Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 609


“I’ve been looking for it for so long, to think that it was here out of all places!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked by himself.

He thought that he would have to keep searching for the treasure indefinitely, but here it was, right under the White Lotus Mansion!

“What are you doing there? come on, let’s get inside!” Zhou Yu said annoyedly.

She knew that Yi Tianyun was powerful, but she thought that Yi Tianyun was only a Core Transformation stage cultivator at best, and he wouldn’t be able to defend against the Heavenly Demon Mansion by himself!

“Young Master Yi would be thinking the same thing, don’t rush things out!” Yu Shiqian said with a smile on her face.

“Well, I don’t like staying in the same place for too long! I guess he was just shocked to see the beauty of our White Lotus Mansion! Although our White Lotus Mansion isn’t the best 3rd Grade faction, our buildings are undoubtedly beautiful!” Zhou Yu said proudly.

This proud exposition was a fact. White Lotus Mansion indeed had a magnificent construction!

It was safe to say that it had the most beautiful buildings on Mortal World!

Yi Tianyun could feel that the Spiritual Power in White Lotus Mansion’s territory was refreshing!

It actually was one of the best cultivation spots here on Heavenly Border Continent!

White Lotus Mansion was also an all-women faction, meaning that the entire Mansion only consisted of women, making it the largest all-women faction in Mortal World!

But they were simply not strong enough compared to a regular faction, no matter how many woman cultivators they had in their rank.

Due to this setback, White Lotus Mansion couldn’t advance to the next faction grade. They lacked power!

Although it was an all-women faction, White Lotus Mansion had various top-notch factions backing them, all thanks to the beauty of the cultivators that couldn’t be ignored, allowing them to have many strong Dao Companion!

The fact that White Lotus Mansion never became an Empire candidate was the reason why Heavenly Demon Mansion dared to provoke them!

Furthermore, Heavenly Demon Mansion said that they had a relationship with Heavenly Clouds mansion, further upsetting White Lotus Mansion!

“This is not bad!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked around the White Lotus Mansion’s landscape, it reminded him of the Phoenix Nest in Ghost World!

Zhou Yu shook her head as she didn’t want to pay attention to Yi Tianyun any longer!

In her opinion, Yi Tianyun was a braggart!

There was no need to mind those with empty words!

“Okay, we will go in with Young Master Yi’s pace!” Yu Shiqian said with a warm smile, “But please note that men are not allowed to waltz in casually. You can’t go around once we’re inside later!” Yu Shiqian said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun nodded casually as he would always be polite and follow the host’s rules and courtesy!

“I only need to see your Mansion Lord!” Yi Tianyun said casually to Yu Shiqian!

“Did you think you can meet the Mansion Lord at the drop of a hat?” Zhou Yu said annoyedly.

Suddenly, a beautiful voice interrupted Zhou Yu. Yi Tianyun immediately looked at the owner of the voice and saw that a beautiful woman came out of the palace!

“What is happening out here? What’s with this ruckus?” the woman said curiously.

“Elder Bai Yu! We are sorry for interrupting your time!” Zhou Yu said as she immediately greeted the beautiful woman.

Yi Tianyun used his Appraisal Eye and immediately discovered that the woman’s cultivation wasn’t that bad at all!

She was at the 2nd layer Core Transformation Stage!

That was remarkable as the strongest 3rd Grade Faction had Void Spirit Expert as their most powerful cultivator!

“Well, who is this?” Bai Yu said as she looked at Yi Tianyun.

“I am Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor. I came after helping White Lotus Mansion’s disciple, but eventually, I took an interest in White Lotus Mansion, and thus I’m here to offer my help! Now, if only I can meet with the Mansion Lord, it would be great!” Yi Tianyun said respectfully.

“You are the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor? Is it a joke? Why are you guys bringing over a delusional man like this?” Bai Yu said as she looked at Yu Shiqian and Zhou Yu disappointedly.

“I know, I realise my mistake, elder!” Zhou Yu said apologetically.

“I knew it! These two are a big disappointment! They talk like a saint, but they always bring the worst result!” another person came and mocked Yu Shiqian and Zhou Yu for bringing back a delusional man!

Nobody would believe that a young man like Yi Tianyun would be the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!

“Wei Yun! What did you mean by that? This man saved us when Heavenly Demons Mansion’s cultivators almost kidnapped us!” Zhou Yu said annoyedly.

“Heavenly Demons Mansion? Tell me more about them!” Elder Bai Yu said curiously.

Zhou Yu immediately told about their encounter with Heavenly Demon Mansion’s people and Yi Tianyun, who helped them get rid of Heavenly Demon Mansion!

But instead of feeling grateful, Elder Bai Yu was horrified!

“You actually killed Heavenly Demon Mansion’s people? What an imposter like you have done to us! You have condemned us to an unnecessarily troublesome situation!” Bai Yu said worriedly.

“Yeah! Men are dogs that can’t think with their brains! You are clearly condemning us to something that could easily be stopped from happening!” Wei Yu said hatefully!

“Shut up!” Yi Tianyun said as he unleashed his killing intent towards Wei Yun!

Yi Tianyun’s killing intent successfully made Wei Yun tremble and fell to the ground, losing her will to fight!

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