Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 687


Yi Tianyun’s word was a little bit much as he already killed many elders yet still wanted to claim the life of Mei Qingyuan, who would likely become the next Lord along with his wife, Great Elder Mei. Everyone was shocked to hear Yi Tianyun’s blatant words, but they were more curious about Mei Wenshu’s response.

“You may do as you please!” Mei Wenshu said as he agreed to give Yi Tianyun’s terms. 

Mei Qingyuan and Great Elder Mei were both appalled by Mei Wenshu’s words. Both of them have contributed a lot to the Heavenly Plum God Clan, but they were abandoned quickly without any consideration! 

“My Lord, won’t you consider it a little bit more? Are we that worthless for you?” Mei Qingyuan said while begging for his life to Mei Wenshu. 

“Don’t you know who you provoke, brother?” Mei Wenshu said coldly. He spent so much effort on extinguishing the Immortal Fire earlier, so he knew that the man in front of him right now wasn’t some ordinary cultivator. Plus, the sword aura he saw from afar earlier would definitely cut him down if he ever considered going against this man!

“I am sorry!” Great Elder Mei said as she cried out remorsefully. But everything was already too late, and she couldn’t take back what she had done. The fact that the Lord came and willing to compromise despite the fact that the man in front of them was an intruder told Great Elder Mei that their faction wouldn’t have any chance of defeating this man.

Furthermore, even a fool knew how to choose between this option. It was better to sacrifice two people instead of letting the entire faction burns!

“I want an audience with the Old Ancestor!” Mei Qingyuan said with a gritted tooth. 

“You don’t have that right, and this is also Old Ancestor’s decision!” Mei Wenshu said indifferently.

“That is impossible! The Old Ancestor is my father. He wouldn’t let me die like this!” Mei Qingyuan shouted desperately at Mei Wenshu. He knew that Mei Wenshu, his brother, wouldn’t lie about such a thing, but it was hard to accept that his father and brother have abandoned him like this. 

“Enough! What you have done in the past is now showing their heads! I have long averted my eyes from what you have done, but you never change! Especially you!” Mei Wenshu shouted coldly while glancing towards Great Elder Mei.

“Qingyuan, you have spoiled your wife and son that they become arrogant! Did they really think that they are invincible just because they are the heir of the Heavenly Plum God Clan? Who do you think caused all this?” Mei Wenshu said coldly.

Great Elder Mei’s face paled as she regretted everything, but everything was too late! She has already caused unimaginable damage to the Heavenly Plum God Palace and caused a lot of suffering to her fellow Clan Member.

On the other hand, Mei Wenshu didn’t exactly know what happened earlier, but he has already seen Yi Tianyun with Shi Xueyun! And that fact alone explained many things! Originally, Shi Xueyun was just their guest, who would help Heavenly Plum God Clan grow in exchange for allowing her to cultivate faster here, but then he heard that Great Elder Mei supported her son’s decision to marry Shi Xueyun and even planned to force her into it.

He already knew all this yet didn’t say anything about it, but who knew that it was a terrible mistake on his part as no one would know that she was with a terrifying expert like this! He also realized that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t do something without reason and thus concluded that someone must’ve provoked Yi Tianyun for things to get this bad!

“It is all my fault! But please spare me!” Great Elder Mei cried out as she begged for her life, but it was too late as Yi Tianyun didn’t have any intention to let them go.

Yi Tianyun took his step with Shi Xueyun step by step towards Great Elder Mei and Mei Qingyuan. “I already warned you that I want to solve it peacefully, but you make me very disappointed of Heavenly Plum God Clan! I want to end it so badly as staying here and seeing your face makes me want to puke.” Yi Tianyun said as he grasped Great Elder Mei’s neck and raised her up. 

There was no chance to struggle as she didn’t have any strength left on her body. “May you unable to reborn again in the next life! I will turn into a ghost to haunt you so that my curse would be permanent!” Great Elder Mei said through her teeth.

“You curse me to never reborn again and will haunt me forever to make the curse permanent? You are not the first person to do that, and I would say that you are not the last either! But people on their ends meet would always do something so boring like this!” Yi Tianyun said as his eyes glowed white and made a pulling motion with his other hands.

In a short while, Great Elder Mei’s soul was dragged out! This is the Evil Spirit Race’s secret technique, which could force someone’s soul out of their body so they could possess their body more easily. However, this technique was rather difficult, and the difference between their cultivation base was vital for this technique. However, it was obvious that Yi Tianyun was so far ahead compared to Great Elder Mei that this technique was rather easy to pull off.

“You, what you have done!” Great Elder Mei screamed in her soul form as she felt more sensitive than before. 

“I don’t want you to turn into a ghost to haunt me later, so I will strip you off from your soul now. You clearly had no intention to repent and instead curse me and even threatens me! But now, with this technique, none of it will come true!” Yi Tianyun said with a cold smile on his face.

“But rest assured! I will give Heavenly Plum God Clan another chance as they treated my aunt with respect until recently, but I hope this would never happen again in the future!” Yi Tianyun said towards Mei Wenshu while igniting the immortal fire on his hands, burning Great Elder Mei’s soul! She screamed violently, chilling people to their bones as the scream was so horror-inducing.

But Yi Tianyun’s expression was still indifferent as he was ruthless towards his enemy!

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