more cards up his sleeve. Yi Tianyun didn’t want to use a weapon before, but now he had to use one!

“You are crazy! Sacrificing all the life in World Dragon Empire Imperial City, you clearly have fallen so low!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Yi Tianyun didn’t mind that Chen Feng killed so many cultivators, but not everyone inside the city was a cultivator; some of them were innocent and normal humans!

Yi Tianyun wouldn’t let Chen Feng live any longer!

Yi Tianyun believed that Chen Feng would become bigger trouble in the future!

Chen Feng’s atrocities were too much to bear with, and he would make sure that it wouldn’t happen again, at least not from this World Dragon Empire!

He always thought that Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation would be the most atrocious faction out there, but now he learned that it wasn’t the case!

There were many more faction that was just as atrocious as them!

This method of absorbing blood essence cultivation has always existed in World Dragon Empire Imperial City.

In other words, the first Emperor has thought of this cultivation method for a long time, meaning that they never cared about their people in the first place!

But Yi Tianyun couldn’t complain. He knew that Evil Cultivation like this was the fastest way to reach the desired cultivation base!

“What are you going to do now? God didn’t care about such those lowlifes. Their sacrifice was the highest form of loyalty that they could give!” Chen Feng said confidently.

“That is true, God wouldn’t care about a lowlife, and thus I am here to kill you!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“What? You want to play the hero?” Chen Feng asked as he snickered.

“Me? A Hero? No, I will take care of my own people. I don’t give a shit about anyone else!” Yi Tianyun said casually, and he immediately opened his Sin Shop and purchased the Evil God Suit!


‘Evil God Suit has successfully bought, deducting 1.000.000 Sps.’

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