Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 616


Before such an amazing treasure, Yi Tianyun wasn’t tempted to get his hands on it as fas as he could. Even so, it might serve as an excellent weapon for his fight against the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation. He didn’t covet the Divine King’s treasure at all!

Besides, a demon was sealed inside, and he knew that if he broke the seal, the White Lotus Mansion would be in jeopardy!

Not only the White Lotus Mansion, but the demon might threaten the entire Mortal World!

“Stay outside for a while; test your cultivation. I believe that the White Lotus Mansion would be able to cultivate more efficiently than before!” Yi Tianyun said confidently after reinforcing the seal on the Divine King Treasure.

“Is that so?” Bai Yulian said while feeling doubt, but she immediately did what Yi Tianyun has told her to do.

She left the cave and immediately meditated. She noticed that her cultivation speed was way faster than before. She also noticed that her energy was more balanced than ever!

“Wow, this is really something else!” Bai Yulian said surprisedly.

They never thought that the reason why their cultivation speed was not as fast as it was supposed to be was due to the loosening seal, which leaked out Yang Energy from inside the seal.

Now that Yi Tianyun has reinforced the seal, she felt Yin Energy accumulated much faster than before!

But in fact, Yi Tianyun wasn’t done fixing the Divine Rune that constituted the seal just yet. He just told everyone to get out as he finished the seal!

“The Divine Rune here is really complicated! As expected of the Creator Rank Divine Rune, I am afraid it’s still too much for me now!” Yi Tianyun said as he continued to observe the Divine Rune on the chain.

But he still found some Grandmaster Rank Divine Rune and immediately fixed that first!

Yi Tianyun immediately activated his Heavenly Eyes, and the Divine Rune’s lines were instantly seen!

Even the Divine Rune on Creator Rank was recognizable. That was the power of Heavenly Eyes!

It allowed the user to recognize all Divine Rune’s line!

Yi Tianyun repaired the Divine Rune while observing the Creator Rank Divine Rune in order to scan it. Eventually, he managed to fix the Creator Rank Divine Rune to some extent, but not completely. It was all thanks to the Dragon Divine Pen and the Sacred Tool that Shopkeeper Ye gave with him after leaving the Phoenix Nest!

Fixing the Creator Rank Divine Rune wasn’t good for him too. It consumed a lot of Spiritual Energy, and it took him a while to fix even one Divine Rune!

Not to mention the Heavenly Eyes remained active all the time, accelerating his Crazy Points’ consumption rate even further!


‘Successfully repaired Creator Rank Divine Rune!’

‘Reward: 1.000.000 Cps, 5.000 Divine Rune Mastery Points.’

Nevertheless, the reward was satisfying!

Yi Tianyun was satisfied even though he had to stay there for quite some time to fix all of this!

He didn’t want to use Crazy Mode to enhance his speed in fixing the Divine Rune as he didn’t want to consume too much Crazy Mode here.

Yi Tianyun didn’t have anything to worry about, so he could stay there indefinitely for now.

After quite some time, Bai Yulian got up and left Yu Shiqian to meditate on her own. The cultivation speed was good, but she still had other things to do!

That included the surroundings’ security management as no one may enter that place for the time being.

As time passed, Yi Tianyun felt that his Spiritual Energy was depleted, so he decided to sit and rest for the moment.

After resting for a short while, Yi Tianyun then continued to fix the Divine Rune, and he would repeat this cycle over and over again until all the Divine Runes there was fixed!

“Are you fixing the owner’s seal?” a voice was suddenly heard.

Yi Tianyun looked toward where the voice was coming from and saw an old man suddenly appeared from the stone tablet in the middle.

“Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet Spirit?” Yi Tianyun asked confusedly.

A spirit dwelling in a Divine Tool was common, but even so, it was usually a little spirit, but this was an old man, making it very different than the rest!

“Yes, I am the Tool Spirit of Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet! Hadn’t you fix the Divine Rune, I wouldn’t plan to show myself either. But, you don’t seem to be the owner’s descendant. How can I help you repair the Divine Rune Seal?” The Spirit asked politely.

“I don’t know. I am trying to fix it with my own power so far! But can you tell me what’s inside the seal? I felt something dangerous wafting out from it, so I reinforced the seal again!” Yi Tianyun said politely.

“Haha, I didn’t expect someone was able to see my murderous aura. If you intended to destroy the seal, I would’ve broken free and killed you right after!” the Spirit said as he laughed wholeheartedly.

Yi Tianyun quickly observed the Tool Spirit with his Appraisal Eye and saw that the Tool Spirit was at the 2nd layer, Saint King Stage!

He then realised that the Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet must have killed many people before. Otherwise, the murderous aura wouldn’t be that strong!

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