Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 627


The Heaven Primordial Empire.

“Great Emperor, Heavenly Clouds Empire didn’t know their place lately! Their power has overshadowed our Heaven Primordial Empire!”

“That’s right. Although we’ve always been called the second-best in the past, no one took us lightly! Even the World Dragon Empire respects us to a certain extent in the past!”

“What heritage does the Heavenly Clouds Empire have? The fact they didn’t have any heritage whatsoever is more unnerving! They only have a powerful Great Emperor, and If their Great Emperor dies, then the Heavenly Clouds Empire will definitely perish!”

“They dared to make our Great Emperor wait outside last time! This is unacceptable!”

Each minister of Heaven’s Primordial Empire spoke righteously. All of them felt unnerved and unconvinced as the news about the Heavenly Clouds Empire being the strongest Empire on Mortal World has already spread like wildfire!

“Hadn’t we kept a low profile, we would be able to crush the World Dragon Empire ourselves! But, now that the World Dragon Empire is gone, it’s the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s turn to look us down!”

“That’s true! However, the Heavenly Cloud Great Emperor is indeed powerful. He pushed back the entire World Dragon Empire alone. I think that it would be best for us to calm ourselves down!”

“Bullshit! Our Great Emperor was hung out to dry for a few hours, waiting outside of Heavenly Clouds Empire! I can’t calm down, knowing that we are being underestimated!”

“But if we provoke the Heavenly Clouds Empire, we….”

“You coward. Do you think that our Heaven Primordial Empire can’t even hold our ground against Heavenly Clouds Empire? Do you think our Retired Emperor is weak? Our Retired Emperor alone is much more powerful than the whole World Dragon Empire!”

The Heaven Primordial Empire’s proud ministers kept arguing with each other. Each of them was powerful and proud, but now that their beloved Empire was being stepped on by another Empire, they couldn’t just back down!

They felt that they were humiliated to lose their hands against a new Empire like this!

“Great Emperor, Heavenly Clouds Empire is not a threat! Their Great Emperor is the only capable one! If we leave him to the Former Great Emperor, we can definitely crush Heavenly Clouds Empire, and the whole Mortal World would be kneeling under our feet!” the Heaven Primordial’s Imperial Preceptor said grimly.

“We were reluctant to take action against the World Dragon Empire in the past because we don’t know who their backing was!”

“Now that we know that the World Dragon Empire doesn’t have anyone, we could easily crush the World Dragon Empire! But we couldn’t do it now after Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor has done it himself!”

It was obvious that Heaven Primordial Empire’s ministers and Imperial Preceptor didn’t want to be the second-best Empire any longer.

Furthermore, a new Empire like Heavenly Clouds Empire got the jump off them and became the new best Empire was a hit to their pride!

The Heaven Primordial Great Emperor didn’t say anything, but deep down, he also felt the same!

He didn’t understand why a small Empire like Heavenly Clouds Empire would think that they were unbeatable when it was just their Great Emperor alone that was worth mentioning!

He felt very humiliated when he had to wait for the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor outside back then. He was worried that the Heavenly Clouds Empire had a Divine Nation backing. Otherwise, he would’ve snapped at that time!

But now that they know that Heavenly Clouds Empire only had Yi Tianyun and didn’t have any backing from neither Heaven World nor the Ghost World, there was nothing that Heaven Primordial Empire needed to worry about!

Furthermore, if by some unfortunate event, the Heavenly Clouds Empire did have a backing, could the Divine Nation from Heaven World or Ghost World even come to Mortal World?

“Quiet!” Heaven Primordial Great Emperor ordered, and the crowds immediately went quiet to hear their Great Emperor’s word, “I understood everyone’s thoughts. In fact, I already spoke to the Retired Emperor about this matter, and he is willing to help us out!”

Then he looked up to the sky, and stood up, and said respectfully, “Imperial Father, I welcome you back to the Heaven Primordial Throne Room!”

A moment later, a pillar of light shot down from the sky, and an old man appeared on the throne, calmly looking at the crowd with a peaceful gaze.

“Long Live the Retired Emperor!”

All of the minister and Imperial Preceptor kneeled down, showing their respect to the Retired Emperor!

The Heaven Primordial Great Emperor himself was also kneeling down to the Retired Emperor to show his respect.

“Raise your head.” The Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor said with a majestic tone.

After Retired Emperor ordered them to raise their head, they finally managed to look at the Retired Emperor in the eye, and they saw him as a god just by seeing him briefly!

“I’ve heard about your problems. The kid who appeared out of nowhere and has strong cultivation. Being able to kill that old man from the World Dragon Empire means that he was at least at the Spirit King Peak Stage, and he may have even reached the 1st layer of the Saint King Stage.” The Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor said thoughtfully.

“This kind of strength may sound intimidating to others, but that’s not the case for me!”

“The Retired Emperor is peerless! The Retired Emperor is invincible!”

The ministers were all excited! Many of them have witnessed the Retired Emperor’s fights, and that power was still fresh in their memories!

“I refused to deal with the World Dragon Empire back then because I was on the verge of a breakthrough, but I sure didn’t expect that after coming out of seclusion, the entire World Dragon Empire was destroyed!” Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor sneered. “A trash will be thrown out, no matter how much you want to hide it! Cultivating with some garbage technique will be your own demise!”

“No matter what, the number one imperial power in the Mortal World must be ours!”

Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor stood up, and all the ministers immediately kneeled again and shouted, “Retired Emperor is invincible, Retired Emperor is invincible….”

Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor’s eyes were filled with fervor; a hunger for power, a desire for prestige! He loved the feeling of being worshipped as he sat on his throne.

“I will personally go to the Heavenly Cloud Empire and pay a visit to this Great Emperor to see what he is capable of! Even if he comes from the Heaven World or Ghost World, he wouldn’t be a problem for me!” The Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor sneered.

“I will let him know that no one else besides me can dominate the Mortal World!”

He clenched his fist as if at this moment, he was standing at the very peak of the Mortal World, and soon, everyone in the Mortal World would worship him.

“I would like to see how you intend to dominate me!”

At this time, a figure slowly walked inside and looked at Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor indifferently.

“Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!?”

The ministers and the Heaven Primordial Great Emperor shouted in disbelief when they saw Yi Tianyun. They never expected Yi Tianyun to come personally to Heaven’s Primordial Empire’s territory! It was clear that it was such an arrogant and rude behaviour.

“That’s right. It’s me.” Yi Tianyun blandly said, “Don’t you want to welcome me? But it looks like every one of you is very upset with me.”

“Unforgivable!” The Heaven Primordial Great Emperor said angrily, “You are trespassing into the imperial palace; are you trying to pick a fight with us?” With the Retired Emperor behind him, he showed no fear!

“Trespassing?” Yi Tianyun shook his head and looked at the Heaven Primordial’s Retired Emperor behind the current Emperor and said blandly, “Heaven Primordial, you have abandoned all your duties as a guardian. The Ghost Passage is a mess now, all because you’re drowned in power and forgot all your responsibilities. The Heaven Creating Divine King gave you so many martial arts and many Medicinal Pill, not so you can create an Empire, did you understand all that?”

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