Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 64: Who Dare To Hurt My Tianyun!


The moment he came back, not only he was welcomed by these people who have ill intention toward Jade Palace but also Shi Xueyun was forced to marry one of them! This revelation alone made Yi Tianyun extremely angry. With his anger right now, he doesn’t care that his opponent are these three sects.

The two elders ordered to capture him were killed immediately, all that saw Yi Tianyun actions become speechless. Yi Tianyun’s terrifying power is beyond their expectation and made some people shuddering in fear. He didn’t even spend that much time since he left Jade Palace and head to Wind City, not even half a month, now he is as strong as an elders?


Yi Tianyun is not down for playing, he focus himself with the elders that surround him, he can’t force his way to Qing Yuncheng just yet, the level gap is still there, so he intend to use these elders as a stepping stone for him to level up.

“Ten Thousand Sword Return to Origin!”

His eyes glowed sharply, like a glow of a well-polished sword. He suddenly have a lightning like movement, he thrust his sword forward, it’s as if he only thrust once but actually there are countless.

“Ah ah ah ……” 

In that moment all that the people watching can only hear is a scream of agony, all that people can see is the sword qi released by Yi Tianyun constantly pierce through the elders body, easily penetrating and spilling blood. Not long after that, all the elders that surrounded him are falling like leafs into the white ground underneath them.

[Ding, successfully killed Spirit Sect Elder, obtains 120.000 exp, 2000 Crazy Point!] [Ding, successfully killed Spirit Sect Elder, obtains 120.000 exp, 2000 Crazy Point!] [Ding, successfully killed Wing Sect Elder, obtains 130.000 exp, 500 Blacksmith Mastery, 2000 Crazy Point!] [Ding, successfully killed Wind Pavilion Elder, obtains 120.000 exp, 2000 Crazy Point!] [Level up to Sixth Level of Core Condensation!]

He kills four elders at the same time effortlessly. The exp generated from them with the help of several buff to increase exp, enough to level him up.


Qing Yuncheng is looking somewhat stressful, in the blink of an eye Yi Tianyun successfully kills several elders that he brought along. This is a terrible outcome for him. Not only that Yi Tianyun is not as weak as he expected, but Yi Tianyun also interrupted his plan to conquer Jade Palace.

“This, is this really Yi Tianyun?” 

“He doesn’t seem much different, how come he can be this strong? His cultivation already on par with an elders!”

“With this kind of speed, power, and weapon, and heck what is with that weapon? This is so much better than the elders.” 

The disciples of Jade Palace were all watching, and seeing the cultivation level that Yi Tianyun showed, these three sects were panicking. It’s not surprising if they’re afraid of Shi Xueyun or the elders, but Yi Tianyun only at sixteen or seventeen years old at max, yet he can instill fear to them, what is going on! And at such a young age he’s already at Core Condensation, what the hell!

According to his level of progress, Yi Tianyun is more talented than Shi Xueyun, someone would say that this is heaven defying!

“I’ll put an end to your rampage!” Xiang Tianya screamed, and with his true spirit sword, he made a stance to attack Yi Tianyun. With his power at Sixth Level Core Condensation, a powerful aura erupted, this is definitely more powerful than the elders.

His sword is glowing, and when he attacks Yi Tianyun, the sword enlarged, ready to cut him in half. This is his strongest move, constantly releasing an air wave that affects the entire hall, and affected the ground creating a fissure along the ground. A really powerful technique!

“Chief of Wind Pavilion Lord, your Wind Pavilion isn’t that much different than a zoo, a place for group of beasts! Today I will give the world a favor, and kill you!” Yi Tianyun said with arrogance.

“Ignorant child, you will die! Those words will be your last. Prepare yourself!” To Xiang Tianya, he was sure he can handle Yi Tianyun. In his eyes, Yi Tianyun is already dead, his sword already cut him in half.

Yi Tianyun observe Xiang Tianya using Appraisal Eye, and he saw that Xiang Tianya have 35.000 combat power. Yi Tianyun already expected as much, with True spirit sword and high level martial arts, and a double buff from a pill, his combat power easily reached 35.000. in the future it would continue to rise, but it will not happen as Yi Tianyun already swear to finish Xiang Tianya right here.

His combat power is only at 30.000 now, there is still a small gap between them. However, as long as he uses his martial arts effectively, his combat power can surpass Xiang Tianya, but simply using martial arts for his advantage, he will still have a hard time facing him. 

“Crazy Mode, activate!” In an instant, a cold aura wavered from Yi Tianyun, and killing intent can be felt in the air. The Wind Chasing Blade in his hand releasing a much stronger electric light. The Crazy Mode doubling his power!

Everything he has, whether it is speed or strength, it is twice as strong! 

“Wow! My combat power is 60.000!” 

His combat power exploded to 60.000 from 30.000. Instantly turning the table against Xiang Tianya.


He buriied his feet on the ground to build momentum, and flashed in to Xiang Tianya and slid his sword at him. After a while, Xiang Tianya stopped moving with a pool of bloods around his body, completely over powered.

[Ding, successfully killed Xiang Tianya, obtains 40.000 exp, Martial Arts Extreme Sparkle, 1000 Alchemist Mastery, 3000 Crazy Point!]

He only needs one hit to kill him, Difficult? You jest! He didn’t even use his Frost Fist, only using Wind Chasing Blade that he got from killing one of Wind Pavilion chief, an extra shame for them.


He felt a little bit of cold coming from behind him but no sound, completely unnoticed, and a killing intent strongly felt after the cold. Many disciples of Jade Palace clearly didn’t realize what happened right now. Even if they realized it now, its already too late.

“Go away!”

A slight familiar fragrance was scented by Yi Tianyun after that. The fragrant is so comforting, followed by a shadow that bumps to his back, waving a white silver light long sword.

“Aunt Xueyun!”

A cold aura released from the long sword, resisting an attack directed to Yi Tianyun’s back. 

“You dare to hurt my Yi Tianyun!” Behind Yi Tianyun stands Shi Xueyun, holding a long sword, and staring at Qing Yuncheng, who is not far away from them, “You are Wing Sect Master. Using a sneak attack on somebody so young, how shameless can you be!” 

Her aura is completely released, Seventh Level Core Condensation, overwhelming everyone around her, a magnificent display of power, the strongest on the room.

“Aunt…” Yi Tianyun looks at Shi Xueyun status and he saw that she has a staggering 43.000 combat power!

Although it’s not that high compared to Yi Tianyun before but, of course she doesn’t have any buff on her like Yi Tianyun, yet it’s completely overwhelming.

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