Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 667


When Yi Tianyun climbed up the ladder without any restriction, everyone was surprised. No one has been able to do that since forever, and everyone began to doubt what they knew.

Wei Feizhou shook off the doubt in his heart and followed Yi Tianyun up the ladder instead, but he also found that there was no restriction anymore!

“Hey, you’d better start climbing! The door will close soon, and you wouldn’t be able to watch them later!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Okay, wait for us!” the group of observers earlier began to climb the ladder to the Smelting Trial, following Yi Tianyun, but not all of them could climb the ladder. They didn’t know why but only a selected few managed to climb the ladder.

The cultivators couldn’t complain as they noticed that Yi Tianyun was far more powerful than any cultivator they have ever seen. Therefore, they began to respect Yi Tianyun without even noticing it. But some of them were still reluctant. They are the cultivators from the top Divine Nation, so they still had their pride as the top faction. Therefore, they know that they couldn’t lower their head to some unknown cultivator.

“How can he do all this? Is he the descendant of the Divine King?” the Cultivators began to wonder about Yi Tianyun’s background. But they knew that they would be regretting this moment later. If Yi Tianyun really was the descendant of the Divine King, then they’ve already missed the opportunity to get on his good side.

“I am done for! If the Holy King knows that I failed to discern a person of his calibre, he would surely punish me!”

“No, we can’t say for sure that brat is a descendant of a Divine King yet!”

They were trying to deny it, but they sure already felt regret. If they lowered their head and talked with Yi Tianyun earlier, they might have a chance to build a good relationship in the future. Furthermore, from the looks of it, they realized Yi Tianyun might be the inheritor of the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, which made it even worse.

There was no doubt on their mind that Yi Tianyun was at least at Saint King stage as he easily handled the Spirit King cultivator without any problem.

“If he is the inheritor of this Heavenly Ascending Divine Altar, why would he let so many people participate in this Smelting Trial?”

“It is possible that he rigged the outcome beforehand and later on used the power of the people that passed the trial!”

“If that was true then, we could say that the entire Smelting Trial was a ruse!”

They nodded in agreement, but they couldn’t say anything to Yi Tianyun as they knew that those who stood at the top would be annoyed once you started criticizing them!

It was brief, but Yi Tianyun noticed someone was staring at him with a disdainful look behind him. However, he just smirked since he obviously didn’t care about those people, and he never really told anyone that he was the Divine Altar’s inheritor, so it was only up to their imagination!

However, he didn’t mind if these cultivators ganged up on him soon. He could use it as an excuse to obliterate their faction and gain some more Exp. If he attacked them first without any reason, it wouldn’t be good for Heavenly Clouds Empire’s reputation later.

The cultivators that followed Yi Tianyun up the ladder were also surprised as they heard the theory that Yi Tianyun might have been the inheritor of the Divine Altar. They have suspected it themselves but refrain from saying anything as they were afraid of disrespecting Yi Tianyun.

But if Yi Tianyun really was the inheritor, then that meant Yi Tianyun was the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King! Wei Feizhou on the side realised that Yi Tianyun helped He Rongkun as he saw something in him.

“Young master Yi, I can’t accept all these.” Wei Feizhou said since he didn’t want to be indebted to a person who might take his pupil later!

“Just keep it for yourself. I didn’t need any of it!” Yi Tianyun said as he rejected the offer casually.

“Thank you very much, Young Master Yi!” Wei Feizhou said gratefully. This way, Wei Feizhou knew that he didn’t have to pay Yi Tianyun’s kindness back in the future! “But excuse me for asking, Young master Yi! Are you the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King?” Wei Feizhou asked curiously.

“You can put it that way, but I am more of an inheritor than a descendant.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. Yi Tianyun had no intention to conceal his identity, but of course, he wouldn’t blab it randomly!

At the same time, He, Rongkun, was positioning himself to climb the next ladder. He was surprised to hear that his master and Yi Tianyun could climb the ladder even though they weren’t the participant of the Smelting Trial.

After the observer reached the top of the ladder, they realised that they couldn’t intervene with the Smelting Trial itself! But Yi Tianyun was quite good at socialization as he immediately prepared the wine for everyone to enjoy!

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