Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 598



‘Successfully purchased Evil God Suit!’

‘Withdrawing the Evil Dragon Suit from user inventory!’

The notification popped up once again. Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised that the system also took back the Evil Dragon Suit.

But Yi Tianyun knew that it was for the best as he would no longer use the Evil Dragon Suit anyway.

The suit that he got from the Sin Shop couldn’t be enhanced in any way, so there was no point in keeping it anyway!

Evil God Suit: Required level 50.

Effect: Can transform into an Evil God at any time, Combat Power X50, Defence Power X50, Speed X10.

During Evil God mode, all attack becomes a long-ranged attack with up to 10 miles distance. Amplify attack with Burn Effect and increase crit chances for 20%.

The detailed data for the Evil God Suit was displayed, and it was extremely powerful!

Yi Tianyun was saving his Sin Points for unexpected occurrences like this, and since he was only up against an enemy, Evil God Suit was more efficient.

He knew that he could kill the Old Ancestor before, but now, it might take a while, and thus he required a powerful suit to kill the Old Ancestor faster!

For the time being, no matter how much the Old Ancestor absorbed the Blood Essence of the cultivator in the Imperial City, he would never be able to defeat Yi Tianyun!

For Heavenly Clouds Empire to become the strongest Empire in Mortal World, Yi Tianyun had to defeat the World Dragon Empire, and now, the chance presented itself!

If the World Dragon Empire didn’t pick a fight with Heaven Clouds Empire, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t have a reason to attack either!

“You want to play hero, kid? I will send you to hell so that you can kill villains all day long!” Old Ancestor said while smirking evilly.

He kept on absorbing the Blood Essence that he got from the Great Array, and thus he was confident that he could kill Yi Tianyun!

“Once I am done with you, I will absorb that Dragon God Bloodline of yours!” Old Ancestor said with an eye full of greed.

The Bloodthirsty Great Array that he used to absorb the cultivators’ Blood Essence gave him tremendous power. Now The Old Ancestor’s combat power has reached 4.2 billion points!

Yi Tianyun tried to punch the Old Ancestor using everything he got now, and he failed to reach the Old Ancestor as the Bloodthirsty Great Array’s blood essence blocked Yi Tianyun’s attack!

Yi Tianyun was surprised as 4 billion combat power wasn’t enough to destroy the Great Array!

“Stop your futile struggle. You might as well let me absorb that Blood Essence of yours too!” The old Ancestor said while smirking excitedly.

He loved to see the look of despair on his enemy’s face, and thus he believed that he was doing something extraordinary!

The old Ancestor immediately summoned a red lotus to capture Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun quickly flew up, but the Red Lotus was faster!

In a blink of an eye, the red lotus successfully captured Yi Tianyun and restricted his movement. At the same time, a huge blood pool was steadily increasing on top of The Old Ancestor.

The cultivators were trembling in fear and anger. They didn’t want to become nutrients for their Old Ancestor and tried to get away from the Great Array’s range, but they were too late!

The Great Array was too strong, and thus they got swept in as well!

“Are we going to die?” a cultivator said nervously.

“I don’t know, but shut your mouth! I regret ever joining the World Dragon Empire!” Another cultivator retorted.

Their eyes were full of anger and sorrow, but they put their hopes in Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor, they know that it may be asking too much, but there was no one else to save them from the Evil cultivation of their Old Ancestor!

But suddenly, a terrifying black flame swept the battlefield, and the steady stream of blood on the top of the Old Ancestor began to enter The Old Ancestor’s body, enhancing his power further!

But the old Ancestor was startled as soon as he saw a black figure in front of him, preventing the blood essence from being absorbed by the Old Ancestor!

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