Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 689


After Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun left, Heavenly Plum God Clan finally could rest a little bit easier, but they still had these mixed feelings as they were humiliated to the worst degree. So many Elder Rank cultivators were killed, and the palace itself was destroyed beyond recognition. 

“I didn’t expect to face this problem immediately after my retirement!” Mei Wenshu sighed heavily as he watched the place crumble. Never he thought that the faction he loved so much would be destroyed after picking a fight with a terrifying cultivator like this. 

Mei Wenshu felt utterly disappointed as there was no right and wrong on this matter. Even if what they had done was right, their opponent would still crush them to the ground! Heavenly Plum God Clan was not as powerful as it was in the past and now, Mei Wenshu finally understood how powerful other faction was. 

“It seems that I have to make sure that everyone on this faction composes themselves some more! Everyone is too arrogant for their own good! Don’t any of you realise that there are so many frighteningly powerful factions out there?” Mei Wenshu said coldly to the rest of the cultivators who managed to survive Yi Tianyun’s attack.  

“From today onward, Heavenly Plum God Clan would be closed for a hundred years! No one was allowed to get out, and everyone has to start repairing the palace and the great array!” Mei Wenshu said bitterly, but there was nothing else he could do. Heavenly Plum God Clan was now very susceptible to any attack from the outside!

“Lord, aren’t we supposed to have our revenge?” one of the deacons said angrily. He wanted to kill the intruder earlier, but as Mei Wenshu stopped them, he could only stand aside.

“Do you think I didn’t want to do that? Old Ancestor said that he could feel that the intruder has an unusually high power that was beyond our control. His sword that he used earlier could cut us down all at once!” Mei Wenshu said while shaking his head.

“One sword could destroy us like that? Isn’t our Old Ancestor a formidable expert who survived the Battle of Heaven World?” the cultivators were shocked to hear Mei Wenshu’s word. If it were true, then not even their old Ancestor could defeat the intruder!

“It’s exactly because he once survived the Battle of Heaven World that he could sense how strong the intruder was! It was clear that the man was above Saint King Peak Stage at this point! This is why I honestly ask you to mind your attitude in the future! I don’t want another idiot randomly provoking another terrifyingly strong person like this!” Mei Wenshu said with a sad face.

“Seeing that our clan had lost 5 sacred tools with the death of my brother, his wife, and their son, we are weakened beyond measures! I will have to ask several of you to build a good connection outside to increase our power in the future!” Mei Wenshu said with a deep sigh.

“I know that you may hate the state we’re in now, but if you really want revenge on the intruder earlier, cultivate more vigorously! Reach the cultivation level that is beyond him so that you would be able to win the fight! I will look forward to the day you can accomplish that!” Mei Wenshu said charismatically.

“But, if none of you could reach such cultivation, I don’t want to hear or see anything like this again!” Mei Wenshu said solemnly. He was saddened by what happened to the faction, but there was nothing he could do. Moreover, he didn’t want the news of what happened to their faction spreading out to other factions. Invasion was the least thing he wanted right now. 


While the Heavenly Plum God Clan was repairing the palace, Yi Tianyun took Shi Xueyun to the Heavenly Plum God Clan’s cabin earlier. A group of newcomers stared at Yi Tianyun as he flew down from the sky with a beautiful phoenix.

They were shocked that they could see some mythical creatures like the phoenix with their own eyes here on the Heavenly Plum God Clan. Furthermore, the young man that was with them earlier was the one who brought the phoenix!

“Little Brother Yi, what happened?” Xiao Wu said as he ran out of the wooden cabin where they were supposed to wait. But he didn’t dare to come close to the phoenix as he was surprised himself.

“Nothing big happened. I am here to take you with me, but I have to ask you first, do you want to come with me? I will make sure that all your need is taken care of, but in exchange, you will work for me.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“If I come with you, can you help out my family so they could live a better life?” Xiao Wu asked honestly.

“No problem, I will also take care of your family as long as you accept my offer.” Yi Tianyun said with a bright smile on his face.

“If that’s the case, then I will come along with you! But I am just a weakling. I hope Little Brother Yi won’t get bored with me.” Xiao Wu said while laughing lightly.

“Don’t worry. You will become stronger soon! With a martial arts and cultivation technique that I will pass on to you, your power would increase greatly!” Yi Tianyun said as he reached out and passed down the martial arts and cultivation technique that he had choosen beforehand directly into Xiao Wu’s head. He then summoned a Core Transformation Stage demon beast to take Xiao Wu to Heaven Ascending Divine Altar.

“I see you still didn’t forget to recruit people even here on Heaven World. Do you think he has a great Innate Ability?” Shi Xueyun asked as they were on their way towards Heaven Ascending Divine Altar.

“You will know soon enough!” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

“Well, you sure make me curious.” Shi Xueyun said sarcastically.

“Don’t be annoyed, aunt. You are the most beautiful when you smile!” Yi Tianyun said as he kissed Shi Xueyun affectionately. Shi Xueyun was at a loss for words, and her face immediately flushed bright red.

The Blue Phoenix immediately squawked jealously as she realised what Yi Tianyun was doing on top of her, but as Yi Tianyun patted her head to calm her down, they continue to fly towards Heaven Ascending Divine Altar without any more problem.

At this moment, Yi Tianyun only wanted to hold Shi Xueyun dearly and never let her go again!

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