Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 664


The hall where everyone was supposed to be watching the Smelting Trial was caught off guard by the terrifying scene, while the two men who assaulted the Multi Dragon Mansion were watching the Smelting Trial merrily without any worry.

Everyone suspected that the two men belonged to an Empire or had Divine Nation’s support!

“I am the young master of Multi Dragon Mansion; you are a dead meat!” Jia De screamed as he felt humiliated by what just happened earlier.

“You are still obsessed with that? It doesn’t seem that you are the type of person that would listen to someone else’s teaching! Now, when will your people come here?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

As soon as Yi Tianyun finished speaking, a terrifying presence with overwhelming power rushed straight at Yi Tianyun and attacked him out of nowhere, but Yi Tianyun didn’t seem to be fazed as he brushed off the attack effortlessly.

“You are a skilled young man! But you are wrong to think that Multi Dragon Mansion would stand by after such a humiliation.” An old man said as he landed near Yi Tianyun and exerted an intense aura that demanded respect from everyone else.

“Second Elder! Save me! That person tried to kill me!” Jia De shouted hurriedly.

“Kill you? Did you think for a second that you’re on my radar? You did nothing but humiliate yourself!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“I’d watch my mouth if I were you! Don’t think that your skill would be enough to fight against our Mansion!” the Second Elder said coldly.

“Second elder, kill him! Kill him for me!” Jia De shouted excitedly.

“Look at your young master! Even after he lost his arms and feet, he still tries to defy me! Now that he couldn’t do anything anymore, he could only rely on you! How pathetic!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Wei Feizhou at the side was trembling in fear as he heard Yi Tianyun didn’t seem to be fazed by the Void Spirit Expert in front of them.

He knew that he couldn’t fight against Void Spirit Expert at his current level.

At the same time, the look on the Second Elder’s face immediately changed. He fell silent and immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun with a long sword ready in his hand.

He could no longer tolerate what Yi Tianyun said and immediately tried to finish him off!

But Yi Tianyun didn’t show the slightest interest at all! Suddenly, a phantom shadow appeared behind Yi Tianyun and blocked the second elder’s attack while also countering it!

From the beginning, the Second Elder was already planning to attack Yi Tianyun, but after seeing the phantom shadow, he realized that he made a wrong decision. Even so, if he didn’t subdue Yi Tianyun in the name of Multi Dragon Mansion, his Mansion’s reputation would be tarnished!

At the same time, Wei Feizhou was having a hard time!

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to defend himself against the Void Spirit Experts, but after seeing the phantom shadow that Yi Tianyun summoned, he couldn’t help but look at Yi Tianyun with awe.

The two other cultivators that came with the Second Elder also rushed towards Yi Tianyun, but they stopped as soon as the pressure around Yi Tianyun became unbearable for them!

Not only that, but they were also forcefully pressed against the ground shortly after.

The pressure was far more powerful than earlier, resulting in the Second Elder’s aides vomiting blood as soon as their bones and innards were crushed by Yi Tianyun’s powerful aura.

Not even the Second Elder who was in Void Spirit Stage could endure Yi Tianyun’s pressure as he was also crushed to the ground.

The scene was mind-blowing as several skilled people were kneeling and vomiting blood in front of a teenager.

After smirking at the Multi Dragon Mansion’s cultivators, Yi Tianyun decided to continue watching He Rongkun once more.

Yi Tianyun noticed that He Rongkun had a good innate ability. So far, He Rongkun has already climbed two hundred ladders.

Although there are several cultivators that climbed at the same pace or a little bit faster than He Rongkun, he showed a greater potential than the others.

Wei Feizhou, on the other hand, was sweating bullets as he was nervous upon seeing the Void Spirit Expert that was currently on the ground.

However, he was more worried about Yi Tianyun’s real identity since it wasn’t some common thing here to have a rogue cultivator who could easily overpower a Void Spirit Expert like this!

The Second Elder himself began to assume that Yi Tianyun was at Spirit King Stage and regretted making an enemy out of him!

The same could be said to Jia De. He realised Yi Tianyun’s power, and the only one in the Mansion that he believed could beat Yi Tianyun for him was his father!

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