Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 665


Everyone began to wonder who Yi Tianyun really was. They all speculated that Yi Tianyun might have been some prized disciple of some Divine Nation as it was possible to be one with Yi Tianyun’s current power.

This time, no one dared to scream and looked down at Yi Tianyun. Their first impression of Yi Tianyun instantly changed after seeing the scene.

Everyone realized they wouldn’t hold a candle against Yi Tianyun now!

The thing was, everyone didn’t know what Yi Tianyun would do as he was still sipping his glass of wine while observing the Smelting trial.

“Yes, keep it up! The more you stand up, the better the result of this Smelting Trial!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly as he watched He Rongkun.

He saw that He Rongkun steadily climbed the ladder while overtaking the other cultivator one by one.

Yi Tianyun now believed that He Rongkun should have the great innate ability as he knew that He Rongkun’s cultivation was not that high.

The Smelting Trial demanded balance, and having a good innate ability would surely help here.

“You are correct, but my ability is limited! I can’t provide him enough cultivation pills that easily. Otherwise, he would be able to achieve a greater cultivation level! Wei Feizhou said with a wry smile, to which Yi Tianyun nodded as he realised that Heaven World also had the same problem as the Human World and Ghost World!

“Rest assured. I will give him enough Medicinal Pills for his cultivation.” Yi Tianyun said lightly.

Wei Feizhou nodded his head, he didn’t know Yi Tianyun’s identity for now, but he wouldn’t reject such a good offer.

In the meantime, the Multi Dragon Mansion’s cultivators were still pressed down against the ground with overwhelming pressure, but at the very least, they were still alive.

Time passed, and at the end of the day, He Rongkun climbed more than 800 ladders and was currently at the top 5 of the Smelting Trial.

With this result, He Rongkun has secured his position for the second trial as only 30 of the best participant was allowed to participate.

“Who are you, and what have you done to my people?” a Spirit King middle-aged man made his appearance out of the crowd angrily.

He also came with a bunch of Void Spirit Experts and some Core Transformation Experts.

This middle-aged man was none other than the Mansion Lord of the Multi Dragon Mansion, Jia Yuan.

His cultivation level was at the 2nd Layer Spirit King Stage, so he was confident that he could defeat Yi Tianyun easily.

“I don’t know what they have done to you, but could you spare them this once?” another Spirit King expert came forward.

This man was obviously the Great Elder of Multi Dragon Mansion.

Wei Feizhou was pale as he realised who he was dealing with, but after he saw Yi Tianyun was still calm, he didn’t know what to do.

“Well, he comes out of nowhere and tries to sabotage my disciple’s Smelting Trial, so he should’ve seen this coming!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Whether you’re telling the truth or not, you will be dead meat in a minute!” Jia Yuan said coldly.

It couldn’t be helped as he now saw that his son was under Yi Tianyun’s mercy, but Yi Tianyun was slightly amused that even someone as of a Mansion Lord’s calibre still lacked insight.

Yi Tianyun then activated his Eye of Charm and immediately controlled Jia Yuan completely!

Everyone was suddenly shocked as Jia Yuan was suddenly stopped attacking in front of Yi Tianyun.

The two Spirit King Experts who were ready to support Jia Yuan were definitely the most surprised as they didn’t understand what is happening.

“God, what am I even seeing here? The Multi Dragon Mansion Lord couldn’t even touch that young man! Just how strong he really is? Did he already become a Saint King?” the cultivators nearby said with a surprised look on their faces.

None of the cultivators ever saw a Saint King stage expert before, as Saint King was generally aloof and busy cultivating their own power.

Most Saint King cultivators were also the high-ranking officer of the Divine Nation, so they wouldn’t be found around these parts.

Although Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was a very good place, it wasn’t on any Divine Nation’s radar!

“I believe you wanted me dead earlier, so did you have any say now?” Yi Tianyun said to Jia De.

Jia De writhed in horror as he finally realised his mistake.

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