Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 660


Yi Tianyun already knew that this salesman was a conman, but he needed information to start off his search.

Yi Tianyun never expected that a brave boy would come and tried to help him like that. Apparently, there were still people who were kind enough in such a chaotic world.

As Yi Tianyun already controlled the seller, he might as well interrogate him too. Yi Tianyun began to ask the seller various questions to gain as much information about the Heaven World.

He knew that an average cultivator wouldn’t know about Shi Xueyun’s whereabouts anyway.

The information he wanted now was relatively simple. He just wanted to ask about the dynamics here in Heaven World as it would make his time here easier.

In addition, Shi Xueyun had an Ice Holy Body physique, which meant that she would need an extremely cold place to cultivate! 

And fortunately for Yi Tianyun, this merchant was quite knowledgeable. Yi Tianyun was quite surprised to hear that the Heaven World had 6 or 7 places that were eligible for a cold cultivator to cultivate, which was against Heaven World’s origin!

However, Yi Tianyun knew that it might be just how this world was built, just like how a cold place would exist somewhere while there was a hot place.

Yi Tianyun also heard from the merchant that the average cultivation level in Heaven World was at Spirit King Stage, which meant that the factions in this Heaven World were at least at a 4th grade faction which was an empire rank.

But Yi Tianyun knew that his search of Shi Xueyun would be a headache as there would be too many places to cover.

“It seems I have to look for this cold place in detail one by one now. Otherwise, It would take too long to find her!” Yi Tianyun said while shaking his head.

But he was convinced that he would be able to stumble across better information later. After all, this seller wouldn’t know about everything.

He immediately remembered that he also had the Soul Guide system that could help him find his quest objectives, and finding Shi Xueyun was also his quest right now!

Yi Tianyun was dumbfounded for ever forgetting such a thing.

Yi Tianyun immediately opened the shop and search for the Soul Guide. Although he knew that the price would be over the roof, he didn’t have any other choice. Soon he found the Soul Guide, and the price was 3 million Cps!

Yi Tianyun was annoyed and shocked as he has already used all his Cps to level up his Crazy Mode earlier.

He also didn’t have that many items to sell now since he was in a hurry and didn’t bother searching for any war spoils in the previous battle.

But then again, it would be ineffective to sell that many weapons and martial arts to the shop as it would be better for Heavenly Clouds Empire to have it.

For example, a Sacred Tool was only worth 10.000 Cps if he sold it in the shop, and he needed 300 pieces to get 3 million Cps.

Selling that many Sacred Tool was a waste! Medium grade Sacred Tool was worth 50.000 CPs, and the highest was High-Grade one that would sell for 100.000 CPs.

“Three million Cps, that is not bad! I would be able to buy it soon!” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head again.

He might need to hunt for demon beasts to obtain that amount of CP. He knew that it would take time to find Shi Xueyun as he would have to either acquire the Crazy Points that he needed to buy the Soul Guide or find Shi Xueyun manually.

Either way, it would take time, but he didn’t have to think much of it as he knew that Shi Xueyun wasn’t in any immediate danger.

Yi Tianyun knew that he needed to prepare for a difficult fight as it was possible that he would fight against a peak Saint King Stage or even Divine King Stage in the near future.

Yi Tianyun then shifted back his attention to the market. He noticed that so many merchants were promoting the Smelting Trial that would happen soon while selling their wares.

The merchant themselves wouldn’t take part in the Smelting Trial, but this was the right time to gain profit as there would be many cultivators trying their luck on the Smelting Trial.

Heaven World’s Heaven Ascending Divine Altar Smelting Trial was restricted by age and cultivation base. It was strictly meant for Core Transformation cultivators below 30 years old!

These merchants here were well over 30, thus were not qualified to participate in the Smelting Trial anymore. The only thing that they could do now was to gain profit from desperate cultivators!

“Well, I can also sell stuff if I have to later! For now, I need to find a good hunting ground and earn some Crazy Points!” Yi Tianyun said as he set his plan.

He still wanted to collect the Crazy Points needed to buy the Soul Guide so that he could have an option later on.

He also had an option to kill a cultivator to get the CPs from them and sell their equipment, but his morals didn’t allow him to simply kill an innocent person for his own gain!

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