Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 612


No one dared to move as they felt immense pressure from Yi Tianyun. In particular, Young Master Shi couldn’t move as Yi Tianyun applied the strongest pressure to him among everyone in the room.

At this time, all people on White Lotus Mansion has heard the commotion and come over, but they stood still on the side as they didn’t know what to do, including the Mansion Lord herself!

White Lotus Mansion Lord was a mature woman at her 40, and right now, she was looking at Yi Tianyun coldly.

Her cultivation was considerably strong at the Core Transformation stage, but it was extremely weak in front of Yi Tianyun.

Elder Bai Yun looked to the side and noticed that her Mansion Lord was watching, but the Mansion Lord didn’t move or try to help her. Her word became a reality, and now her own faction was abandoning her!

The only thing left for her to do is to beg for Yi Tianyun’s mercy!

“Do you think that I can easily forgive you!” Yi Tianyun said as he stared coldly towards Bai Yun.

He knew that she would ask for mercy, so he made sure to trample her hope by saying these words.

“No, I never meant to use the Great Emperor’s name like that!” Young Master Shi said nervously.

“Is that so? Now, I will let people ask around about the truth! I will send several people to the Heavenly Demon Mansion to verify the information about what you have done to my name!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He then turned his attention towards Zhou Yu, Wei Yun, and Bai Yun.

“You three would be in charge for any inquiries regarding my name on Heavenly Demon Mansion!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Bai Yun, who felt the pressure from Yi Tianyun disappearing, immediately got up and nodded her head.

Wei Yun and Zhou Yu also nodded their head and made their way towards Heavenly Demon Mansion. They didn’t complain at all as they knew that they had made a grave mistake!

But at the same time, Young Master Shi was still groaning. Yi Tianyun’s pressure has made his face lost its charming complexion. He never expected to meet with Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor like this!

“Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor, the White Lotus Mansion would help you investigate this matter! This is the best we can do for our earlier rudeness!” White Lotus Mansion Lord said respectfully.

“Okay, I will honour your trouble!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“It’s no trouble at all!” Bai Yulian said hurriedly with a smile on her face.

Bai Yulian was praised for her insight as a Mansion Lord, so she knew that she had to respect and make sure that White Lotus Mansion got on Heavenly Clouds Empire’s good side!

She immediately sent out a number of disciples to search for information about Young Master Shi.

Young Master Shi could only hope that the information that the White Lotus Mansion’s cultivators got was less than needed.

Otherwise, he would die! But he immediately remembered about what he had done this whole time, and his complexion darkened.

“Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor, I heard that you are looking for me!” Bai Yulian said respectfully while bowing a little to Yi Tianyun.

She didn’t know why Yi Tianyun was looking for her. All she knew was she had nothing to do with Heavenly Clouds Empire!

But she immediately turned her attention to Yu Shiqian at the side. She knew that Yu Shiqian’s beauty had captivated so many people, so she thought that Yi Tianyun was there to take Yu Shiqian!

If this were true, then Yu Shiqian would be able to make the strongest Empire on Mortal World their patron!

Bai Yulian was ecstatic, her disciple might become the empress, and if she did, White Lotus Mansion would soar to the sky!

“I’ve already met with Miss Yu before, and she was kind enough to help me once before!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“Great Emperor, have I helped you before?” Yu Shiqian asked confusedly.

She thought that she has never met with Yi Tianyun before!

Yi Tianyun smiled and turned his body completely towards Yu Shiqian, making it so Yu Shiqian was the only one who could see his face.

“Now what about this face?” Yi Tianyun said as he showed the face that he used back when he hid in Yu Shiqian’s room in the Netherworld Empire.

Yu Shiqian was shocked to see the face that Yi Tianyun showed and immediately covered her mouth as she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It’s you!” Yu Shiqian shouted surprisedly.

It was the same face that Yi Tianyun had used while encountering her on Devil Cloud Island a long time ago!

“Now that you know me, if you ever thought that White Lotus Mansion is not to your liking, I will welcome you to Heavenly Clouds Empire. I will make sure that you will have a good cultivation environment.

“I will t-thank you, Great Emperor!” Yu Shiqian stuttered since it was too good to be true!

Yi Tianyun was not a fool. He knew that Yu Shiqian’s beauty was one of a kind, and she also had a good cultivation technique!

She was also a kind-hearted young woman. There was no way Yi Tianyun would let Yu Shiqian slide away from him!

Yi Tianyun then nodded his head and smiled then walked towards the White Lotus Mansion with Bai Yulian following behind him. Bai Yulian signed at Yu Shiqian to follow.

Although she was a little bit disappointed that Yi Tianyun didn’t demand Yu Shiqian become his Dao Companion, Yi Tianyun seemed so kind toward her, meaning there was still a chance for Yu Shiqian to become Yi Tianyun’s Dao Companion!

“Oh, right! I almost forgot, but you have to wait here until the people searching for your information to return! If you leave, I will chase after you!” Yi Tianyun said calmly to Young Master Shi.

“Yes, I will do as you say!” Young Master Shi said as he bowed to Yi Tianyun. Even if Yi Tianyun didn’t say it, he wouldn’t dare to leave!

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    She was also a kind-hearted young woman. There was no way Yi Tianyun would let Yu Shiqian slide away from him!


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