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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 66: Qing Tianlong Old Ancestor


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Yi Tianyun rushed over and hugged her shaking body, he took out a Recovery Pill and immediately gave it to her.

Shi Xueyun does not question what pill just Yi Tianyun gave to her, she instantly swallowed it, even if Yi Tianyun gave her poison, she would still take it. After swallowing it down, she felt a lot better, the injuries in her body is not as painful as it is before. 

“I’m fine…” Shi Xueyun reach for her sword and tried to stand though a bit wobbly.

An old man appeared from outside, and start to make his ways inside the palace, he looks at Jade Palace people with disdain, his aura of cultivations shrouding the atmosphere, blatantly concluding that, nobody in the room is more powerful than him.

Yi Tianyun looks at this man status almost immediately and gasp. 

With Appraisal Eye, he can clearly see the data that the old man has, Ninth Level Core Condensation, equipment : True Spirit Armor, Earth Level Martial Arts Tian Qing Palm, combat power is 80.000!

Of course this old man is not at full power yet as the eye of appraisal can only check the current data, because Earth Level Martial Arts Tian Qing Palm, his combat power is far more powerful than Yi Tianyun’s 60.000 combat power! 

Even so, Yi Tianyun is more concerned about the old man’s name bar, glittering. Obviously, this is a sign of super-elite character, or a sign of a boss, the name itself glowing dark red, proving that he is quite formidable opponent.

Finally after quite a while, he encounter another boss character. Qing Yuncheng can’t be considered a boss, he only can be considered as an elite unit at most. The exp and item drops is supposed to be good but not as good as a boss. Now after this old man appeared, he finally can fight a boss level opponent.

“Finally a boss, I’ve been waiting for this, I wonder what will I get after killing him?” the fear turns into excitement all of a sudden. 

The enemy is strong, but it’s not like he got nothing either! 

[Random Quest: Protect Jade Palace From Invasion.] [Reward: 100.000 Exp, 10.000 Gold, Lottery Ticket, 100 All Favorability.]

This kind of random quest is finally available for him, indicating a fact that Jade Palace can’t handle these enemies at the moment.

“I definitely will take it!” Yi Tianyun did not hesitate to accept the quest, the reward for completing it is not bad, not only he gets a free lottery ticket, but also increasing favorability. As for the 100.000 exp, he doesn’t really care about it. 

“Old ancestor…” After recovering from the frozen state, Qing Yuncheng quickly retreated backwards and cower behind the old man in cold sweat. He almost died in the hands of Shi Xueyun, that fact alone is impossible to forget, intensifying his fear even more. 

Especially when he was frozen, he struggled to break free, but it still took him a full half a minute for him to break free. If enemy is much faster, he doesn’t know how will he end up now.

“I didn’t expect to come out this early. Initially I want to wait the old ancestors of Jade Palace to come first, so I can counter them, I didn’t expect before that could happen, you of all people force me out!” Qing Tianlong coldly glaring at Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun and looked at Qing Yuncheng “your group is a total waste, you can’t even finish Jade Palace, how can I entrust you on a bigger task! Even Spirit Sect and Wind Pavilion are here, but still no real results, too bad!” 

Originally he doesn’t want to come out, he wants to wait out for Jade Palace old ancestors to come out and perform a sneak attack, he didn’t expect his troops is this weak and lose to Jade Palace, so he is forced to come out sooner than he expected.

He doesn’t care about Spirit Sect Master that was strangled in front of him. He had nothing to gain for saving him. But when it comes to Qing Yuncheng he can’t let it slide.

“Old ancestors that kid is odd, I don’t know what martial arts he uses, but he freeze us all, we can’t move at all!” Qing Yuncheng pointed to Yi Tianyun. 

“I know, I can sense it.” Qing Tianlong looked at Yi Tianyun coldly: “Let me see just how strong you are”

Qing Tianlong walked a few steps forwards, a malicious aura immediately fills the air, skies turn red, creating a purgatory scene, it’s as if this is a totally different place! He knew that he must face more than 1 person here, that fact alone making him even more annoyed, and the aura around him, gradually filled with red colors of anger. 

The enemy cultivators around Qing Tianlong immediately surrounded by his aura and in a blink began to change, they are showing more killing intent than before and they also seems to no longer afraid and can’t feel the sense of fear any longer.

“Kill them!” Qing Tianlong pointed forward and ordered the cultivators in his command to attack Jade Palace.


They were affected by the Qing Tianlong aura, waving their weapons crazily, and rushing to Yi Tianyun and Jade Palace People. They were so scared of Yi Tianyun’s move just a moment ago but that’s not the case anymore anymore, its like they even forget who they were, and just rely on their bloodthirst. This seems to be the effects of Qing Tianlong’s power.

“A strong malicious aura, that old ancestor is really something else, I heard that he kills many cultivators, to force his cultivations limits!” Shi Xueyun grimaced and said “Be careful, do not be affected by this baleful aura!” 

“No problem!” Yi Tianyun eyes shows hatred, Qing Tianlong simply ignore his comrade’s life, just using them as his puppet.

“Palace Lord, we will help you too!” 

The three elders came over and stands with Shi Xueyun. They finally stood up and prepared to fight together! Since they had a change of heart, they’ve become much more open to suggestion and now they decided fight together instead of arguing with each other. 

“Okay, let’s fight against the enemy, deal with lower cultivator first!” Shi Xueyun immediately issued an order. 

They immediately intercept the enemy coming at them earlier. The cultivators that has been affected by Qing Tianlong aura became much stronger, as their combat prowess and killing intent are improved, and they seem to not really hindered by pain, whether they have been stabbed or smashed down, they still tried to fight!


Yi Tianyun smashed his way through enemy cultivators, killing them in his wake. And immediately he already stood in front of Qing Tianlong. With a cold smile, he said “You will pay for hurting my aunt!” 

Shi Xueyun was injured by Qing Tianlong earlier, and he was extremely angered by that fact alone! 

“Frost Fist, Activate!” 

The effect of Frost Fist is activated once, with the skills cooldown on this Frost Fist is short, it is super effective to use it consecutively on large scale battle like this. The frost wave immediately envelope Qing Tianlong!

Qing Tianlong was immediately frozen, but almost instantly a crack began to form in the frost layer. The next moment Qing Tianlong roared and the frozen layer is all shattered, making the Frost Fist effect useless against him.

It makes the freezing effect only apply for one second before it was broken!

“No effect…” Yi Tianyun is stunned, it seems that he figured the limit of Frost Fist effect for now.

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