Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 693


After collecting all pieces of the Ancient Desolate set, Yi Tianyun felt that his strength grows sharply. One piece of equipment from the Ancient Desolate set was powerful, but the effect of a complete set was out of this world!

“I finally own all of them! I will get the longevity set next!” Yi Tianyun said as he set his mind on a new goal. Although the longevity set wasn’t a good combat set, it was a very amazing defensive equipment! He could instantly recover any damage he received! He could just switch the two sets during combat to maximize his power! 

After that, he opened the wooden box that he got from the consumables earlier and got an 80X Exp Card! Judging from the current situation, this Exp boost card isn’t so bad! 

“Great, I can’t wait to face a Divine King later!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked. He opened another box that contained another consumable and got another 80X Exp Card, which meant he got two of them. But even so, Yi Tianyun didn’t really appreciate the second Exp boost card as he wanted something else instead. 

“This is not good, another Exp Card? It seems the Lucky Aura fail to impress me this time. Should I level it up again?” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head disappointedly. He thought he could get some other stuff that might benefit him in the future, but he only got another Exp Card!

“Calm down. It is still another Exp Card!” Yi Tianyun said to himself as he shook his head.

He kept it in the back of his mind to level up the Lucky Aura later. He didn’t level it up earlier as he didn’t see the need to, but now, he realized that it was essential for his bad luck.

Now that he got lottery roulette out of the way, he has arrived at the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s area. The journey was smooth as no one blocked his path. It was probably because the sight of a phoenix alone terrified most people. Besides, most people wouldn’t be able to catch up with the Phoenix!

Yi Tianyun decided to fly directly towards the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s capital, which was located inside the Sealing Heaven Continent! Since Shi Xueyun said that his father was the genius of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, he thought that his father had to be inside the capital!

Besides, even if he didn’t find his father in the capital, he could inquire about his father’s information easily inside the capital. 

It seemed the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation had made a regulation about flying in their territory because once he entered the Sealing Heaven’s continent, he noticed that it was harder to fly. They could do this as they had a Divine King as their leader. 

The blue Phoenix squawked and landed on the ground as it couldn’t overcome the pressure on the air. They are still quite far away from the capital, but Yi Tianyun knew that he couldn’t impose the Phoenix any further. 

It was no wonder that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation wasn’t destroyed by any stronger faction just yet as it had the flying regulation around their continent. Other faction’s power would be cut in half if they tried to invade this area!

Furthermore, they couldn’t invade quick enough to catch Sealing Heaven Divine Nation off guard as it was much slower to walk than to fly!

“We have to walk from here on out, Aunt.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. He had the information that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s leader was God King Sealing Heaven, and he was also the one who imposed this regulation.

Considering even Yi Tianyun, who was as strong as a Divine King himself, couldn’t force his way out of the regulation, God King Sealing Heaven must be a powerful individual! 

“Is this the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation that Elder Sister went to?” Shi Xueyun said curiously. She could see the magnificent landscape around her and a pillar of light from the capital shining throughout the area!

This was the site of a Divine King, so it went without saying that it had such a majestic atmosphere. 

“It seems the Divine King inheritance continues to persist, but I didn’t feel any Divine King aura from the Imperial City!” Yi Tianyun shook his head disappointedly. It was either the Divine King was hiding while cultivating somewhere, or they were already dead!

Nevertheless, the Divine Nation itself wouldn’t be easily destroyed as long as the Divine King’s inheritance was still in effect!

As Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun walked towards the capital, Yi Tianyun noticed that there was no pressure at all! Apparently, the regulation didn’t prevent any stranger from entering and simply preventing them from flying! Yi Tianyun also saw many Divine King Altars on their way towards the capital, along with some cultivators coming in to worship the Divine King.

God King Sealing Heaven’s name was well-known throughout the Heaven World, and he was admired by everyone. In fact, Yi Tianyun knew that he couldn’t just nonchalantly talk about God King Sealing Heaven in public! 

But the one thing that Yi Tianyun was curious about was his own lineage! If his father were the descendant of God King Sealing Heaven, that meant he had the same direct lineage with the Divine King!

If this were true, he hoped that he could learn the Soul Cultivation, which was the God King Sealing Heaven’s signature technique!

But for now, Yi Tianyun didn’t see any special trait that may be caused by the Sealing Heaven Lineage. It was strange indeed, considering that Sealing Heaven Lineage was one of the most powerful Lineages out there, so there was no way he didn’t get anything from it.

“Am I really the descendant of God King Sealing Heaven, or has my lineage been deteriorated so bad that I didn’t get the attributes inheritances?” Yi Tianyun laughed at himself.

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