Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 603


God Stone was definitely an amazing item. Now Yi Tianyun could set up to 5 teleportation coordinates for him to teleport to, be it the Ghost World, Mortal World, or even the Heaven World, the God Stone would still work its magic!

Yi Tianyun quickly checked God Stone’s price in the System Shop, and he was shocked when he saw that the God Stone price was at 15 million CPs!

But Yi Tianyun knew that God Stone was an absolute necessity for him now. After all, it was difficult for him to go back and forth to Ghost World or the Heaven World conservatively!

Yi Tianyun shook his head and tried to spin the roulette once more. He now knew that the Super Enhanced Lottery Roulette would definitely give him good items!

Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun still activated his Lucky Aura as he still wanted to get the rare reward from the roulette.

The roulette soon stopped at the Accessory category. Yi Tianyun didn’t know what he would get from the Accessory Category and could only hope that it was something that he could use!

A box fell from the roulette, and Yi Tianyun immediately opened it!

Desolate Ancient Necklace: Part of the Desolate Ancient Suit, Ancient Rank Treasure!

Effect: increase Combat Power by 15 times, Speed by 10 times, Defence Power by 10 times, can cast [Desolate Ancient Void] which can turn everything within 500 m into dust at the cost of 8.000 CPs.

“This is great!” Yi Tianyun said as he checked the necklace’s information.

The Ancient Level treasure was basically the same rank as the Divine Tool, but it had some characteristics that a Divine Tool didn’t have. In this case, the Desolate Ancient Necklace was part of a suit!

The same could be said to the Ancient Stone Tablet that Yi Tianyun got from Spirit Race Sanctuary before. It also belonged to Ancient Rank Treasure.

As Yi Tianyun read the necklace’s detailed information, Yi Tianyun was shocked once more as he noticed that the necklace was part of a 5-piece suit, not a three-piece suit that usually existed!

Yi Tianyun immediately knew that the effect of this Desolate Ancient Necklace would be amazing once he obtained all parts of the suit!

But Yi Tianyun frowned as it became harder for him to collect all the pieces!

The Super Enhanced Lottery Roulette Ticket was hard to get! Of course, he could buy it using Crazy Points, but the price of ten million Crazy Points per ticket was too much!

Yi Tianyun sighed and equipped the necklace as he still found the effect to be great despite its outdated and primitive look!

Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun thought that no one would care about it!

Yi Tianyun stood up from the throne and ordered the guard to let the Great Emperor in!

The guard nodded and immediately scurried out to let the Great Emperor in.

Not long after that, the Great Emperor introduced themselves one by one.

“I am the Great Emperor of Thunder Star Empire, glad to meet the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor! This time we came to visit in order to build a positive relationship with Heavenly Clouds Empire, and we hope the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor could forgive our rude behaviour earlier! If you would accept our gift, this is Thousand-Year Blood. We hope it may be of great use for the Great Emperor in the future!” Thunder Star Great Emperor said respectfully.

The people beside the Thunder Star Great Emperor opened a jade box, and from inside, Yi Tianyun could see a clear bottle full of blood that released a concentrated blood essence into the air!

The Great Emperor standing beside the Thunder Star Great Emperor was surprised that Thunder Star Great Emperor would make the extremely rare Thousand-Year Blood a token of friendship like this!

“I accept your gift!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently and ordered one of his men to take the Thousand Year Blood and placed it on the table.

Thunder Star Great Emperor bowed a little and sat on a seat not too far from there, while the rest of the Great Emperors introduced themselves and handed their respective gifts for Yi Tianyun!

Finally, it was Heaven’s Primordial Great Emperor’s turn. He didn’t use a respectful gesture like other Great Emperor, but his word was still nice, and the smile on his face seemed genuine.

“Congratulation to Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor for successfully ascending the throne, I brought a Heavens Star Grass for a gift to Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor as it represents Heavenly Clouds Empire! I hope that Heavenly Clouds Empire will prosper in Mortal World in the future!” Heavenly Primordial Great Emperor said casually, still with a smile on his face.

Yi Tianyun didn’t mind Heavenly Primordial Great Emperor’s attitude. Although Heavenly Primordial Great Emperor acted like his Empire was at the same standing as Heavenly Clouds Empire, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t make a big deal out of it as long as Heavenly Primordial Great Emperor didn’t provoke Heavenly Clouds Empire!

“Thank you very much, Heaven Primordial Great Emperor!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Heaven Primordial Great Emperor then took a seat, which marked the end of all Great Emperor’s introduction.

Although all Empire’s Great Emperors in Mortal World has assembled here, it was a shame that 3rd Grade influences couldn’t come here!

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