Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 661


Before leaving, Yi Tianyun took all the treasures in the merchant’s possession as a punishment for trying to deceive him. That was how Yi Tianyun dealt with a conman!

After Yi Tianyun left, the merchant was back to normal, but he was confused as all his wares were gone!

Yi Tianyun also erased the merchant’s memory from a few minutes back out of consideration for He Rongkun.

Yi Tianyun continued strolling down the street on the Heaven Divine Palace. He noticed that the environment wasn’t that much different from Ghost World, which probably meant that even the Smelting Trial would also be the same.

But Yi Tianyun immediately saw a familiar figure of a teenager not too far from him, “I heard that you almost get into another trouble!” a middle-aged man yelled at He Rongkun.

“No, it’s not like that! A disciple around my age just come to the town, and he almost fell victim to one of the conmen in the market earlier! I have to at least warn him.” He Rongkun said desperately.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave them alone? If you get into trouble with those conmen, I am afraid that I might not be able to save you later. Some of them are more powerful than this master of yours, you know!” the old man said with a frown on his face.

Yi Tianyun immediately realised that the man was He Rongkun’s master.

The name was Wei Feizhou, and his cultivation was so-so. He was at the 3rd Layer Core Transformation Stage.

He undoubtedly was telling the truth; if He Rongkun caused any trouble, it would be difficult for him to defend He Rongkun later as Core Transformation Stage was no big deal in Heaven World.

Yi Tianyun smiled as he knew that He Rongkun and his master were having a tough time. Yi Tianyun was inclined to help them become stronger as he noticed that Wei Feizhou seemed like a genuinely good master.

“I am sorry, master! I won’t do it again next time!” He Rongkun apologized.

“Next time?” Wei Feizhou said as he glared at He Rongkun.

“No, I mean, there won’t be any next time!” He Rongkun said hurriedly.

“I am blessed that you are so kind, He Rongkun. But you have to know that there are a lot of people ruthless people out there. Even if you help them out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would return that favour. Except for someone you love, don’t show your kindness so easily.” Wei Feizhou said with a sigh.

“I understand, master!” He Rongkun said as he nodded his head eagerly.

“Now, let’s begin your preparation for the Smelting Trial!” Wei Feizhou smiled as he patted He Rongkun’s back.

“I want you to assess your situation seriously when you take the Smelting Trial later. If you find it impossible to continue, don’t force yourself and just climb back down.”

“Don’t worry, master. I will!” He Rongkun said confidently.

But suddenly, Yi Tianyun approached He Rongkun and Wei Feizhou with a smile on his face, “Thanks for your consideration earlier, otherwise I would’ve fallen victim to that man!” Yi Tianyun said sincerely.

“Is this the man that you helped earlier?” Wei Feizhou asked curiously.

He tried to analyze Yi Tianyun, but he couldn’t see anything.

“Yes, this is the friend that I helped earlier.” He Rongkun answered with a smile.

“This is great! The Smelting Trial is also on the corner; how’s your preparation coming along?”

“No, I won’t participate, but I will come and observe the trial.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

He was now the owner of Ghost World’s Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, and since he already broke through to Saint King Stage, the trial is now off-limit to him!

“Why? It would be a great experience, no?” He Rongkun asked surprisedly.

They thought everyone came there only to participate in the Smelting Trial, cultivate, or make some money by becoming a salesman, and it was extremely uncommon to come here just to look around, especially for someone as young as Yi Tianyun!

“May I know which faction did you belong to? Or may I know the name of your master? Aren’t you here with your master?” Wei Feizhou asked curiously.

“I am just a rogue cultivator who happens to pass by.” Yi Tianyun said politely.

“A rogue cultivator?” Wei Feizhou said with a slight surprise on his tone.

At first, he thought Yi Tianyun belonged to some well-known faction, but he seemed to be mistaken. But it wasn’t the concern right now.

A young man like Yi Tianyun should use this opportunity to enter the Smelting Trial as it would be much better that way.

“But it’s a pity if you don’t participate! Oh yea, I almost forgot, my name is He Rongkun, and what should I call you?” He Rongkun asked curiously.

“Yi Tianyun.” Yi Tianyun answered casually.

“Yi Tianyun? Why does it sound familiar?” He Rongkun said to himself.

“My name is familiar? Well, there may be someone else with the same name. Afterall this world is a big place.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Oh yeah, I remember! When I passed Luoyu Mountain with my master, I saw a beautiful girl standing by the edge of the mountain calling for Yi Tianyun. When I want to approach the girl, master dragged me away, saying that it may cause a problem if I stick my nose into someone else’s business.” He Rongkun said excitedly as he recalled trivial information.

After hearing He Rongkun’s word, Yi Tianyun knew immediately that the girl in question was none other than Shi Xueyun!

Now he knew the crucial piece of information to start his search!

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