Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 709


The faction’s stand was clear. They already said that they would never hurt Yi Xingchen and would be willing to help him as long as Jiao Lingye left him alone! Everyone was convinced that the two elders’ words were true, so they didn’t really question anything else despite the issues Yi Tianyun brought to light.

Yi Yuanlong stood still with a gloomy face. “Give me the Royal Phoenix Blood Essence and Heavenly Fragrant God Grass! Name your price!” He said solemnly. His expression was complicated as no one really knew what he was really thinking. 

“Second elder, I know that you are hasty to save Yi Xingchen, but think about it for a second, Heavenly Fragrant God Grass will be difficult to obtain, but Royal Phoenix Blood Essence is impossible unless you go to the Ghost World!” The third elder said worriedly.

“Then we have to go to the Ghost World!” Yi Yuanlong said solemnly.

“You are being unreasonable right now, second elder! It’s not that easy to go to the Ghost World. The channel between Heaven World and Ghost World has long been disconnected. The only way now is to go through the Mortal World, and it was no easy task!” The third elder said carefully.

The Third Elder’s word was correct, but even if they could go to the Ghost World, the Phoenix Clan would demand a sky-high price for Royal Phoenix Blood Essence as it was such a rare resource! Furthermore, it was hard to trust any Spirit King cultivator as the Royal Phoenix Blood Essence was really that powerful!

“So you are saying that it was impossible to save my son?” Yi Yuanlong glared at the third elder coldly.

“I am saying we should look for another alternative! We have a lot of things to consider in order to solve this problem!” the third elder said worriedly.

“Now, listen to my word! You don’t have to think of the ingredient right now!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“We don’t need to listen to you! You are here just to cause trouble, and even your accusation is baseless! You don’t even have the qualification to talk with me!” the third elder said coldly as he was furious at Yi Tianyun’s attitude.

“Shut up! How dare you talk like that to my son!” Jiao Linghe shouted angrily.

“You sly fox!” The third elder shouted, but he couldn’t say another word as he was slapped by the second elder.

“Third elder, I warn you to stop causing commotion! Now, let me find a way to get the Royal Phoenix Blood Essence and the Heavenly Fragrant God Grass!” Yi Yuanlong said solemnly.

“Okay, you have gone too far, second elder! Do you think I didn’t know what you have done in the past? Yi Xingchen could leave the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation because of your own doing! He was originally a bird in a cage because of his talent. But you let him go, and now you reap what you sow! You keep saying that you care about Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s future, but in reality, you are just a selfish old man!” the third elder shouted furiously.

This was the truth. Yi Xingchen was prohibited from leaving the faction because Sealing Heaven Divine Nation was afraid of losing him. It was impossible for him to leave on his own accord unless someone higher-ups let him go! 

“Second Elder, you are asking for too much right now. You even help the outsider! Isn’t she the one who seduced Yi Xingchen in the first place? If it weren’t for her, we would have many descendants from Yi Xingchen, powerful descendants!” The Great Elder said, backing up the third elder’s argument.

“So you are saying that you aren’t willing to help my son?” Yi Yuanlong said in anger.

“It’s not that we don’t want to save him, but he had made a big mistake! We can save him, but his Blood Essence already deteriorated. He wouldn’t have a great future ahead of him, anyway.” The Great Elder said calmly.

“We understand that you don’t want to give up your son, but it’s not worth the resource! You have to get them on your own if you insist!” The third elder said indifferently.

“Okay, I understand that the third elder wants my Divine Tool. I have known it for a long time now!” Yi Yuanlong said coldly.

“It’s not my desire! But you can’t just use that many resources for nothing! It is impossible to give that just to get nothing in return! You know damn well that it would be a waste to use it on your son now!” The third elder said casually.

“Third Elder is right! It was a rule of the faction to use resources efficiently. You are the one who imposes that rule yourselves, aren’t you?” Great elder said solemnly.

“Great! I understand now. I will trade my Divine Tool for those Royal Phoenix Blood Essence and Heavenly Fragrant God Grass!” Yi Yuanlong said coldly.

“No, you have misunderstood our point, Second Elder! The resources are worth equal to a Divine Tool. Therefore if you want both of them, you have to give us two Divine Tools!” The third elder smirked mischievously.

“That is enough!” Yi Tianyun shouted with a booming voice, attracting everyone’s attention.

“How dare you interrupt our talk, you ungrateful brat!” The third elder said furiously. But the next moment, he noticed a light coming out of Yi Tianyun’s eyes, and he gradually lost control over his own body.

The others were surprised as they saw that the third elder suddenly shut up and didn’t move from his spot. 

“It is time to end this stupid façade! It is utter nonsense, prancing around while the objective was clearly extortion! Now, let us all see the truth!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to the third elder as he controlled him with his Eyes of Charm!

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