Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 619


Yi Tianyun totally forgot about The Heavenly Demon’s Mansion Lord!

Yi Tianyun’s mind was full of the quest that he had to finish that such trivial matters left his mind!

But he knew that Young Master Shi has been waiting on for two weeks!

Young Master Shi knew that he couldn’t blame Yi Tianyun, but the shame of kneeling on the ground for weeks wouldn’t disappear!

“We had collected the information a few days ago, but as you are still inside that place, we couldn’t bring ourselves to bother you!” Yu Shiqian said respectfully.

The information was collected quickly as the entire disciple of White Lotus Mansion was mobilized for that purpose!

They didn’t bother Yi Tianyun as their status was so far apart. Besides, they didn’t want to offend a Great Emperor!

So, even if Yi Tianyun stayed inside that place for a year, they wouldn’t disturb him!

As a Great Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire, the people in White Lotus Mansion knew that they must be respectful!

“Well, tell me what you found?” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“In general, the report was brief and clear. Young Master Shi indeed used your name and oppressed other small factions with it. We even found out there are other factions that used your name to oppress other factions!” Yu Shiqian said confidently.

She paid attention to Yi Tianyun’s expression, but she didn’t found any change at all!

“I see.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

He already expected something like this to happen. After all, if it already happened once, there was no telling that it wouldn’t happen for the second time!

An Empire’s influences couldn’t cover that many small factions, so it was impossible for Yi Tianyun to monitor every little thing small factions did. Yi Tianyun then walked outside and saw that Young Master Shi was still waiting where Yi Tianyun told him to.

Yi Tianyun saw that Young Master Shi’s face was full of fear. But Yi Tianyun looked to the side and saw an old man who resembled Young Master Shi and instantly knew that he was the Mansion Lord of Heavenly Demon Mansion!

“Long live the Great Emperor!” Shi Wenkai said respectfully.

Mansion Lord Shi knew about the situation after White Lotus Mansion came and inquired about the information involving Young Master Shi.

He immediately took several people and headed to White Lotus Mansion. He was scared. He never thought that a Great Emperor would set his eyes on Heavenly Demon Mansion because of his foolish son!

“Great Emperor! I am sorry for my son’s rudeness! I will certainly punish him, I know it’s brazen of me to ask for your forgiveness, but at the very least, I beg of you not to blame our Mansion!” Mansion Lord Shi said while taking out a long sword and immediately cut off Young Master Shi’s legs!

Young Master Shi screamed and heartbroken that his own father would go this far!

Yu Shiqian, who saw this scene, was shocked as Mansion Lord Shi’s act was too brutal!

Mansion Lord Shi didn’t finish just yet. He then broke Young Master Shi’s hands, making Young Master Shi an utterly useless person!

But Yi Tianyun’s expression was still the same; he didn’t feel anything from such a brutal sight.

“It’s all because of you, father!” Young Master Shi screamed, but Mansion Lord Shi immediately aimed his sword at Young Master Shi’s chest to end his life.

Suddenly, an intense pressure stopped Mansion Lord Shi on his track!

“Did I ever ask you to do all this?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“I only asked a question, and now you act like a cornered man! Did he know something that you are afraid would come to light right now?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly to Mansion Lord Shi.

“No, I just want to punish this stupid child of mine!” Mansion Lord Shi said as he was shaken from fear.

His cultivation level was almost at the peak of the Core Transformation Stage, but it didn’t help him resist Yi Tianyun’s aura.

“Shut up!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Mansion Lord Shi immediately obeyed as he closed his mouth, Yi Tianyun then waved his hands, and Young Master Shi’s wound was immediately closed.

“Now, look at me!” Yi Tianyun said as he glared at Young Master Shi’s eyes.

This was the precursor of Eye of Charm!

“Now tell me all you know!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“I just want to use the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s majesty to suppress other factions! In the beginning, I saw my father and his men did it in a bind against Rain Forest Mansion. As soon as my father said that he was in alliances with the Heavenly Clouds Empire, they immediately ran with tails behind their legs! It can’t be helped if I’m tempted to do it as well!” Young Master Shi said indifferently.

Mansion Lord Shi was startled as he heard what his son just said. He thought that the Great Emperor would definitely kill his son, but he wasn’t worried as he still has another son, but he was still afraid that the Great Emperor would blame his faction for this mistake!

“So, did I heard it wrong? You are the root of this problem!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to Mansion Lord Shi.

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