Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 65: Change


Feeling the familiar aura of Shi Xueyun, the two fought side by side, like a pair of veteran monks facing countless enemies, they don’t care how many opponents surrounding them. 

Yi Tianyun is really touched by this. Shi Xueyun would choose to stand by his side anytime and never abandon him. Even Xiao Lian would be pale in comparison to Shi Xueyun’s feelings for him. This feeling is beyond everything. 

This is the affection level: Life and death, she will never abandon him in any situation. 

“Aunt…” Yi Tianyun was moved. 

Despite facing so many powerful foes, she will never compromise, when Yi Tianyun faced such a grave situation, she is willing to give up everything. 

“You are finally willing to come back? Satisfied with outside world?” Shi Xueyun’s tone is not as gentle as usual, but majestic yet kind of scary. 

Yi Tianyun was paralyzed in an instant. He knew that Shi Xueyun was angry. He felt that he really took a while to get back, and she was very worried. 

“I… I didn’t mean to leave Jade Palace. But i would feel bad to cause trouble for Jade Palace” Yi Tianyun shook his head, if Jade Palace was strong, it would be a different story, but since he knew the current strength of Jade Palace, he can’t risk Jade Palace being destroyed due to several faction’s raid. 

But it seems like their objective from the beginning is Jade Palace’s treasure not Yi Tianyun. Although he doesn’t know what the treasure is, it’s surely something amazing. 

“Bad? Then if I can’t protect you i would feel even worse! I said that no matter what, we have to face it together. What do you mean you feel bad?” Shi Xueyun’s eyes became slightly red and redder. Everytime she opened her eyes, she thinks about Yi Tianyun, worried that Yi Tianyun would be killed, or was arrested and tortured, and she has been anxious until she can see him now. 

If it weren’t for her responsibilites in Jade Palace, she would have searched for him herself. 

“Aunt…” Yi Tianyun would like to say something but no words come out of his mouth. He remembered their promise from a long time ago, the two of them said that they must stay together and never give up.

“You guys, you have some guts to flirt in front of us!” After Qing Yuncheng was repulsed : “I will kill you, then kill everyone, you two won’t be able to defend the entire Jade Palace!” 

He brought quite a lot of strong cultivator with him. It doesn’t matter if Xiang Tianya die, and sacrificing Spirit Sect Master is not a big deal for him. 

“Kill, kill, kill! Kill them all, kill them, kill anyone you see, they cannot stop us!” 

Spirit Sect Master Jia Zhiyun also reached his limit, Yi Tianyun just killed a lot of their elders, he swear will make Yi Tianyun pay. Suddenly the atmosphere changed, they’re all serious, they released their full strength and use their best weapon. 

Other deacons, or elders, quickly dispersed to execute the orders of the Sect Master, to kill everyone here, turning Jade Palace into a bloodbath battlefield! 

The average cultivation of Jade Palace is low, so it is impossible to fight these people. 

“Don’t you dare!” Shi Xueyun screamed and flew, trying to intercept them, but Qing Yuncheng knew what she’d do and block her way, and their sword collided. 


Shi Xueyun was bounced back by Qing Yuncheng. When he gets serious he can stand toe to toe with Shi Xueyun. As expected of Wing Sect Master. In addition, Jia Zhiyun is also blocking Yi Tianyun so their men can attack Jade Palace! 

“Go through my corpse if you wanna go!” Qing Yuncheng sneered: “I will give you the front seat to Jade Palace’s destruction!” 

Shi Xueyun’s face changed, the killing intent in her eyes became fiercer. 


Suddenly everyone felt chill on their body and could no longer move. Including Qing Yuncheng, they’re all frozen in place!

The effect of Frost Fist kicks again! 

“I dare you to try, if you can move of course!” 

Yi Tianyun shouted, and rushed toward them and slash his sword as fast as light. 

[Ding, successful killing…]

Killing them earned him a bunch of exp that he really needs right now. 

So many of them fell to the ground and died without even able to do anything. 

Most of them doesn’t even know what happened. And before they realized they’re already dead in the hands of Yi Tianyun. 

Of course Qing Yuncheng is not an exception, even Jade Palace’s disciple and elder can’t move. Within this range, everyone will be frozen, regardless of friends or foes. 

“What is going on?” Shi Xueyun stunned. She noticed that something was wrong. It seemed that they were frozen. 

She knows that this is Yi Tianyun’s doing, but it seems too strong, right? Everyone is frozen, all that’s left is to kill them right? 

“Aunt, except me, no one else can move, no one can harm Jade Palace, no one can touch you!” Yi Tianyun’s eyes exuded killing intent, and immediately said: “We will kill them both!” 

Qing Yuncheng and Jia Zhiyun couldn’t move, all they could do is watch as they rushed toward them, but there’s nothing they can do. The effect of Frost Fist is too strong, even if Yi Tianyun can only freeze them for a while, but even half a minute is enough to kill them. 

Shi Xueyun is touched, she almost shed tears, before she knew it Yi Tianyun already become the pillar of the entire Jade Palace! 

“Spirit Sect… die!” 

Yi Tianyun with Wind Chasing Blade on his hand rush toward Jia Zhiyun as fast as lightning and slash his waist.


At the same time, Jia Zhiyun recovered from the frozen state, but it was too late. Yi Tianyun already sliced through his body. 

[Ding, successfully killed Jia Zhiyun, obtains 400.000 exp, Spirit Congealing Pill, 3000 Crazy Point!” 

He didn’t get anything worth mentioning. But he doesn’t care about this at all, all he cares about is killing these invaders! 

At this time, Shi Xueyun was also holding a sword to attack Qing Yuncheng. When she was about to kill this Qing Yuncheng, he suddenly burst into a burst and came from behind. 


Shi Xueyun sensed a menacing momentum, all of a sudden a huge golden palm is aimed to her, Shi Xueyun’s face changed, and quickly block it with her sword. 


Shi Xueyun was bounced back quite far due to the impact. Blood shed from the corner of her mouth, apparently that attack just now have quite an impact on her. 

Unexpectedly, when Shi Xueyun is about to deal the finishing blow someone get on her way, and that person is really strong too.

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