Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 601


After the war ended, the news about the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s victory sent a shiver down to all Emperors’ spine!

They were aware of their rude behaviour towards Heavenly Clouds Emperor on his own coronation day, and now they were afraid Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor would threaten them because of it!

Five Spirit King Experts, two Dragon Protectors, and one Old Ancestor of Saint King Expert were killed by Yi Tianyun!

This meant that Yi Tianyun was a Saint King too, at the very least!

Furthermore, the World Dragon Empire has collapsed, making Heavenly Clouds Empire the unofficial ruler of the Mortal World!

“We have to hurry! We must go to the Heavenly Clouds Empire and establish an alliance! Bring our best treasure as a gift!” an Emperor said to his ministry as he hurriedly prepared for the departure to Heavenly Clouds Empire.

That was all the Emperors of the Mortal World could think of as they were afraid of Heavenly Clouds Empire’s backlash!

Previously, they didn’t have any reason to support the Heavenly Clouds Empire as they knew that the World Dragon Empire was against Heavenly Clouds Empire’s establishment.

But now, the World Dragon Empire was destroyed!

Nobody knew the Old Ancestor of World Dragon Empire would use evil cultivation. Furthermore, there were so many bones buried in the World Dragon Imperial City that the city itself looked like it was built on top of human remains!

After the exposure of Evil Cultivation, World Dragon Empire was completely abandoned. No one ever talked about the World Dragon Empire after that anymore.

The cultivators of the World Dragon Empire also left without looking back as they felt deceived!

Yi Tianyun took over all World Dragon Empire’s territory, but no one dared to say anything as they didn’t dare to make an enemy out of Yi Tianyun!

They knew that Heavenly Clouds Empire’s comprehensive strength was weaker than most Empire in Mortal World, but Yi Tianyun alone could destroy an Empire!

Yi Tianyun earned himself a nickname in Mortal World, and that was ‘Paragon Yi!’, a nickname that reflected Yi Tianyun’s power!

The only way for them to fight against Yi Tianyun was to gather all cultivators in Mortal World and attack him all at once, which was ridiculous as there was no way it was viable.

“Great Emperor! We have many Great Emperors that come to visit!” a guard said as he came to the throne room to report.

Yi Tianyun could see that the guard was excited to see that the Empire was visited by so many influential people.

“I am busy. Let them wait outside!” Yi Tianyun said to the guard.

Yi Tianyun still remembered that the Emperors’ attitude towards Heavenly Clouds Empire on the coronation day, and thus he wasn’t excited to see them.

“Yes, Great Emperor!” The Guards nodded confusedly and ran outside hurriedly.

The guard immediately returned to the Imperial City gate, where the Great Emperors were waiting to see Yi Tianyun, “Great Emperor Yi is currently busy; you will have to wait here indefinitely.” The guard said indifferently.

The guard himself contained his excitement as he never thought that he could talk like that to a Great Emperor!

The Great Emperors felt disappointed but didn’t voice their complaint!

They couldn’t afford to give Yi Tianyun a reason to attack their Empire later!

After all, the Heavenly Clouds Empire is the strongest Empire in Mortal World!

The Heavenly Primordial Great Emperor shook his head disappointedly, but he didn’t regret his decision on the past!

He would choose the World Dragon Empire any day, as they didn’t know that the Heavenly Clouds Empire was this powerful!

“That Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor… even though he’s a Great Emperor, this is too much! He kept this many Great Emperors waiting outside of the Imperial City wall! Did it not occur to him that we might form an alliance and attack Heavenly Clouds Empire in the future?” one Emperor said as he grumbled annoyedly.

“Hey, don’t drag me with you! I don’t care how he treated us. After all, we brought this on ourselves for not supporting him!” another emperor said worriedly.

One by one, the Emperor expressed their agreement to the Emperor, who wanted to be recognized by Yi Tianyun.

They didn’t care if they must wait as they knew that Yi Tianyun would eventually see them.

“No, that’s not what I mean!” The first Emperor said because he felt afraid after all other Great Emperors didn’t want to associate themselves with him!

They knew that they didn’t have the right to complain, and waiting was appropriate for those without any significant value.

Of course, it was completely different from the Great Emperors, who showed their support for the Heavenly Clouds Empire from the beginning.

The Great Emperors who supported the Heavenly Clouds Empire were sitting in the Main Hall of Heavenly Clouds Palace, sipping the finest wine while talking casually to each other.

Their position with the Great Emperor who waited outside was like heaven and earth!

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