Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 646


Heavenly Netherworld Holy King: Saint King Peak Stage. Close to breaking through to Divine King Stage Cultivation.

Equipment: Lower-Grade Divine Tool armour, Middle-Grade Divine Tool weapon, Pure Evil Spirit Race Bloodline.

Martial Arts: Heavenly Yin Divine Secret Art, Heavenly Yin Divine Fire, etc. Weakness: Ultimately Hot and Strong Fire!

Initial Combat Power: 14 billion points.

Yi Tianyun checked the Holy King’s status with his Appraisal Eye. He was quite relieved to see that the Holy King hasn’t broken through to Divine King just yet!

Otherwise, his initial combat power would be higher than that!

Just like Ji Yang earlier, initial combat power was the state where the cultivator hasn’t unleashed their full potential.

If they used their best weapon and armour, bloodline potential, and martial arts, their combat power would increase exponentially!

Right now, the Holy King was fending off three Old Ancestor of Phoenix Clan with ease thanks to the Divine Tools that he used.

But the real problem was him absorbing the Evil Spirit inside the Phoenix Cave through the ground!

He kept enhancing his own strength by absorbing the Evil Spirit during battle!

Although the three Old Ancestors also used Divine Tools, they couldn’t overcome the difference in power because Holy King was absorbing the Evil Spirit!

“I did not expect the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King was an Evil Spirit Race. The Evil Spirit’s soul was truly magnificent to be able to survive even after separated for a long time!” Yi Tianyun said admiringly as he was interested in the Evil Spirit Race’s ability.

It was clear that the Evil Spirit Race had an extra life, unlike any other race.

Whereas, upon their first death, the Evil Spirit Race would be able to survive through their clones!

The soul would be damaged, but it was better off than dying! But Yi Tianyun didn’t need to envy the Holy King’s abilities as he might have the same thing after killing Ji Yan earlier.

If he killed the Holy King, then Yi Tianyun would get an even better bloodline than the one he got from Ji Yang as the Holy King had the purest Evil Spirit Bloodline!

However, killing Heavenly Netherworld Holy King wouldn’t be a simple matter!

“Lord Bai!” Yi Tianyun shouted to notify her of his arrival.

Bai Shuihuang knew that Yi Tianyun would come, so she immediately glanced towards Yi Tianyun while positioning herself in such a way that left no opening.

“Divine Envoy, how did you come here? Don’t you know we are in a dangerous situation right now?” Bai Shuihuang said coldly.

“But if you are here, then does it mean the Flame Wall outside the nest has been destroyed?” Bai Shuihuang asked curiously.

“Yes, it has been destroyed! But don’t you worry, everyone is safe, and the only Heavenly Netherworld’s cultivator left is their Holy King.” Yi Tianyun said confidently as he stared right at the Holy King.

“What!?” Bai Shuihuang and the three Old Ancestor said at the same time.

The Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation had two Saint Kings earlier, and they know that none of the Phoenix Clan could deal with those two.

Therefore, the one who dealt with them was clearly none other than Yi Tianyun, but they couldn’t believe that such a young man could achieve such a thing!

Bai Shuihuang knew that Yi Tianyun’s was a considerably strong cultivator, but she never thought he would be this strong!

“You have a problem, boy! There is no way the Imperial Preceptor would be killed by a little cub like you! Don’t you have a better lie to tell these Phoenixes? But I admit that you are hilarious!” Heavenly Netherworld Holy King said with a smirk as if he saw through Yi Tianyun’s lie.

Bai Shuihuang and the three Old Ancestors also thought that Yi Tianyun was lying to distract the Holy King, but they were indeed confused by Yi Tianyun’s plan.

The three Old Ancestors shook their heads as they’ve already heard about the Human Divine

Envoy and how great he was, but now, they suddenly thought that they overestimated Yi Tianyun!

“Well, if you think that I am lying, you are free to see for yourself. I left their corpses as it is on the Phoenix Nest’s gate.” Yi Tianyun said casually without any emotion on his face.

Yi Tianyun then started to walk towards the Holy King without minding the Old Ancestor’s attack.

“Don’t go over there!” Bai Shuihuang shouted as the three Old Ancestor’s attack was strong enough to flatten any Spirit King cultivator, but she was too late!

Yi Tianyun already stepped into the three Old Ancestor’s attack range, where the three Old Ancestors already launched their strongest attack towards the Holy King!

But everyone was shocked as Yi Tianyun easily blocked the attack without taking any damage!

The Old Ancestors’ attack was like a breeze that did nothing to him!

“I can’t let you do as you please any longer! It was clear that your goal was to break through to Divine King Stage here! Too bad for you that I am here right now. Otherwise, you might get away with it!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to the Holy King.

“Do you think you are capable of stopping me? Are you saying that these three Old Ancestors of the Phoenix Clan were far weaker than you?” the Holy King said mockingly.

He knew that he was at the peak stage of Saint King Stage, hence thought that no one would be able to stop him now!

Without any further words, Yi Tianyun’s eyes suddenly turned pitch black, and his body grew larger. He transformed into the huge Evil God right off the start!

The terrifying Black Flame surrounded Yi Tianyun’s body and spread out on his back, creating a pair of wings made of Black Flame!

Bai Shuihuang and the three Old Ancestors immediately sensed the strong, intimidating power raging from Yi Tianyun like nothing they’ve ever seen before!

“How did the Divine Envoy become so powerful?” Bai Shuihuang said in shock.

She already discouraged Yi Tianyun from going near the Old Ancestor, but now it was clear that Yi Tianyun was far stronger than the three Old Ancestors!

Bai Shuihuang and the three Old Ancestors immediately recalled what Yi Tianyun said earlier and began to think that everything he said might be true and that the Holy King was the only one left!

Elder Feng, who stood the farthest away from the battlefield, nodded his head to Bai Shuihuang and immediately rushed towards the Phoenix Nest’s gate to see for himself!

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