Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 617


The Tool Spirit’s cultivation was so strong that the Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet didn’t need a master to control its power!

The reason why the original owner of the Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet built a great array at this place was probably to enable the Spirit to attack anyone that tried to destroy the seal!

This is usually not possible as a Divine Tool didn’t have any spiritual power, to begin with. However, the Great Array that the Divine King created also absorbed the Spiritual Power to power the Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet, allowing the Tool Spirit to continuously exert its power to defend the Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet!

“So, is there anything else besides the treasure sealed inside?” Yi Tianyun asked carefully.

“You’re pretty strong as far as I can tell, not to mention you can fix these Divine Runes! But you are correct to be wary of the seal, as a Demon was also sealed inside this Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet! The demon came from another world and started rampaging on Mortal World. Eventually, the owner managed to seal it and made me suppress the demon’s power forever!” The Spirit said excitedly.

“Another world? Did you mean the Ghost World and the Heaven World?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“No, it doesn’t seem to be either of those! The demon broke the space itself and killed anyone he saw! No one really knew what happened and why the demon appeared in the first place, but he swallowed all the spiritual energy like crazy! If it were not for the owner, the Mortal World would’ve been destroyed!” The Spirit said solemnly.

From the sound of it, the Spirit was confident that the Divine King wasn’t mistaken and the demon came from somewhere else!

“If it’s really a race from another dimension, this is truly peculiar! The owner was supposed to be a Divine King rank, right? Couldn’t he kill this creature?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Yes, my Master and the owner of this Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet was indeed a Divine King! He was called Heaven Creating Divine King! Master was so strong, but the demon was stronger! But thanks to this Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet, the owner successfully suppressed the demon and sealed it away! But it was not possible for the Master to kill it!” The Spirit said solemnly.

This is truly a disaster!

Yi Tianyun realized now that if he ever broke the seal, the world would fall apart!

If the demon were that powerful, the Evil Spirit inside the Phoenix Cave would look like a baby!

“Heaven Creating Divine King? How can Mortal World accommodate such a strong cultivator?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously as he felt that the Divine King’s circumstances were very strange!

The Mortal World could only accommodate a cultivator up to Spirit King stage, and the people above that rank wouldn’t receive sufficient Spiritual Energy to breakthrough!

“No, that is not true! The Mortal World used to be able to accommodate experts at any level! But the Divine Kings of the Mortal World agreed to create a Divine Rule that any cultivator that was strong enough to be forced out of Mortal World to Heaven World! All because the Mortal World was very fragile!” the Spirit said confidently.

“Is such a thing even possible?” Yi Tianyun said with a surprised look on his face.

He never expected the Divine King to be so powerful that they could impose a rule for the entire world!

In this case, weren’t they basically a god?

“Yes, the Divine Kings indeed created such a rule for the Mortal World! But I don’t know how they did it! But after they created the rule, the Divine King parted ways to reign in their own world!” The Spirit said confidently.

“How many Divine Kings was there at that time?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“There were three Divine Kings back then! My Master, the Heaven Creating Divine King, was the Divine King for the Mortal World, one at Ghost World, and another at Heaven World!” Tool Spirit said confidently.

“Three Divine Kings? Did you know your Master’s whereabouts right now?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

All he knew was that the Divine Kings were gone. At least he was sure that the Heavenly Creating Divine King wasn’t on this Mortal World!

“Sadly, I didn’t know! I can’t sense Master’s presence right now!” Tool Spirit said awkwardly.

The Spirit knew that the Master was either so far away or dead!

Yi Tianyun began to ponder as he thought that the Divine Kings could be in the demon’s dimension. He came to this conclusion as there was no record of the Divine King found dead!

“Are you sure that the Divine King is not in Heaven World or the Ghost World?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“I don’t know for sure, but one thing is certain! The demon suppressed here wouldn’t be able to be sealed forever! Even if you completely fixed all the Divine Rune on this place, it would definitely escape later!” The Spirit said worriedly.

“How much time are we talking here?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“If you repair all the Divine Rune completely, it will take 100 years for the demon to escape, but if you don’t fix it completely, at the very least, we got 60 years!” the Spirit said confidently.

“The seal could last 100 years if repaired perfectly?” Yi Tianyun said surprisedly.

But Yi Tianyun realised that with that much time, he got two choices to deal with the demon, either he had to become a Divine King himself and kill the demon with his own power, or he must have the Ghost World, Mortal World, And Heaven World banded together to deal with it!

But the thing was, he didn’t know the situation of either Heaven World or the Ghost World!

So, he couldn’t say for sure that he could deal with the demon even if he banded the three Worlds’ power together!

But one thing for sure was that Yi Tianyun had no intention of letting any innocent people suffer because some cultivator was greedy and irresponsibly broke the seal!

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