Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 607


Heavenly Demon Mansion was one of the best 3rd Grade faction in Heavenly Border Continent. It was capable of becoming a 4th Grade faction if they maintained stability.

However, it would still take several years for them to achieve that!

They still needed a powerful Divine Rune Master to make them eligible to become an Empire!

That was why usually an Empire had an Imperial Preceptor that acted as the Divine Rune Master of the Emperor!

Having a Great Array as protection was a must for an Empire. Otherwise, they would be easily attacked, and the wellbeing of their Empire would be constantly threatened!

No matter how strong a faction was, without any proper defence, they would be destroyed!

From Yi Tianyun’s perspective, Heavenly Demon Mansion was sinful for abusing Heavenly Clouds Empire’s name!

Furthermore, Yi Tianyun didn’t even know about this Young Master Shi that they were constantly talking about. In fact, this was the first time Yi Tianyun heard about Heavenly Demon Mansion!

“Who are you?!” The man hurriedly asked as he saw Yi Tianyun.

“You!” Zhou Yu said as she recognized Yi Tianyun almost immediately.

Even Yu Shiqian also recognized Yi Tianyun immediately!

They knew that Yi Tianyun was the one responsible for the Netherworld Empire’s collapse!

All she knew was Yi Tianyun was the Mansion Lord of Heaven’s Top Mansion, who was supposed to die with the rest of the Mansion Lords that supported the Netherworld Empire, but here he was still alive and kicking!

“Am I not the Great Emperor that you speak of? Your young master Shi was supposed to have a good relationship with me, wasn’t he?” Yi Tianyun said challengingly.

“You are the Great Emperor? What a shameless claim! Do you dare call yourself the Great Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire? I have seen Young Master Shi with the Great Emperor himself, how dare you pretend to be one before me, Yuan Long of Heavenly Demon Mansion!” The man said angrily.

He was brimming with pride even though he was angry. The man believed that the Young Master that he served was close with the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!

But Yu Shiqian and Zhou Yu were still in shock!

“I thought you die back then. You are Heaven’s Top Mansion’s Mansion Lord, aren’t you?” Yu Shiqian asked curiously.

“Yes, I am, but I am not easy to kill!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

“Now, just go. I will deal with these men!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“They are strong. Furthermore, they are from Heavenly Demon Mansion! I don’t think Heaven’s Top Mansion can deal with them!” Yu Shiqian said worriedly.

Yi Tianyun realised that they aren’t well informed. The news about the Heavenly Clouds Empire surely was big news, but they didn’t know that Heaven’s Top Mansion was no more as it has already merged with Heavenly Clouds Mansion!

“Relax, even if their Young Master come, they wouldn’t pose a threat!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“You dare mock our Young Master! Prepare to die!” The man said furiously.

Yi Tianyun shook his head and swung his arm casually towards the man, and suddenly, the man was thrown to the tree!

It was just a casual attack, and he didn’t even put his back into it, yet the man was heavily injured!

Everyone was shocked to see Yi Tianyun’s absurd power. Even Yu Shiqian couldn’t hide her shock as she saw that Yi Tianyun was really powerful!

“You dare to attack me! I will make sure that Young Master Shi put your head on a stake!” Yuan Long said as he clutches his chest.

The blow from Yi Tianyun was far too powerful for him to handle, but luckily, he didn’t die!

“You dare to threaten me? I will let you live now, and I will wait for your Heavenly Demon scum of a Mansion Lord to come and find me at White Lotus Mansion! Bring your Heavenly Clouds Empire as you go! I will deal with all of you at the same time!” Yi Tianyun said angrily.

He felt annoyed that the enemy kept using Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s name as they saw fit!

“You are so dead! You have messed with someone that you shouldn’t mess with!” Yuan Long said as he moved away from Yi Tianyun.

The other cultivators also followed Yuan Long, leaving Yi Tianyun with Yu Shiqian and Zhou Yu!

But it didn’t end like that!

The Spirit Core Cultivator tried to kidnap Yu Shiqian! At the same time, Yi Tianyun had enough!

He punched the cultivator that came close to Yu Shiqian and killed him in one blow!


‘Successfully killed Spirit Core stage Cultivator …’

The cultivator was shocked to see that Yi Tianyun’s strength was too powerful for them to handle!

Yu Shiqian couldn’t get her beautiful eyes off Yi Tianyun since she felt awe as she watched Yi Tianyun killed the Spirit Core cultivator with ease!

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