Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 686


“My sword easily cut through your Great Array. Did you still think you can capture me now?” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly. He swung his sword one more time, and this time a huge flame was concentrated once more, and this time, slightly more powerful than the previous one. 

Mei Qingyuan was horrified by what he saw, while Great Elder Mei on his side was having a panic attack as she saw that there was no way Heavenly Plum God Clan could win this battle. She thought that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation would be at Spirit King Peak Stage at most, but now she realised that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was far higher than that! 

“Stop!” Mei Qingyuan shouted pleadingly. He knew that their cultivation was like heaven and earth, so he wanted to preserve what was left of his faction at the very least! He knew that the Heavenly Plum God Clan was powerless before Yi Tianyun, so he wanted to stop the battle as soon as possible!

“This sword dance was the end of this battle!” Yi Tianyun said as he slammed down his sword to the ground once more, and the snow on top of the mountain instantly melted and turned the ground into wasteland! The beautiful place that was once covered with white snow and many Tianmei Trees growing above it were nowhere to be seen!

Yi Tianyun still considered himself forgiving enough to Heavenly Plum God Clan as he didn’t annihilate them completely and just killed some of the elders while destroying their palace and several other buildings. He let most of the elders escape as he thought it was pointless going after them.

He wanted to kill Mei Qingyuan too, but Yi Tianyun thought that there would be no fun in finishing off his enemy so soon, so he let Mei Qingyuan witness his power a little bit more.

“Did you think your son is good enough to marry my woman now?” Yi Tianyun said as the fire on the ground intensified once more, this time completely decimating the Great Array and destroying several other buildings in the vicinity. 

If this kept up, the entire mountain would be inhabitable soon! The cultivators who were escaping watched the scene unfolding in front of them in horror, especially the raging sea of fire that was continuously burning the ground. The cold spiritual energy in this place couldn’t even stop the fire from spreading, let alone them!

“Please stop!” Mei Qingyuan shouted once more as he felt his heart broken upon seeing more and more Heavenly Plum God Clan’s territory turning into a wasteland. He was powerless to save his son, and now he was powerless to save his faction. He could only watch as he saw his beloved faction was being burned to the ground.

Meanwhile, Great Elder Mei was feeling remorse for what she had done. She has just provoked someone that was not on Heavenly Plum God Clan’s league! 

“Well, I am not done yet! Regret what you have done in the next life!” Yi Tianyun said coldly as he increased the intensity of the Immortal Fire that came out of his Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword. Mei Qingyuan started crying as he felt really hopeless now, but then, someone came and sprinkled rain on the area, slowly extinguishing the Immortal Fire.

“That is enough, friend.” An old man said as he slowly descended to the ground.

“Lord!” the elders shouted as they saw the old man, the old man’s footstep created a bloom of plum flower in the air.

Mei Wenshu: 3rd Layer Saint King Cultivation Expert. Has Heavenly Plum God Race Bloodline, releasing the power of Tianmei and cold that can freeze anything!

Even though the old man had a powerful bloodline, his 3rd Layer Saint King Cultivation base was irrelevant before Yi Tianyun’s eyes.

“Lord! Please help us! He is an intruder. He came in and destroyed our Heavenly plum Palace and the rest of our Great Array!” 

“My Lord, I beg of you to avenge us! He killed my son!” Great Elder Mei cried out to Mei Wengshu. She thought that the Lord would be able to deal with Yi Tianyun somehow and took a gamble that Mei Wengshu could avenge her son. 

“Shut the fuck up!” Mei Wengshu screamed coldly, slapping Great Elder Mei and Mei Qingyuan hard on their face.

Both of them were stunned by what just happened, and the elders were no different as they didn’t understand why their Lord scolded the two people who tried their best to drive out the intruder instead of fighting that intruder.

“Friend, I am sorry on behalf of my faction. It was truly our mistake this time! Please forgive them for their ignorance!” Mei Weishu said to Yi Tianyun while bowing his head.

The elders stared wide-eyed at what their Lord had done, Yi Tianyun has killed so many cultivators on their side, but he was the one who apologized instead? 

They started to wonder what was going on right now, as they were really confused by their Lord’s behaviour.

“Finally, a reasonable man. Had you arrived earlier, this pointless battle wouldn’t happen, you know. You have a group of ignorance there who thought that they are the best in this world!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“But well, I understand that everyone had their orders. Therefore, I will forgive your faction, but I will never let that two people go! Everyone has to pay the price of what they had done; that’s the principle I’ve been holding onto!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently as he looks at Mei Qingyuan and Great Elder Mei!

Although the Lord of Heavenly Plum God Clan has come, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t let Mei Qingyuan and Great Elder Mei escape after pushing his patience like that!

Now, the Lord of Heavenly Plum God Clan had to choose whether he would defend those two with the risk of leading the entire faction to doom or to let them die in exchange for saving the faction!

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