Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 647


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Yi Tianyun completely transformed into an Evil God while holding the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword in his hands.

He then swung his swords towards the Holy King, and the dark wings on his back suddenly disappeared!

But the truth was, the concentrated black flame was infused into his sword!

“I will break you apart!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he planted his feet deep in the ground and rushed at an unbelievable speed that only a dark glimmer could be seen towards the Holy King!

But the Holy King was prepared!

Even though Yi Tianyun’s attack power reached 17 billion points thanks to the effect of Crazy Mode and Evil God Suit, the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King couldn’t be underestimated!

The Holy King himself felt the danger of Yi Tianyun’s attack, so he released the full potential of the Divine Tool on his chest!

Suddenly, the protective energy barrier that held back the three Old Ancestors’ attack earlier has become a lot stronger!

He had a hunch that he would be injured from the attack if he didn’t take this seriously!

He didn’t have the Appraisal Eye like Yi Tianyun, so he couldn’t measure how powerful the attack really was, and therefore, he wanted to avoid getting hit by it the best he could.

After all, he couldn’t leave this place before he completely absorbed all the Evil Spirit Soul in this land.

Furthermore, if he left, he surely wouldn’t be able to come back as the Phoenix Race’s Old Ancestor would definitely stop him next time!

“What a powerful defence! I never realise that the enemy was only using half of the Divine Tool’s power earlier!” The Old Ancestor said as they looked at the Energy Barrier that enveloped the Holy King with a frown on their face.

They realised now that Heavenly Netherworld Divine King was looking down on them all this time!

Their perfect coordination attack didn’t matter to the Holy King as he was confident that the Old Ancestor would never break his energy barrier!

But as Yi Tianyun’s Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword clashed with the energy barrier, the Holy King’s complexion suddenly changed.

The Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword punctured the energy barrier like paper, easily piercing it while burning the thick energy barrier into ashes!

The spiritual energy that constituted the Holy King’s energy barrier was like a combustible agent that enhanced Yi Tianyun’s black flames!

“What the hell, how is this happening!” Heavenly Netherworld Holy King said while looking utterly in shock.

He then avoided the trajectory of Yi Tianyun’s sword but couldn’t completely dodged Yi Tianyun’s attack as the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword split the Holy King’s palm in two.

The black flame immediately burned his hand before he was slammed to the cave wall and sent flying. Yi Tianyun’s attack was overwhelming, and the Black Flame definitely could corrode everything it came into contact with.

“Shit, don’t you think for a second that you got this in the bag just because you could control that flame!” Heavenly Netherworld Holy King said as he suppressed the Black Flame with his Heavenly Yin Fire, but it was obvious that his hand was burned to a cinder.

The black flame had an attribute that burned even the soul of anything it touched, and therefore, the Holy King couldn’t absorb the Evil Spirit Race’s soul from the ground while his hands were burned.

He immediately knew that he must deal with Yi Tianyun before he could continue his business.

“Die, bastard!” The three Old Ancestors shouted as they rushed over to the Phoenix Cave and resealed the Evil Spirit Race back to where it belonged.

But before they could reach the Phoenix Cave, Yi Tianyun stopped them casually, “Relax, I will deal with it myself!”

Yi Tianyun then threw his Black Flame inside the Phoenix Cave, which immediately started burning the Spiritual Energy inside the cave and continuously burning everything else inside.

The Evil Spirit Race’s voice was soon heard, screaming in pain as the Black Flame also burned it.

“God, what a terrifying fire, how did you obtain that power?” the three Old Ancestors said in unison as they were surprised and awed by Yi Tianyun’s black flame.

They had never seen such a mesmerizing fire before in their life! Furthermore, they never expected the Heaven’s defying cultivator to come from a Human Race instead of some unknown Divine King’s descendant.

“Divine Envoy, how could you be so strong? What is the secret of your cultivation?” Bai Shuihuang said as she was also shocked to the point where she couldn’t avert her eyes from Yi Tianyun.

“My Lord!” Elder Feng suddenly rushed towards Bai Shuihuang with a horror-stricken face.

“All of the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s cultivators were already killed!” Bai Shuihuang has already guessed what Elder Feng would say, but she was still surprised to hear it was true!

That meant Yi Tianyun didn’t lie, but it was just hard to believe that a young man like Yi Tianyun could achieve something like that, but apparently, Bai Shuihuang was wrong!

Even before Elder Feng came with his report, Bai Shuihuang has already seen Yi Tianyun’s explosive power as he swung his sword.

There was no way anyone else besides the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King could withstand Yi Tianyun’s power right now!

“Damn you!” Heavenly Netherworld Holy Lord shouted furiously as he regenerated his burned arm.

It was a fast regeneration where everyone could see that the Holy King cut off his burned arms, and the arms regrew within seconds!

It was even faster than the Heaven Primordial Empire’s Retired Emperor’s regeneration who had the wood attribute Divine Arts that was supposed to be the fastest in terms of regeneration.

Having a powerful healing and regenerative power was surely convenient.

“Well, it was unfortunate of you to have your plan foiled by me, but it also seems that you’ve already absorbed a lot of spiritual energy!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Yi Tianyun realised it after burning the Evil Spirit Race inside the Phoenix Cave since it didn’t reach even half of what it was supposed to be!

“I have to say that you are the most powerful human that I even encountered, no, I should say, you are the most powerful human in the entire Human Race history that I ever encountered! I never expected that Phoenix Race would have someone like you to help them with their predicament. I was utterly in disbelief!” Heavenly Netherworld, Holy King said with a gloomy face.

He also overheard what Elder Feng said to Bai Shuihuang, meaning that he realized that all the Heavenly Netherworld Divine nation’s cultivators have already been killed by Yi Tianyun!

He felt a deep resentment towards Yi Tianyun for foiling his plan and destroying his Divine Nation that he himself had built from scratch!

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