Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 625


Yi Tianyun just ignored the laugh and ridiculed look directed at him since he was used to this treatment. Nine out of ten people wouldn’t believe that a teen his age had what it took to go to the Ghost World and the remaining one that believed it would be deemed crazy.

“Little brother, listen to me. You should come back once your cultivation level is slightly higher If you want to go to Ghost World. Although the Ghost World Passage is not as dangerous as it used to be, you shouldn’t risk it.” Ding Qing advised Yi Tianyun out of consideration like a caring older sister.

However, the cultivators in Ding Qing’s group saw Yi Tianyun with an exasperated look. They thought Yi Tianyun was just wasting their time since their leader, Ding Qing, now had to waste her time convincing him to turn back.

Yi Tianyun kicked a raft down and jumped onto the raft, then casually said, “Come on, there’s no need to build a spare raft; one should be enough.”

Of course, that left everyone speechless. Did he realize what he just said?

“Ding Qing, this is what happens when you are too nice. Is he acting tough to show how cool he is to you? I fail to see what’s so good about you, though.” Liu De laughed his ass off.

“Shut it!” Ding Qing scolded Liu De, then persuaded Yi Tianyun, “This place is unlike any place you’ve ever been, it’s dangerous if we cross this river unprepared.”

“Are you coming or not? I don’t have time to waste here.” Yi Tianyun said, looking all bored.

“Ding Qing, just kick this kid down so he can take a good dip in this Netherworld River. Otherwise, he won’t even know what this place really is!” Liu De sneered from the side.

“Little brother, you are being irresponsible here, both to yourself and us!” Ding Qing was displeased with Yi Tianyun’s whimsical act.

“I am the Heavenly Cloud Empire’s Great Emperor. Do you need other assurance?” Yi Tianyun had no choice but to mention his identity to get those people off his case.

Hearing those words, instead of kneeling or believing Yi Tianyun, one of them laughed.

“Haha, if you are the Great Emperor, I am the Great Emperor too!” Liu De laughed so hard. The others couldn’t contain their laughter either. They never expected that there would be someone shameless enough to proclaim himself as a Great Emperor.

“Little brother, I know how you feel, but you shouldn’t spout such nonsense. If the people of the Heavenly Clouds Empire hear about this, you will be dead for sure!” Ding Qing’s face turned pale.

Yi Tianyun sighed, and the helpless look on his face became more apparent. He realized that his words didn’t reach them.

“Since you’re the Great Emperor, then get your ass down there and take a good dip!” Yi Tianyun’s gaze was cold as he reached forward and flicked his hand. Liu De couldn’t even react as he was knocked down by an invisible force and fell into the water.

“Ahhhhh…” Liu De screamed miserably. He tried to swim back up, but the toxins slowly spread through his body, “Kid, I’m going to kill you!”

“Kill me?” Yi Tianyun pinned him down in the water and let him resurface after a short while.

However, the poisonous river water has already entered his system, and his face was pitch black. Liu De panicked and begged for mercy: “I, I was wrong, let me get out, please….”

Seeing the scene in front of them, the look on everyone’s face suddenly changed. Liu De’s cultivation was not that high, but he was at the Core Transformation Stage at the very least. That Liu De couldn’t even overpower Yi Tianyun, meaning the boy’s cultivation level was much higher than Liu De.

This meant that the cultivation of this boy in front of him was much higher than Liu De!

“Are you coming or not?” Yi Tianyun looked at them and said, “I’ll excuse myself if you’re not coming.”

Divine King’s rule was absolute. Therefore, Yi Tianyun couldn’t fly even if his cultivation level was quite high, and since Ding Qing didn’t seem like a bad person, Yi Tianyun didn’t mind taking her with him.

“Uhh…. we’re coming!” Ding Qing hurriedly turned her head and said to her companions, “What are you standing around for? Hurry up!”

“Uh, okay….”

They hurriedly hopped onto Yi Tianyun’s raft after seeing his strength. At first, they thought that Yi Tianyun was just a crazy kid, but that seemed to be a mistake.

“Is this everyone?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Yes….” Ding Qing realized she wasn’t as assertive as before. She started to believe that the teenager in front of her might actually be the Great Emperor of the Heavenly Clouds Empire.

“Let’s go.”

Yi Tianyun waved his hand, and the boat zoomed all of a sudden, disappearing from plain sight.

“Wh….What’s with this speed?… Don’t tell me he really is the Great Emperor of the Heavenly Cloud Empire?”

“Is this even possible? I did hear rumours that Great Emperor of the Heavenly Cloud Empire is young and looks like he is still in his early twenties….”

“So, we missed the opportunity to get in his good side, huh? Damn, Ding Qing is so lucky!”

They regretted their behaviour toward Yi Tianyun. Meanwhile, Liu De, who was badly poisoned, tried to swim back ashore. Whether he could survive or not, depended on himself at this point. However, no one dared to help him because this was the punishment that the Great Emperor of the Heavenly Cloud Empire gave him, and they were afraid that helping Liu De would be considered defying the Heavenly Clouds Empire itself.

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun couldn’t care less about them. Thanks to him, no one had to paddle, and he was dozens of times faster compared to when he first crossed this river. He was so fast that Netherwater Shark was afraid to approach the raft.

Ding Qing and her comrades were at a loss for words. All they could do was watch the surrounding that constantly changed. Shortly after, they reached the shore, but before they could disembark, Yi Tianyun said, “No need to get off.”

Yi Tianyun then waved his hand once again, and the raft set sail once again. However, this time, on the land! Although it was slightly slower than earlier, it was quite fast nonetheless. Needles to say, this scene surprised everyone.

Although anyone who saw this scene would undoubtedly be surprised, this kind of phenomenon was indeed possible provided one’s cultivation was strong enough.

Even though they were passing through a Dangerous Zone, it was as if they were on sightseeing.

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