Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 628


“Who the hell are you!?”

Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor looked at Yi Tianyun in shock. He quickly released his aura that immediately enveloped the entire hall.

Many ministers were paralyzed and lost their will to fight as the aura invaded their bodies.

These ministers’ cultivation was not low, most of them were at the Core Transformation Stage, but they couldn’t stand straight in the face of the Retired Emperor’s aura!

Even the Void Spirit Stage experts could feel their legs becoming weak, and they knew that the Retired Emperor wouldn’t have any problem killing them if he wanted to!

However, the crowd felt puzzled. Why did the Retired Emperor ask the boy who he was even though they clearly stated that the boy was Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor earlier?

Most of them didn’t know Retired Emperor’s true identity, so they didn’t understand Yi Tianyun’s words either.

Hadn’t the Heaven Creating Divine King gave the Retired Emperor Martial Art and Medicinal Pills, there was no way the Retired Emperor could break through to the Saint King Stage cultivation.

If the rules the Heaven Creating Divine King enforced was still as powerful as it was in the past, there was no way the Retired Emperor could stay in Mortal World with his current cultivation level, but sadly, the rules itself was getting weaker.

As a result, the Retired Emperor didn’t feel the need to go to Ghost World or Heaven World!

Heaven Primordial’s Retired Emperor was the guardian, there was no doubt on Yi Tianyun’s mind now, but the Retired Emperor abandon his duty as a guardian. He went off and established his own empire instead!

If it weren’t for Heaven Creating Divine King’s gift, there was no way the Retired Emperor could cultivate efficiently, but it seemed the Retired Emperor was an ungrateful person!

There was no doubt on Yi Tianyun’s mind that Heaven Creating Divine King would be extremely furious if he ever found out about Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor!

But then again, Yi Tianyun still wore the unbothered expression on his face despite the overwhelming aura that the Retired Emperor directed at him.

“Does it matter who I am? You have forgotten your original mission. The Ghost World Passage is about to fall apart, and here you are, establishing your own empire! If the passage collapses, would you take the responsibility? You have clearly misplaced the trust that Heaven Creating Divine King gave to you!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

If the Ghost World Passage really collapsed, it meant the access between the Mortal World and the Ghost World would be severed.

Since the Mortal World considerably lacked in resources, it would be a great loss for the Mortal World!

Especially if the cultivator kept becoming stronger, the Mortal World would be cramped as there were not enough resources for everyone.

Heaven Creating Divine King divided the world was not without reason. He created the Ghost World and Heaven World along with two other Divine Kings to ensure every cultivator would have their own place later on!

Which was why Ghost World and Heaven World was much more spacious than the Mortal World and housed more resources!

“H…How did you know that much? Just who the hell are you?”

Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor walked step by step towards Yi Tianyun. His gaze was cold as he looked at Yi Tianyun, and all escape routes had long been blocked. 2 Saint King Stage-level power was completely out in the open, staggering everyone in its wake.

Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor: Saint King Stage 2nd Layer cultivation. Martial Art: Divine Wood Body, Boundless Vitality, Divine Wood Secret Art, Ten Thousand Wood Return To Origin.

Weakness: Fire Attribute Attack.

Combat Power: 2.8 billion (anger state).

The Retired Emperor’s combat power already reached 2.8 billion even without using his martial arts or weapon!

Compared to the Old Ancestor of the World Dragon Empire, the Retired Emperor was far too powerful!

“I am the heir of Heaven Creating Divine King! You should call me Young Master from now on!” Yi Tianyun said coldly while releasing the Heaven Creating Divine King’s power!

After hearing Yi Yianyun’s word, the Retired Emperor laughed instead of bowed in respect. The Heaven Primordial Great Emperor froze behind the Retired Emperor.

He knew the truth about his father since he was the son of the Retired Emperor!

He never expected that Yi Tianyun was the heir of the Legendary Divine King; there was no wonder the Heavenly Clouds Empire was as strong as they were now!

But just like his father, Heaven Primordial Great Emperor didn’t show any respect at all. Instead, he saw Yi Tianyun with greed written all over his face!

He knew that Yi Tianyun that was in front of him right now, was a treasure trove! By capturing Yi Tianyun, he would obtain abundant precious martial art that he inherited from the Heaven Creating Divine King!

“I don’t see any error in my action! My King is long gone. How long would I have to wait in order for him to return? Do I have to stay in that dull cabin for the rest of my life?” The Retired Emperor said sarcastically, “There is no point to do that anymore. I’ve always dreamt of becoming the true Emperor and worshipped by so many people!”

“You are unreasonable! If you want to be an Emperor, there is no one stopping you, but that doesn’t mean you could abandon your duty to look after the passage! You know that Ghost World Passage destruction would affect the Mortal World, but you still abandon your duty  anyway!”

“Yes, that is true! After it’s destroyed, no one would be able to come and go to Heaven World and Ghost World anymore!”

If the Ghost World Passage was closed, the Heaven World Passage would also be affected and gradually weaken until it was closed to pertain to the balance of the world!

The Divine King created the passage in order to guide other forces onto each world. If the passage were gone, traveling between worlds would be impossible unless another Divine King opened the passage once more!

If Ghost World or Heaven World’s residents couldn’t come to Mortal World, Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor would become the strongest cultivator in Mortal World!

In the Ghost World or Heaven World, the Retired Emperor’s cultivation level was considered normal.

He wouldn’t be able to fight against Imperial Preceptor of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation with his current cultivation!

For his desire to become an Emperor, he did not hesitate to break all the rules left behind by the Divine King, which was really abominable.

“As I said before, the Mortal World is my territory! No one in my territory is allowed to be more powerful than me! I am the Mortal World’s Guardian, and you are nothing!”

“You’re the guardian? If it were not because of you, Heavenly Rock Suppressing Ancient Tablet Seal’s demon wouldn’t be able to break the seal so quickly! Once the seal is broken in a hundred years, your dream of becoming the absolute Emperor would be destroyed to bits!”

Yi Tianyun’s words were heavy, striking the Heaven Primordial Retired Emperor in the heart, leaving him speechless.

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