Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 605


The Main Quest was finally completed, and all the rewards popped up at once!


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 2nd Layer Spirit King Stage!”


‘Successfully accepted a new Main Quest [Retrieve Shi Xueyun!]’

‘Reward on completion: 300.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 5x Super Lottery Roulette Ticket.’

Yi Tianyun was startled as he saw the content of his new Main Quest. He never thought that his quest would direct him to save Shi Xueyun this fast!

He has already intended to save Shi Xueyun no matter what the Main Quest would be. After all, he had the God Stone now!

He could come back anytime in case Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation attacked once more, but he would arrange everything meticulously before he left!

Yi Tianyun has thought that his next Main Quest would be eradicating the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Yi Tianyun’s eyes glittered as he felt satisfied that even the system encouraged him to find his aunt and get her back!

For now, he must oversee the management of manpower in all aspects. Although he wouldn’t actually do anything himself as the management was handled by Ye Qingxuan.

In order to make sure that no faction on Mortal World dared to mess with Heavenly Clouds Empire, he had to stay for a short while!

But instead of being idle in the palace, Yi Tianyun decided to look for the treasure left behind by the previous Divine King!

Judging from Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s behaviour, Yi Tianyun predicted that the treasure was somewhere on Heavenly Border Continent, Heavenly Clouds Continent, and Earthly Border Continent, but he still had no clue as to where it exactly was just yet!

“It seems I have to level up the Appraisal Eye for now!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately opened his status and levelled up Appraisal Eye as soon as he saw that he had enough Crazy Points to level it up.


‘Successfully level up Appraisal Eye, deducting 10.000.000 Cps.’


‘Successfully levelled up Appraisal Eye to Level 4! Next rank requires 50.000.000 Cps!’


‘Appraisal Eye has been upgraded to level 4; greatly enhances the Investigation effect and range!

The range has extended to 500 miles from the user and collect any useful information in an instant!

Capable of obtaining information inside a Divine Rune Shield of Creator Rank Great Array and other people’s information in detail!’

The information about the newly upgraded Appraisal Eye immediately popped up quickly!

Yi Tianyun was startled after reading that the Investigation Range has expanded to 500 miles away, which meant he could gather information much faster!

“Too bad I can’t level up Crazy Mode. Otherwise, I would be able to defeat anyone that stands against me easily!” Yi Tianyun said while frowning at his own luck.

He currently had 50 million CPs, which was enough to level up Crazy Mode, but in order to level it up, he had to reach the 5th Layer Spirit King Stage first!

That was why he must prepare himself as he knew that he would need a lot of resources at that level!

“Ye Qingxuan! Here are some preparations to make the disciple stronger!” Yi Tianyun said as he handed down a storage ring full of Martial Arts, equipment, and weapons to Ye Qingxuan.

“This item is of Heaven Level Martial Arts and Sacred Tools!” Ye Qingxuan said as she couldn’t believe her own eyes!

She didn’t expect Yi Tianyun would give so many treasures like this!

Even the World Dragon Empire didn’t have that many treasures!

“Right, I give it to you as I know that you would distribute it to meritorious disciple fairly!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling at Ye Qingxuan.

“You don’t need all of these?” Ye Qingxuan asked confusedly.

“No, why would you think I leave something that I need?” Yi Tianyun said while smiling at Ye Qingxuan.

“I have all that I need, and these items would be better off for our eager disciples than for me!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Ye Qingxuan still felt reluctant to receive that many items from Yi Tianyun as she never received that many high-grade treasures before!

She knew that if some strong faction tried to attack Heavenly Clouds Empire while Yi Tianyun wasn’t there, that many items could become the downfall of the Empire!

“I will try my best! Are you going to find Palace Lord Shi, Great Emperor?” Ye Qingxuan asked curiously.

“Yes, I will find her next, but in the meantime, I will stay here until everything has stabilized!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Ye Qingxuan nodded and went out to do her duty, and Yi Tianyun immediately flew out to begin his search!

Yi Tianyun immediately found out about a cave filled with so many ores, Jade Spirit Stone, and many treasures!

But he still couldn’t find the hidden treasure just yet!

Nonetheless, Yi Tianyun knew where to find resources for Heavenly Clouds Empire’s development later!

“I hope I can find it before the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation does! Otherwise, I would be in trouble!” Yi Tianyun said as he knew that Divine King’s treasure is a must-have for his own sake!

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