Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 611


Yi Tianyun stared at Young Master Shi faintly. Yi Tianyun knew that the person he looked at right now didn’t have any qualifications to stand near him!

“Young Master Shi, he is posing as Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor! Haven’t you already seen Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor in person? He couldn’t lie to you now!” Yuan Long said as he laughed excitedly.

“Yes, he is definitely posing as the Great Emperor!” Wei Yun said as she sighed.

She no longer feared Yi Tianyun as she thought his lie had been unveiled! She thought that Young Master Shi would have known if Yi Tianyun really was the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!

Seeing that the situation became somewhat stale, Yu Shiqian immediately apologized as she thought that Yi Tianyun was actually lying and has impersonated Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!

“Young Master Shi, it wasn’t Young Master Yi’s fault if he pretends to be Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor. It was my fault!” Yu Shiqian said nervously.

Wei Yun grinned as she heard Yu Shiqian apologized to Young Master Shi. At the same time, Elder Bai Yun also grinned as Yi Tianyun would be in a pickle against Heavenly Demon Mansion, but at the moment, she still couldn’t move as Yi Tianyun’s aura still affected her!

“Let me go, brat! I’m an Elder here; mind your manners!” Bai Yun said coldly.

But everyone was shocked and confused as Young Master Shi suddenly slapped Yuan Long and Wei Yun hard, “You fools, what qualification did I have to go against Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor! He is the real one, not a fake like you all thought!” Young Master Shi said with a trembling body.

“I am terribly sorry, Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!” Young Master Shi said as he prostrated himself on the ground, showing that he was dominated by Yi Tianyun.

He knew that he had bragged that he has drunk with Yi Tianyun, but it was far from the truth!

Everyone was still dumbfounded as they finally believed that Yi Tianyun was the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!

They fell silent as they didn’t know what to say. They have been disrespecting Yi Tianyun this whole time!

Wei Yun stared at Yi Tianyun with disbelief while racking her brain to get out of her predicament as she was rude to Yi Tianyun earlier.

“I heard that we are already familiar with each other!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“No, it’s just a stupid lie. We haven’t met each other until now!” Young Master Shi said nervously. He immediately pulled out his long sword and pointed it at Yuan Long.

“How dare you use Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor’s name for your own benefit!” Young Master Shi said as he immediately stabbed Yuan Long with it.

Yuan Long couldn’t believe what just happened. He never expected that he would be dying at the hands of Young Master Shi that he has followed for so many years!

He felt a great resentment to Young Master Shi as all that happened here was because of him!

But Yuan Long knew that Young Master Shi had to kill him as his way to make amends to Heavenly Demon Mansion. Otherwise, Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor would destroy their Mansion!

“I am very sorry, Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor! It was because of my lack of discipline that my men act this way!” Young Master Shi said nervously.

Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold; he exerted tremendous pressure on Young Master Shi, making him kneel to the ground so hard that Young Master Shi’s knees started to bleed from the pressure.

“Your words may work to others, but not to me! You used my name to make your own seems more powerful than reality. That is a sin that I can’t tolerate!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“I was wrong! I beg the Great Emperor to please have mercy on this sinner!” Young Master Shi said as he was trembling with fear!

Everyone who saw the scene felt an immense pressure like no other. They were trembling as they saw what happened to Young Master Shi.

Zhou Yu was no exception. She was the most vocal person to deny Yi Tianyun’s claim as Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor. She was afraid that after Yi Tianyun punished Young Master Shi, it would come her turn!

She felt like crying as she was so scared of what was going to happen to her after this!

Yi Tianyun looked around and noticed that everyone was pale as they didn’t know what Yi Tianyun would do to them!

Yu Shiqian also turned pale as she didn’t know that the revered Great Emperor was now standing in front of her like this!

“Get up!” Yi Tianyun said to Yu Shiqian and Zhou Yu while keeping the rest kneeling down.

“Great Emperor, I am here to blame for my stupidity!” Zhou Yu said shyly.

She felt embarrassed by her own words to Yi Tianyun earlier.

“There is no one to blame here! I don’t know what you are guilty of!” Yi Tianyun said casually. Yi Tianyun then turned his attention to Bai Yun.

“Although, I know that some people were to blame here! While I have nothing to do with White Lotus Mansion’s affair, collusion with another faction is a no-no!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Elder Bai Yun’s complexion changed. She knew that Yi Tianyun has already figured it out, and thus, her shameful act will get punished!

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