Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 624


After the negotiation, Ren De called his grandson back and introduced Yi Tianyun to him.

“This is Great Emperor Tianyun, your future Young Master…”

Before Ren De finished his words, Ren Xiaoyao immediately shouted out of excitement.

“Are you the Great Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire!?” Ren Xiaoyao shouted.

“You look so young, just like the rumors say. You must be the reincarnation of a strong man! I’ve heard about your stories. You single-handedly turned the World Dragon Empire upside down and killed five Great Emperors!”

“Hearing your stories give me goosebumps. All the Spirit King Stage experts with unattainable cultivation died under your sword! I really admire you. I’ve always wanted to see you at least once since I heard your stories and I didn’t expect you to be this young!”

He was so excited when he saw Yi Tianyun. It was clear that he really admired Yi Tianyun as a role model.

“Xiaoyao, pay attention!” Ren De grunted with a serious face.

Only then did Ren Xiaoyao control his excitement. He had so many things he wanted to say, but he had to save it for later since his grandfather told him off.

“Got it, grandpa. So, he’s the Young Master… Huh, the Young Master? Does it mean that you are the successor of the Heaven Creating Divine King? This is crazy; I did not expect this kind of coincidence. This must be some kind of fate!”

One second he could control his excitement, and the next he went out of control again as if he hadn’t spoken to anyone for a long time.

“Xiaoyao!” Ren De scolded his grandson once again, silencing him for good this time.

“It’s okay. He’s still young; I can understand his curiosity.” Yi Tianyun said as he chuckled.

“But….” Ren De shook his head helplessly since he considered his grandson’s attitude was unbecoming to someone who received the Heaven Creating Divine King’s inheritance.

Even Ren De, who was the oldest in the room, couldn’t help but respect Yi Tianyun, especially after Yi Tianyun mentioned that he was the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s Great Emperor.

They immediately sorted out the details afterward. Ren Xiaoyao was so excited that he jumped up and down when he learned that they would depart to the Heavenly Clouds Empire.

Being in the middle of nowhere for as far as he could remember was really hard for Ren Xiaoyao. He has never been to any city, let alone Empire. The word “free” didn’t exist in his life due to his duty as a Guardian’s family.

Now that the Young Master has ordered Ren Xiaoyao to come with him, he obviously had to comply since Yi Tianyun’s order was equivalent to the Heaven Creating Divine King’s order, which meant Yi Tianyun’s order overrode the Heaven Creating Divine King’s previous order.

Seeing his grandson so happy, Ren De couldn’t help but smile himself. Of course, he wanted his loved ones to go out and see the outside world for themselves.

In fact, he never forced his family to stay with him. His family decided to stay with him and guard the passage out of their own will since they considered it an honour to serve the Divine King.

Ren De was afraid that the Heaven Creating Divine King would punish his family if he came back and he wasn’t there.

He could still live with it if he was the only one receiving the punishment, but he couldn’t bear seeing his family being punished in his place. Besides, Heaven Creating Divine King might reward him for his loyalty.

Now that Yi Tianyun personally asked him, he could at least breathe a sigh of relief for now.

“I still have some things to take care of. Take this token to the Heavenly Clouds Imperial City, and they will welcome you.” Yi Tianyun coalesced a token and handed it to them.

“Okay, Young Master.” Ren De respectfully accepted the token.

Yi Tianyun immediately made his way to the Ghost World Passage. There was no need to take them to the Heavenly Clouds Imperial City since they could go there by themselves.

Besides, Ren De had to wait for his son’s return before they could depart. With two Guardians on his side, there should be no problem unless Heavenly Clouds Empire was attacked by a Saint King Stage expert or above.

With Yi Tianyun’s speed, it didn’t take long for him to arrive at the Ghost World Passage. He noticed that the environment there was as harsh as ever, with barely any change whatsoever.

“There are still quite a few people who are determined to go to the Ghost World…”

Yi Tianyun re-entered this side of the Netherworld River. Just like back when he first came here, he saw several cultivators gathering woods and made boats with them.

“Little brother, do you want to travel to the Ghost World? We happen to be short on manpower; do you want to come along?” At this time, a handsome man approached Yi Tianyun with a smile and invited him to join.

“Another young man who doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into. This is the Netherworld River as if normal logic applies here…”

“Who cares if that kid goes to the pit and trick people into joining again. I wonder how many people will become cannon fodder.”


The cultivators in the area shook their heads. They were reluctant to invite a young man into their group since they thought the younger a person was, the lower their cultivation level would be. That was why they preferred to invite a seasoned cultivator.

“Little brother, I advise you to go back. This place is more dangerous than you imagined.” An ordinary-looking woman in her thirties suddenly approached Yi Tianyun and advised him to turn back.

“You old hag, don’t get in my way if you don’t want him!” The handsome man next to her said sternly.

“Liu De, knock it off, will you? Nothing good comes from associating with you!” Ding Qing’s gaze was cold as she said in a deep voice, “You can tell at first glance that his cultivation level is not that high. Are you planning to send him to his death?”

“What’s your problem anyway? This doesn’t concern you.” Liu De coldly snorted.

“I just don’t like you. You wanna go or something?” Ding Qing rolled up his sleeves as if picking a fight with Liu De.

Liu De frowned, but Yi Tianyun beat him to it before he could say anything back. “Nah, I’m good by myself. But I can give you guys a ride in exchange for your goodwill.”

Yi Tianyun smiled faintly. Even though Ding Qing didn’t seem that strong, she was kind enough to warn a stranger about how dangerous Netherworld River was.

“Give us a ride? What’s that supposed to mean?” Ding Qing froze, so did the others.

“I can give you guys a ride to the Ghost World; I just happen to be on my way there.” Yi Tianyun said blandly.

Everyone who heard those words was silent. Liu De immediately pointed at him and laughed out loud, “Is this kid stupid? Giving us a ride? He thinks he’s about to cross a creek or something. You really made my day, kid!”

The others also laughed, looking at Yi Tianyun as if he was a fool.

Even Ding Qing was at a loss for words. She didn’t know what to say since she thought that Yi Tianyun was in over his head.

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