Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 708


Yi Tianyun wasn’t too arrogant, but when you have power, you wouldn’t want your pride to be trampled on by others. Even if he didn’t have any power, it was a given to fight for one’s family and friend. The most important thing for the cultivator should be the well-being of their loved ones. 

“Tianyun!” Jiao Linghe called worriedly. She was trying to tell Yi Tianyun that he should keep his calm as they were in an away game here. Yi Tianyun looked at Jiao Linghe and said nothing. Since his mother told him to stay calm, he would abide by it for now. 

“You are definitely the son of Yi Xingchen! You have the same stubbornness. But this is a pickle. Is that the reason your mother couldn’t teach you anything?” The Great Elder said coldly.

“What is it to you?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“How dare you!” Great Elder said furiously as he had enough of YI Tianyun’s rudeness.

“That is enough!” Yi Yuanlong shouted boomingly. “So, why are you here, Linghe? You have been hiding for years. Why did you show up again today of all times?” Yi Yuanlong asked coldly. Yi Yuanlong didn’t think much for now, but as he didn’t see his son anywhere, he didn’t care much about Jiao Linghe.

“I demand justification for my situation!” Jiao Linghe said as she pulled out the Water Crystal Coffin from her ring and everyone was shocked as they saw Yi Xingchen lying inside.

“My son!” Yi Yuanlong shouted as he rushed towards the Water Crystal Coffin. He hadn’t seen his son for so long, but he never expected it would be this bad. He saw that his son was pale and sensed that his Blood Essence was diminishing. 

Great Elder and Third Elder looked at each other with a smirk on their face, but it was so fast that no one realised it. The others were in shock as they never expected Yi Xingchen to be in such a condition. 

“How can this happen? What happened?” Yi Yuanlong shouted in anger towards Jiao Linghe. She immediately explained what happened in the past and reached the conclusion that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation had something to do with it.

“What good thing is it for us to do such thing to you and Yi Xingchen? He was once the genius of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation and will become the Holy King in the future! Why would we send people to kill such a man?” the Great Elder said angrily.

“That is true! It has to be your own doing that something like this happened to Yi Xingchen. You are probably making enemies left and right without you realising it!” The Third Elder said coldly. “It was such a waste that he had to spend his days inside Water Crystal Coffin like this after he escaped with you, but to entertain you of such idea, what is your evidence accusing us?” The Third Elder said coldly.

The people started to nod their head as they agreed with the Third Elder. It was common sense to show evidence first before accusing someone. They were clearly disappointed to see Yi Xingchen in this state!

They knew that Yi Xingchen was a genius and could easily become the next Holy King in the future, but it was just a dream now as Yi Xingchen has already weakened to the state of needing the Water Crystal Coffin to survive.

“Enough!” Yi Yuanlong whispered sadly. “The most important thing is to save him!” he couldn’t stand seeing his son lying inside the coffin like this, so he wanted to save him quickly.

“This is a very strong Bloodthirsty Poison! Who is vicious enough to poison someone with it?” Yi Yuanlong shouted angrily.

“I have Blood Drinking Grass, Royal Phoenix Blood Essence, and Heavenly Fragrant God Grass with me! It was all the ingredient needed to make the potion, but I couldn’t create the potion on my own.” Jiao Linghe said to Yi Yuanlong.

“No wonder you choose to return! It is just to trouble us with something you have caused. Now we will help you, but I want to see you gone once we’re done!” The Third Elder said coldly.

“To tell you the truth, we don’t need your help! You clearly misunderstand something here, we are not here to ask for your help, but we are here to ask for compensation for the damage that the poison has done to us! I am convinced that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation was the one behind all this!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“One proof that I have is your son there! His Bloodline is average; his Cultivation base is average. Everything about him screamed mediocre! In order to compete for power to become the next Holy King, he had to take out my father from the picture! Does my theory hit the mark?” Yi Tianyun said coldly towards the Third Elder. Yi Tianyun knew that it was taboo to discuss the power struggle on the faction, but he didn’t care.

“Damn you! Why would we ruin the entire Sealing Heaven Divine Nation over our own lust for power? Yi Xingchen is the strongest genius of his era. He would definitely become the best Holy King for our faction, so why would we do something that would harm our faction? Don’t you ever doubt our loyalty again, kid!” the Great Elder said coldly.

What the Great Elder said was the best answer to rally everyone behind him.

“Yes, our son is indeed mediocre, but that is alright compared to you! Your Bloodline is clearly worse, and what is better than that fox behind you? She is all looks and no content! She was only a normal human from Mortal World, no more! You told us you don’t need our help now? You are delusional!” The Third Elder said with a sneer.

They were clearly winning the statement as it was enough reason not to harm Yi Xingchen, but there was no real proof of what Yi Tianyun accused. They sneered at Yi Tianyun’s face without any fear because they knew that there was no trace to their deeds in the past!

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