Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 599


The blood pool was burned by the black flame! After the blood essence was burned, it formed a thick blood cloud, giving the dreary vibe in the air!

But the most shocking thing was the black figure who stood in front of Old Ancestor!

The air was prickly with black flames, and no one dared to move a muscle as they felt a primal fear that they never experienced before.

They knew that the black figure in huge body and a taut muscle was so prominent that everyone instinctively knew how powerful it was!

“What? Who is that?” Old Ancestor was clearly shocked by this outcome!

He couldn’t see Yi Tianyun anymore, and the black figure appeared out of nowhere. Old Ancestor tried to connect the dots and eventually realised that the black figure was in fact Yi Tianyun!

He didn’t know that Yi Tianyun had a transformation skill, not to mention it seemed extremely powerful and instilled primal fear!

He has never seen such a terrifying aura before, not even from the Heaven World’s cultivator!

“What is this power? Is Heavenly Clouds Emperor this powerful? Is this his true appearance? What is his limit?” Everyone began to wonder as they were still freezing from fear.

“This feeling! It’s the same as an Evil Spirit, but a million times more powerful than that! Probably he was an Evil God!” a cultivator said nervously, everyone reached the same conclusion, but their gaze was full of awe although they were still frozen from the fear.

They promised themselves to serve Yi Tianyun if they survived this ordeal!

Old Ancestor wanted to sacrifice the entire World Dragon Imperial City, compared to Yi Tianyun, who tried to stop the Old Ancestor without killing the weakened cultivator was like heaven and earth!

It was obvious that they would rather serve Yi Tianyun instead of the Old Ancestor!

Yi Tianyun himself was surprised by how much his power rose from just using the Evil God suit!

The effect that the Evil God Suit provided was tremendous as well, especially the Black Flames that it generated!

Now, Yi Tianyun’s combat power reached 6,3 billion points! This amount of combat power was too much to achieve by any cultivator of the same level, considering Yi Tianyun was only at the early stage of Spirit King level!

But it was a bit unfortunate that the Crazy Mode couldn’t be stacked with this Evil God suit effect. Crazy Mode only applied to his basic combat power, which meant that the Evil God Suit X50 Combat Power only worked in addition to Crazy Mode! Otherwise, Yi Tianyun’s power would be above a Saint King Peak stage cultivator!

“It is time to end this farce!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Yi Tianyun knew that the Old Ancestor was shaken with fear due to the Evil God’s presence, but Yi Tianyun didn’t know that the effect was so powerful that the Old Ancestor looked like a fish out of the water, gasping for air!

“I will not go down without a fight!” Old Ancestor said weakly, but he quickly summoned numerous blood arrows that he shot towards Yi Tianyun immediately, but because the Black Flame was still covering Yi Tianyun, the blood sizzled and evaporated in an instant!

Old Ancestor felt desperate as he couldn’t touch Yi Tianyun anymore. The sense of inferiority towards Yi Tianyun clouded his judgement that he couldn’t think carefully.

Furthermore, the range of Yi Tianyun’s attack was so far! The old Ancestor felt frustrated because no matter how far he retreated, Yi Tianyun’s attack always caught up to him!

He didn’t know what to do anymore because none of his attacks seemed to work!

“How can a person of this calibre be in Mortal World, and I’ve never heard about him? Bastard! Blood Demon Sword!” Old Ancestor said as a blood-red sword glowed on his hands!

An endless quantity of blood flowed to the sword in Old Ancestor’s hand, increasing the sword’s quality immensely.

“I said, let’s end this worthless fight!” Yi Tianyun said as he slammed his feet on the ground and rushed towards the old Ancestor that was a little bit far away from his current position, but Yi Tianyun was like a black flash, catching up to the Old Ancestor in a blink of an eye!

The Old Ancestor couldn’t react to Yi Tianyun’s speed!

“Wh… What’s with this power!” Old Ancestor said nervously.

“Well, evil needs power! if you are this weak, you aren’t qualified to be someone evil!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

Yi Tianyun then instantly flashed to Old Ancestor and quickly ignited the Old Ancestor with his black flame! Yi Tianyun was satisfied by the Evil God suit’s capabilities; it made everything so much easier!

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