Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 602


Heavenly Clouds Empire has successfully become the number one Empire in Mortal World!

It was obvious that other Empires would want to show their respect to make sure that their Empire would have a great relationship with Heavenly Clouds Empire!

On Yi Tianyun’s coronation day, the Great Emperors’ attitude towards him was questionable because of the message from World Dragon Empire. Thus, now that they were told to wait outside, they couldn’t complain.

The Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was another reason. The Empires on the Mortal World already knew that World Dragon Empire had some sort of relationship with Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation.

Netherworld Empire was one of the Empires that was directly affiliated with Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation.

All the Empire on Mortal World also knew that the faction under Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s influence was destroyed by Yi Tianyun one by one!

The Mortal World had a rank for the factions. The purpose of this ranking was to give people a rough idea of which faction they could join since the higher the faction’s rank was, the pricier it was to join them!

While the Great Emperors were waiting outside, Yi Tianyun was studying the Sin Shop inside!

He was surprised earlier when the Sin Shop reclaimed the Evil Dragon Suit when he purchased the Evil God Suit!

When he opened the Sin Shop again, he could see that Evil Dragon Suit was still available in the Sin Shop, but why would he buy it again?

After all, Evil God Suit was much better, and buying the Evil Dragon Suit would be a waste of Sin Points!

Above the Evil God Suit, Yi Tianyun saw a more powerful suit than Evil God Suit! It was Evil Demon God Suit!

‘Evil Demon God Suit: Required Level 80.

Effect: Can turn into Evil Demon God at any time. Combat Power increased 200 times, Défense Power increased 200 times, Speed increased 50 times. After becoming an Evil Demon God, all attacks become ranged attacks with the range of 1.000 Km and additional burning effect, and Crit Chances increased by 50%.

Consumption: 100.000 Crazy Points per minute.

Price: 50.000.000 Sin Points.

The effect was the same as the Evil God Suit, but it was super enhanced! Although the change was not significant, the Combat Power multiplier was valuable!

The price was too much for Yi Tianyun now. Yi Tianyun only had a thousand sin points now; there was no way he could get 50 million now!

The consumption rate was also too high, 100.000 Crazy Points per minute was too much for Yi Tianyun now. Yi Tianyun shook his head upon seeing the enormous consumption rate. It wasn’t something he could afford right now. Fortunately, the Evil God Suit only cost 10.000 Crazy Points per minute, which he could afford right now!

“It will take a while before I can buy that suit. Fortunately, I only use the Evil God Suit for its power spike, not for the transformation! Although the transformation is convenient in certain situations.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling!

Yi Tianyun smiled as he knew that if he used the Evil Demon God Suit in the future, Divine King would be right around the corner!

After all, with his current cultivation, he could crush a Saint King Expert with his Evil God Suit!

“Cultivators with higher cultivation levels wouldn’t be a problem at all!” Yi Tianyun said as he felt satisfied by the Sin Shop item.

Then he shifted his attention to the Super Enhanced Roulette that he got after defeating the Old Ancestor earlier. Yi Tianyun activated his Lucky Aura and immediately spun the lottery roulette!

Soon, the pointer stopped at Consumables!

Yi Tianyun was stunned. He never thought that he would get the worst part of the roulette like this!

He thought that he could say goodbye to his bad luck since he had accumulated a lot of prestige points and activated the lucky aura!

The box contained Consumables immediately dropped from the roulette, and Yi Tianyun immediately opened the box!

‘Teleportation God Stone (Rare)’

‘Teleportation God Stone: Set a coordinate at will and teleport to the said coordinate anytime. Can only set 5 coordinates.’

“This is good stuff!” Yi Tianyun said as he slammed the table in front of him with excitement.

That item was more valuable than weapons!

He needed this type of item to move freely later. He could return to Heavenly Clouds Mansion at will anytime he wanted!

“It seems that I’m not that unlucky either. This item is equal to Divine Tools!” Yi Tianyun said as he felt happy and excited by the item he got!

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