Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 610


“You should be careful of what you are talking about in the future! Do you understand that?” Yi Tianyun said nonchalantly.

He didn’t directly connect with White Lotus Mansion, so he didn’t really care about what they did!

Although he could solve this trouble with a slap on the face, he still refrained from doing so out of respect to Yu Shiqian. After all, she has been polite for all this time towards him.

“What a powerful aura!” Elder Bai Yun said as he was surprised that someone as young as Yi Tianyun could show such power!

But it was still too far-fetched to call him Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor! But Wei Yun was shocked!

She couldn’t say a word as she felt an immense fear from Yi Tianyun!

She didn’t dare to look at Yi Tianyun anymore as it was too terrifying for her!

“This young fellow, your cultivation base is definitely not low! This is interesting!” Elder Bai Yun said as she looked perplexed.

“I am not very happy that you keep underestimating me despite my young age! I don’t have anything else to say, and now, I want to see your Mansion Lord with or without your permission!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Don’t think yourself too high, boy! We are thankful that you help Yu Shiqian, but you have provoked Heavenly Demon Mansion! They have Heavenly Clouds Empire behind them! You have no qualification to meet our Mansion Lord!” Elder Bai Yun said angrily.

Obviously, Elder Bai Yun and Wei Yun were close with each other. Otherwise, he wouldn’t get angry like this!

“What do you mean by that? Did you blame these two because Heavenly Demon Mansion wants them?” Yi Tianyun asked annoyedly.

“Yes! It was a rational choice to go with them instead of coming back with you! Now, they have to make sure that Heavenly Demon Mansion doesn’t bring ruin to our White Lotus Mansion!” Elder Bai Yun said angrily.

“How can a faction be managed by someone as cold as you? An Elder who couldn’t even act fairly with their own disciples is disappointing!” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head while sighing.

“What did you know! This is for the benefit of the faction! What good will it be to defend two people if the result is the ruin to the entire faction!” Elder Bai Yun said solemnly.

“I am the Emperor!” Yi Tianyun said as he released his aura a little bit more.

This time Bai Yun couldn’t overcome Yi Tianyun’s aura and was forced to kneel down. Everyone was startled.

They thought that Yi Tianyun was just a Core Transformation Cultivator, but now, he could easily overpower Bai Yun, who was at the Core Transformation stage!

“You make me kneel down!” Bai Yun shouted, but she couldn’t do anything else as he felt an immense weight on her shoulders!

“Don’t worry, even if I kill you right now, with your reasoning earlier, White Lotus Mansion won’t dare hold me responsible for it! I suspect that you colluded with Heavenly Demon Mansion, it doesn’t have anything to do with me, but now that you have annoyed me, it’s a good idea to make an example!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Young Master Yi!” Yu Shiqian shouted as she felt horrified by just looking at Yi Tianyun.

“Little Yu, have you returned?” another voice came.

Yi Tianyun knew that she was another Elder, just like Bai Yun!

“Elder Su Fan!” Yu Shiqian shouted respectfully.

“Elder Bai Yun, what happened out here?” Elder Su Fan frowned as she looks at Elder Bai Yun kneeling on the ground.

Yi Tianyun’s aura only affected Bai Yun, so the others didn’t felt anything!

“Nothing, in particular, I only let her kneel before me, that’s all!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Elder Su Fan! This brat doesn’t know who we are! He identified himself as Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor and provoked Heavenly Demon Mansion and bring them to our door!” Elder Bai Yun said furiously.

“Pretending to be Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor?” Elder Su Fan said confusedly.

Elder Su Fan looked at Yu Shiqian for confirmation, but Yu Shiqian didn’t know what to say!

“Even if he really pretends to be the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor, he already saved me. If Heavenly Demon Mansion comes to our door, I will sacrifice myself! All of this happened because of me anyway!” Yu Shiqian said honestly.

“Young Master Yi, I am sorry! I know that you are kind enough to help me, but it seems it ends right here!” Yu Shiqian said as she looked at Yi Tianyun.

“Are you really Heavenly Clouds, Great Emperor?” Elder Su Fan asked, ignoring other people’s words.

“Is that a problem?” Yi Tianyun said casually, “Is it because I didn’t exert an Imperial Power like other Great Emperor, or is it because I am too young?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

“White Lotus Mansion! Give that brat and Yu Shiqian to me right now!” a loud roar was heard from outside.

Yi Tianyun and the others looked up and saw several figures flying in the air.

“Young Master Shi!” Wei Yun said as she saw a young man in the sky.

“Yu Shiqian, I invited you to visit Heavenly Demon Mansion, but I didn’t expect you to kill my men. I am okay with it if you are the one who killed them, but I will not let it slide if another man dared to help you with it! Now, where is he!” Young Master Shi shouted furiously.

“Young Master Shi, that brat was the one who killed our men!” Yuan Long said as he pointed his finger to Yi Tianyun.

But Young Master Shi instantly froze as he looked at Yi Tianyun!

“You are…!” Young Master Shi said as his face become pale.

“I heard that you know me and already shared a drink with me! You even call me your brother, right?” Yi Tianyun said playfully.

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