Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 668


He Rongkun climbed at unbelievable speed. Even in this second stage of the trial, he was still in the leadlike he did before. Although there were two other cultivators who were faster than him, He Rongkun still tried his best.

Yi Tianyun initially thought of helping He Rongkun, but as he saw that He Rongkun was actually doing great, he refrained from doing so. After Yi Tianyun noticed that the Divine Altar on Heaven World didn’t search for any inheritor like what he experienced in Ghost World, Yi Tianyun thought of slightly altering the difficulty.

Funny enough, Yi Tianyun was no longer bugged by the Divine Nation Envoy who came along with him. Maybe he was too rash earlier, but it was what he really thought. Yi Tianyun was a man of discipline. Although it was good to have a good relationship with the Divine Nation here on Heaven World, Yi Tianyun had to finish what he came here for first!

Yi Tianyun also knew that these Divine Envoys didn’t come here to cheer on their disciple. They simply came here out of expectation that their disciple who participated in the smelting trial would bring along a martial arts or two from the smelting trial!

Martial arts from Heaven Creating Divine King was supposed to be impactful and powerful enough to make a big change in the cultivation world, especially if the said cultivator on the Smelting Trial got their hands on the Divine Rune memories of Heaven Creating Divine King!

But Yi Tianyun also knew that the Divine Envoy’s attention right now was focused on himself even though it was unclear whether they just wanted to be rewarded with something extraordinary or simply because they wanted to build a good relationship with him.

But some of them finally had something to say.

“Young Master Yi, can you teach us some of your martial arts? We’re not saying for free, of course, we will give you a worthwhile reward in return!” the Divine Envoy said excitedly.

The Divine Envoys began to list their rewards one by one as the rewards got more and more extravagant.

Yi Tianyun just sighed as he didn’t want to be rude, but the truth was he couldn’t teach anyone the Heaven Creating Divine King Martial Arts. “I do have some of the inheritance of Heaven Creating Divine King, but think about it, why would he allow his inheritance to be massively passed down by the future cultivator? Even if I do want to share it with others, I couldn’t!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

The Divine Envoys looked at each other as they realise that the Heaven Creating Divine King had the same inheritance rule as Heaven World! They were quickly discouraged as they knew that it was impossible to obtain the knowledge of Heaven Creating Divine King from Yi Tianyun.

“That’s how it is the case for the Martial Arts, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to the Divine Rune Knowledge. I can think of passing it to someone later. Are you interested in that aspect? Heaven Creating Divine King wasn’t known for his Martial Arts, but he was known for his Divine Rune Proficiency.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Yi Tianyun’s word was undeniably the truth. Heaven Creating Divine King was known for his powerful Divine Rune ability that put him head and shoulders above any other Divine King at his time. When it came to Martial Arts, other Divine Kings had slightly more powerful ones compared to him, in fact.

“We want it! We would make sure that it’ll be worth your while!” the Divine Envoys were excited once again! They obviously already knew that the Heaven Creating Divine King wasn’t known for his Martial Arts, and therefore, Yi Tianyun’s offer was the best-case scenario for them!

They always sent their disciple to participate in the Smelting Trial to try their luck on obtaining the exact Divine Rune Knowledge that the Heaven Creating Divine King left behind, but they never seem to get it! Nevertheless, the Smelting Trial still gave good rewards. Those being a High-Grade Earth Level Martial Arts at worst and Heaven Level Martial Arts if they were lucky.

“You are in luck! I don’t need any rewards for my time. All I need is useful information!” Yi Tianyun said casually as he drank the wine in his hand.

“A useful information? What kind of information did you want?” the Divine Envoys asked curiously. They have been racking their head on what kind of rewards they would offer Yi Tianyun to best the other Divine Nation, but it seemed that was pointless.

Wei Feizhou, beside Yi Tianyun, slightly shivered as he already knew what information that Yi Tianyun really wanted.

“Yes, I want the information about the Hidden World Clan. They wore white clothes embroidered with a light red plum blossom on their chest. The one who gives me the most comprehensive information would receive the Divine Rune Knowledge! I will swear on my own name that I would give the winner a good Divine Rune Knowledge! But, if you dare to deceive me, don’t you blame me for what happened later!” Yi Tianyun said with a dangerous smile.

Yi Tianyun’s smile caused the Divine Envoys to shiver. They finally realised that Yi Tianyun didn’t rely on Heaven Ascending Divine Altar’s inheritance to threaten them, but his own power instead!

Yi Tianyun sipped his wine once again as he watched the Smelting Trial unfolding in front of him. He wanted the information badly right now just because he had the means to get it. But if it turned out that there was no worthwhile information, he could just take his time to collect the amount of Crazy Points he needed to buy the Soul Guide from the store later.

Yi Tianyun also knew that the best way to gain the information that he needed was to use the Divine Nation’s extensive knowledge about the Heaven World. Compared to Yi Tianyun who has just arrived at the Heaven World, these people have been here ever since the day they were born! As for giving them the Divine Rune Knowledge, he didn’t care that much. He knew the knowledge itself was useless unless a qualified Divine Rune Cultivator could interpret it.

However, Wei Feizhou, beside him, shook his head on the side. He began to wonder just how important was the woman he saw on the cliff of the mountain that day for a man as powerful as Yi Tianyun to use every means possible to find her.

But, the Divine Envoys had a slightly different look on their face. Although they never thought of searching for a Hidden World Clan, they knew that it was far easier than competing of finding worthwhile rewards for Yi Tianyun against another Divine Nation!

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