Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 692


“Activate Lucky Aura!” Yi Tianyun muttered as he spun the Lottery Roulette. He obviously wished to get the best item he could get, and he didn’t trust his own luck because he would get trash items anyway without the Lucky Aura!

The first draw stopped at the Accessories part of the roulette. Yi Tianyun was excited as he might get another piece of Desolate Ancient Set! When the wooden box fell from the roulette, Yi Tianyun immediately opened the box excitedly! In the box, there was a piece of Jewellery, but it was not the Desolate Ancient set. It was Longevity Necklace!

Longevity Necklace: a piece of Longevity Set. Amplify Healing Effectiveness by 10 times and increase Defence Power by 30 times. Consume 10.000 Cps to activate ‘Violent Longevity’ and overwrite the healing amplification to 50 times. 

“This is not bad!” Yi Tianyun said while nodding his head. Although it was not a Desolate Ancient Set, it was definitely a solid regeneration set! Yi Tianyun immediately used another roulette ticket as he wanted to get even better items, preferably something that leaned to the offensive types. The arrow stopped at Cultivation Technique, and he knew that Cultivation Technique was good, but he didn’t know whether he would need one right now. He was satisfied enough with his current cultivation technique, so it wasn’t needed right n if the effect contradicted each other.

He opened the box that the roulette gave and inspected the cultivation technique that he got. It was Shaking Heaven Body Secret Art! Yi Tianyun looked at it with his Appraisal Eye to find more information about it. 

Shaking Heaven Body Secret Art: Lower Grade Heaven Level Martial Art that can enhance the weight of the user! The higher the cultivation level, the higher the maximum weight can be increased! Can increase the user weight up to 100 million pounds. Next level requires 5 million Cps.

“This is pretty good. 100 million pounds is basically a small mountain.” Yi Tianyun said as he was a little bit surprised by the Cultivation Technique. With that cultivation technique, he could destroy anything with just one step of his foot!

“This is definitely usable in the fight later!” Yi Tianyun said with a satisfied grin on his face. With that cultivation technique, he didn’t have to waste his Crazy Points as he could just dominate the fight easily with his weight amplified!

“Spin once more!” Yi Tianyun said quietly to continue drawing the next prize. This time, the arrow stopped at consumables. 

“Well, I can check it later, start drawing again!” Yi Tianyun said to himself, and once again, the arrow stopped at Jewellery. 

“Nice! Please, a complete set!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. He slowly reached out for the box and immediately opened it. It was the last piece of Desolate Ancient Set, Desolate Ancient Bracelet!

“This is awesome!” Yi Tianyun shouted excitedly, surprising Shi Xueyun, who was just resting her head on Yi Tianyun’s shoulder.

“What? What happened?” Shi Xueyun asked curiously. 

“No, it’s nothing, aunt! I just think that you are awesome!” Yi Tianyun said immediately. Obviously, he couldn’t say the reason as he knew that he couldn’t tell anyone about Crazy Levelling System. Besides, no one would believe him anyway as it was too absurd!

“Sure …” Shi Xueyun said as her face flushed once more. 

Yi Tianyun then immediately observed the new bracelets that he got with his appraisal eye to make sure that it was the one that he was searching for. 

Desolate Ancient Bracelet: One of Desolate Ancient Set pieces. Increase critical strike chance X30, critical strike damage X3.

“Equip!” Yi Tianyun murmured. He was so excited that his Desolate Ancient Set that provided an overwhelming offence stat was finally completed! 

‘Successfully equipped Desolate Ancient Set!’
‘Set effect: X50 Combat Power, X10 Defence Power, X5 Speed, 30% Critical Strike Chance, and any attack can cause a corruption effect, eroding enemy’s equipment and anything in between.

“This is great!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. The set that he was waiting for so long wasn’t a disappointment! The effect was absolutely amazing as the value of each item was optimized even further. With the combination of the set effect and each of the pieces’ own effect, his combat power was amplified 100 times and both Speed and Defence Power by 20 times! He even got to increase his critical rate by more than 50%

Coupled with Evil God Suit, his power has reached a terrifying level!

“I have a feeling that even the Saint King Expert with a special bloodline would easily be subjugated by my power!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. Evil Spirit Race bloodline was powerful, but it wasn’t the strongest! It wasn’t even the top 5 strongest bloodline in both Ghost World and Heaven World!

In fact, the most powerful Bloodline was the Divine King’s Bloodline. The first generation of Divine King possessed the most powerful Bloodline. Its power was unimaginable, and their offspring that inherited it would definitely receive such power!

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