Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 620


“Great Emperor! Listen to me. That’s just a bunch of gibberish. I have never done anything like that!” Mansion Lord Shi said nervously.

He already heard that Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor was an extremely emotional person who would destroy a faction all by himself when he was disrespected!

“Look at me!” Yi Tianyun said coldly while staring at Mansion Lord Shi.

Mansion Lord Shi then looked at the Great Emperor, and suddenly his vision was filled with a bright light, and his body moved on its own!

“Is your son’s word true?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly.

“Yes! I did use the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s prestige to threaten other factions and use it for our own benefit. I already planned that to use Heavenly Clouds Empire’s name on a certain faction next!” Mansion Lord Shi said indifferently.

Everyone present immediately noticed that the Great Emperor was using some sort of charm to force the Mansion Lord and Young Master Shi to spit out the truth!

Everyone became scared of this ruthless power!

They know that they couldn’t hide anything from the Great Emperor!

“Is there anything else you want to say?” Yi Tianyun asked Mansion Lord Shi indifferently.

Mansion Lord Shi, who has regained his sense back, immediately prostrated himself in front of Yi Tianyun and asked for mercy, “Great Emperor! Please, I beg your mercy! I will never do any of these in the future. I am just too fascinated by the dignity of the Empire back then!” Mansion Lord Shi said nervously.

“In the end, you have done it several times and use my Empire’s name for crime! I will not tolerate a criminal act!” Yi Tianyun said as he slammed his palm to Mansion Lord Shi, and Mansion Lord Shi was squished on the ground from the force of Yi Tianyun’s aura!

“In the end, fascination is great when you can control it and use it as motivation! But for crime, it was absolutely intolerable! Because of that, from now on, Heavenly Demon Mansion is dissolved! Whoever dares to rebuild it will become Heavenly Clouds Empire’s enemy! I will order my people to peacefully dissolve it later, and anyone who resists will be killed!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun then hit Young Master Shi with the energy from his palm and killed him instantly. After all, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t leave Young Master Shi alive after missing his limbs because of his own father!

The Elders of Heavenly Demon mansion were frightened, but they didn’t dare to say anything to Yi Tianyun. After all, their Mansion Lord was killed with one hit, and they would be no different if they tried to resist!

“I can’t accept this treatment! It was the Mansion Lord’s mistake; it doesn’t have anything to do with us!” one of Heavenly Demon Elder said confidently.

He braced himself and tried to argue with Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun looked at the man lazily and used his force palm to kill the Elder. He didn’t have anything else to say after his previous explanation!

“Is there anyone else who wants to voice their disagreement?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

“I know that you feel sad, unjust, and disappointed, but this is the price that you have to pay for doing something as disrespectful as dragging another faction’s name to the mud! I don’t believe that you, as the Elder of Heavenly Demon Mansion, was completely oblivious to what your Mansion Lord did! With that thought in mind, I went out of my way to spare you guys! But, if you are really convinced that you are not wrong, you are welcome to voice your concern!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“After Heavenly Demon Mansion is dissolved, you will take all their sites and resources! I will trust it upon White Lotus Mansion to make the land that Heavenly Demon Mansion left behind to develop better then they do!” Yi Tianyun said to Bai Yulian.

“Thank you very much, Great Emperor!” Bai Yulian said excitedly.

Heavenly Demon Mansion had more resources than White Lotus Mansion, and now that White Lotus Mansion would get all of it, they would be able to develop their cultivation much faster than before!

“By the way, I want your mansion to help me list all the factions on Mortal World that had the nerve to use my Empire’s name to justify their wrongdoings. I would wipe them out myself! How dare they sully my Empire’s name with their crime act!” Yi Tianyun said annoyedly.

“Yes, I will get to it, Great Emperor!” Bai Yulian said confidently.

“For now, I would make a statement that Heavenly Clouds Empire wouldn’t discriminately pressure a faction that has nothing to do with us! If there’s any Faction that plans to misuse our name without our concern, I will personally destroy them!” Yi Tianyun shouted for everyone to hear.

Everyone immediately bowed down as they heard the Great Emperor’s voice. They felt that Yi Tianyun’s dignity as the Great Emperor was too hard to resist!

After the problem was solved, Yi Tianyun returned to the sealed chamber and planned to close it for now.

He has already fixed all the Divine Rune here, so he didn’t have anything else to do but to close the chamber so that no one could carelessly enter!

“Inheritor! I hope that your power would develop and you became much stronger when I see you again next time!” Tool Spirit said with a smile on his face before he returned back inside the rock.

Yi Tianyun nodded and resealed the chamber and engraved protection Divine Rune on top of it, so once it was destroyed, Yi Tianyun would be immediately notified!

Yi Tianyun also set that place as one of Teleportation God Stone’s coordinates, so he could instantly come whenever he needed it!

During this time, everything else proceeded according to plan!

General Xu Fei of Heavenly Clouds Empire and others have led an army and destroyed the Heavenly Demon Mansion. There was a little bit of resistance, but it was meaningless!

After all, the Heavenly Clouds Empire was the strongest faction on Mortal World!

In addition to that, other factions that used Heavenly Clouds Empire’s name were punished!

For a short time, Mortal World was once again in turbulence!

But it immediately came to pass as others realized the reason behind Heavenly Clouds Empire’s action. After all, an Empire’s name and trait had to be kept according to the Emperor’s wishes!

Yi Tianyun’s action to discredit all faction that tried to use Heavenly Clouds Empire earned a lot of prestige!

Heavenly Clouds Empire’s name received so much positive response from the people!

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