Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 606


Yi Tianyun quickly explored the region at a speed of light!

He covered almost all Heavenly Clouds Continent in a few hours, but he couldn’t find the Divine King treasure anywhere!

But Yi Tianyun found a lot of Spirit Veins which could contribute to Heavenly Clouds Empire later. Yi Tianyun wrote down the coordinates and gave them to Ye Qingxuan before he resumed his search in another continent!

Yi Tianyun believed that Heavenly Clouds Empire would develop steadily in the future after securing that many resource spots!

After Ye Qingxuan made sure that all the spots Yi Tianyun had marked were safe to use, various cultivation spots would be available for Heavenly Clouds Empire’s disciples!

Furthermore, there were so many Jade Spirit Stone mines that would serve as their resources to secure trading with another faction!

With this in mind, Yi Tianyun believed that Heavenly Clouds Empire should be fine without Yi Tianyun for a while, which made him feel somewhat relieved!

“Now, it is time to go to Heavenly Border Continent!” Yi Tianyun said as he flew towards Heavenly Border Continent.

Yi Tianyun constantly used his Appraisal Eye, so he did not miss anything between Heavenly Clouds Continent and Heavenly Border Continent!

Yi Tianyun immediately stopped above a remote forest area as he saw old acquaintances. It was Yu Shiqian and Zhou Yu whom he encountered on Devil Clouds Island a long time ago!

They met again later when Yi Tianyun was facing Netherworld Empire, but Yi Tianyun has never seen them again after that, but Yi Tianyun still could vaguely remember that both belong to White Lotus mansion!

White Lotus Mansion was a good 3rd Grade Faction, but because it wasn’t a top-notch faction, Yi Tianyun couldn’t invite them to the coronation ceremony!

But now it seemed like fate, Yi Tianyun realised that Yu Shiqian and Zhou Yu were surrounded by six 9th Layer Spirit Core cultivators!

They were nowhere near Yi Tianyun’s cultivation level, but higher than Yu Shiqian and Zhou Yu’s cultivation level!

“Young Lady Yu! You should obediently go back with us, or we would be forced to use a rougher method!” The 9th Layer Spirit Core cultivator said threateningly.

His appearance was threatening, and his cultivation was certainly intimidating from a 3rd Grade Faction’s standpoint!

“Are you here because of Young Master Shi’s request? We didn’t do anything wrong. We never provoke him!” Yu Shiqian said as she held a long sword in her hand.

“Yes! we haven’t seen Young Master Shi for a while, so why are you blocking our path?” Zhou Yu said agitatedly.

“There is nothing to be concerned about here, it was just a simple invitation for the two of you to become Young Master Shi’s guest, and we are here to escort you there!” The man said with a grin on his face.

“We can’t do that for this moment! We have to return as the Mansion Lord was waiting for us! We will visit him ourselves once we have the time!” Yu Shiqian rejected their offer as politely as she could.

She knew that there was no way she would escape this situation unscathed!

“Young lady Yu! I don’t want to say it for the second time. If you don’t comply, we would be forced to do something you wouldn’t want to experience!” The man said coldly.

“Are you ready to make our White Lotus Mansion your enemy? Heavenly Demon Mansion wouldn’t like that!” Yu Shiqian said as he kept trying to make her way out of the situation.

Enemy? Do you think White Lotus Mansion is still the best here? We are close to Heavenly Clouds’ Great Emperor! If Young Master Shi wishes for it, your White Lotus Mansion would be destroyed!” the man said confidently.

“Heavenly Clouds Empire?” Yu Shiqian’s face became pale as she knew that it was the strongest Faction in the Mortal World right now!

There was no cultivator on the Mortal World who didn’t know about Heavenly Clouds Empire’s achievement!

Yu Shiqian didn’t know whether the man’s word was true, but she knows that White Lotus Mansion couldn’t afford to go against the Heavenly Clouds Empire!

“As long as you obey Young Master Shi, we will help White Lotus Mansion to get to Heavenly Clouds Empire’s good side too! This is a rare opportunity; you two would certainly regret it if you reject the offer!” The man said coldly.

“You are shameless! We already said that we wouldn’t go with you!” Yu Shiqian said coldly.

“You choose the hard way! Don’t blame us if White Lotus Mansion is destroyed later! Are you that certain White Lotus Mansion can rival Heavenly Clouds Mansion?” the man asked harshly.

Yu Shiqian was shaking inside, she knew that if the man’s words were true, she wouldn’t be able to bear the guilt, but she must stay strong for now! But suddenly, an unexpected encounter happened.

“Heavenly Demon Mansion? Did you say you have a good relationship with Heavenly Clouds Mansion?” Yi Tianyun said as he flew down towards Yu Shiqian, Yi Tianyun was very upset after hearing that Heavenly Demon Mansion used Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s name to oppress another faction!

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