Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 688


The screams could be heard throughout the area, which obviously terrified everyone! They’ve never seen anything like this before. The bright flame burned down Great Elder Mei’s soul slowly like a lit-up well-made candle. 

“Please, make it painless!” Mei Qingyuan begged Yi Tianyun as he saw that Yi Tianyun was basically torturing his wife.

“Would you make it painless too if you do it to me?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. Mei Qingyuan closed his eyes as he couldn’t say anything else. Everyone knew that he would also torture Yi Tianyun if that were the case, especially seeing that Yi Tianyun has killed his son earlier.

“At least you know your place, so I guess I will grant you a good way to die!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hand, and Mei Qingyuan was instantly caught on fire and started burning. Yi Tianyun’s method was very simple. He would just burn people to death as it was the easiest way. 

The people from Heavenly Plum God Clan couldn’t do anything besides watching the two who were once their leader being burned to death. Although Mei Qingyuan was sacrificed to save the entire faction, and even though people understood that the fault lied within Great Elder Mei, it was a little bit sad to see someone they once knew being burned like this nonetheless!

Mei Wenshu himself could only sigh as he knew that there was nothing he could do. 

“Okay, since you gave me your word, I will keep mine too!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hands, and the rest of the Immortal Fire that was burning the Heavenly Plum God Clan’s building returned towards Yi Tianyun. 

But the marks were still there. The place was scorched badly. Some even left a trace of magma as the metal and rocks melted under the intense heat. Yi Tianyun alone made it look like a whole different place altogether!

Although the situation was under control now, half of the place was razed down. If Mei Wenshu cam any later, the entire place might’ve been already burned to the ground. Mei Wenshu knew that the Heavenly Plum would be rebuilt once more, but it would take so much resource. 

Yi Tianyun himself didn’t mind the resistance that the Great Elder Mei showed at the beginning as every enemy would only turn into a good Experience boost for Yi Tianyun. 

Yi Tianyun turned his attention towards Elder Wan, who already collapsed on the ground from her fear of Yi Tianyun. 

“You don’t have to punish her. She still took care of me despite her final betrayal. I don’t really want her to be killed now.” Shi Xueyun said as he persuaded Yi Tianyun to stop. She didn’t plan to call Elder Wan her master anymore, but her conscience couldn’t allow her to let Elder Wan die now.

Although Shi Xueyun was still a little bit worried that Yi Tianyun would start killing everyone at Heavenly Plum God Clan, she still had faith that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t do something so barbaric without any solid reason. When she was still at Heavenly Cloud Palace, she had long been dubbed the title of Slaughter Palace’s Master. 

“Alright, I will listen to your word, aunt.” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Shi Xueyun. If it were Shi Xueyun’s wish, Yi Tianyun would surely try to make it happen.

“One thing before I leave. I originally come here to find someone, and it may sound weird coming from me, seeing that the situation has turned out for the worse. But, I know that you aren’t the one who caused all this, but you still complied with your elders and tried to trap Shi Xueyun here, so I hope you realized that your life had been spared thanks to Shi Xueyun’s kindness.” Yi Tianyun said coldly towards Elder Wan.

Yi Tianyun wasn’t just being arrogant right now. He simply wanted Elder Wan to think about her mistakes in the past and moved on for the better. She, without any doubt, has helped Shi Xueyun become much stronger than her original cultivation level. 

Mei Wenshu didn’t say anything to this as he was really was disappointed by what his people had done. Had they treated her carefully, maybe Heavenly Plum God Clan could build a good relationship with this man! 

“Tianyun, let’s leave. I don’t want to see them any longer!” Shi Xueyun said as the look of sadness overcame her face. She originally intended to return the favour for everything that Heavenly Plum God Clan had done for her, but now that she understood that it was all a ruse, she didn’t want anything to do with them anymore.

Her cultivation level had breakthrough a lot during her stay in the Heavenly Plum God Clan, and she still cultivated a lot more on her own. She knew that her cultivation technique and spiritual body were very suitable for the Heavenly Plum God Clan. The Heavenly Plum God Clan was certain that Shi Xueyun could help them develop further generations. However, it was unfortunate as they found Shi Xueyun as Shi Xueyun is Yi Tianyun’s woman!

“Well, now that the place has lost its charm, I also don’t want to stay here any longer. Let’s go!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face and stretched out his hand for Shi Xueyun to take. Yi Tianyun then summoned the Blue Phoenix and helped Shi Xueyun climb into its back. After making sure that Shi Xueyun was comfortable on top of the phoenix, Yi Tianyun and the phoenix flew off from Heavenly Plum God Clan’s area, leaving everyone behind.

After Yi Tianyun was no longer seen from everyone’s peripheral vision, Great Elder Mei’s soul and Mei Qingyuan’s body immediately burst out in flames faster than before, swallowing them completely.

It was because Shi Xueyun said that she wanted Yi Tianyun to end everything faster. It could be said that she has freed both of them from torture. Had it not for Shi Xueyun’s word, they would still be engulfed in flames for days before they would turn to ashes. 

Especially Great Elder Mei’s soul that burned like a burning candle! Who knew how long it would take for her soul to vanish completely if Shi Xueyun didn’t say that she wanted to leave quickly! Nonetheless, the chill from witnessing Yi Tianyun’s power was still fresh on everyone else’s mind!

Everyone was traumatized by the chilling scream that they heard earlier.

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