Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 713


“You attacked us when all we want is to leave? How dare you, you coward!” Jiao Linghe furiously shouted as she knew that she would be living happily with Yi Xingchen in Mortal World had it not for these two elders. She couldn’t contain her anger as she was the victim of the elders’ heinous act. 

“I’m shocked. I never expected that you would try to kill your family over this position. You thought what you did was beneficial for you? Did you know what happened to a faction if no one is actually qualified to run the faction? This Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would fall apart overnight!” Suo Kaifeng said coldly. “You are pathetic! All you want is to cultivate a stronger secret art, and what? Did you think you could attain more power than any master out there?” Suo Kaifeng coldly said as he let loose his aura, pressuring everyone in the room. 

At this moment, no one thought that Suo Kaifeng was just an ordinary old man as the pressure was intense! Everyone began to tremble from Suo Kaifeng’s aura. The Great Elder and the Third Elder were nervous and worried as they knew that the Family Lord’s wrath wasn’t something they were keen to see.

“What would you do if neither of you becomes the Family Lord? Did you know that you can still cultivate like the Family Lord if you want?” Suo Kaifeng shouted furiously.

“What?” The Great Elder and the Third Elder stared wide-eyed at the Family Lord as they were surprised by his word. They wanted to become the Family Lord to covet the Cultivation Technique and Martial Arts that the Family Lord would have. However, if they could still get them without becoming the Family Lord, that meant everything they’ve done in the past was a waste!

“It has always been okay in Sealing Heaven Divine Nation to use whatever Cultivation Technique and Martial Arts that the faction had as long as you have contributed enough and have compatibility with said technique. You know why I never mentioned cultivation using any of the more advanced techniques that our faction had to you two? It is because you weren’t compatible to use any of them!” Suo Kaifeng said coldly.

“Family Lord, we were in the wrong! We are obsessed with the more advanced technique, and we even harm Yi Xingchen for it. We swear that we will find the cure, no matter what!” The Great Elder said nervously.

“It is true, Family Lord! We don’t want to be abolished of our Cultivation Base. We don’t want to die!” The Third Elder said nervously. It was clear to everyone that these two were scared beyond their wits. If the Family Lord decided to abolish their cultivation, they would have nothing left! Their sons were useless, and therefore wouldn’t be able to take care of them.

“There is no reason left for you to beg! You have harmed your family, and therefore the only punishment left is to abolish your cultivation base or lay you to rest forever! There would be no mercy as you have to pay for what you have done!” Suo Kaifeng said coldly.

“No, please, Family Lord! You should consider that Yi Xingchen would have run away no matter what! It was equal to betraying the family! We punish those who betrayed us just as we did to others, so he should expect this much!” Great Elder argued worriedly. 

Everyone sort of sympathized with the Great Elder this time. Yi Xingchen did elope with Jiao Linghe, so he essentially has betrayed the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation and would be eradicated on sight anyway. Suo Kaifeng was also silenced as the Great Elder’s words were truly sound.

“Did you think he would never come back? If you didn’t pressure him in the first place, he would never leave! If you think he is a traitor for Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, then I will avenge him myself!” Yi Yuanlong said coldly.

“But we are family. If you harm us, that means you violate the faction rules and laws! Whatever his reason may be, Yi Xingchen is a traitor! There is no question about it.” The Third Elder said with a smirk on his face.

It was unfortunate for Yi Yuanlong and Jiao Linghe, but the Great Elder and the Third Elder have found a loophole that even the Family Lord couldn’t argue against. Yi Yuanlong’s complexion changed as he knew that he couldn’t touch the Great Elder and the Third Elder to avenge his son anymore. This is the rule set by Sealing Heaven Divine King himself. No one could violate it, not even the Family Lord! 

Great Elder and the Third Elder stood up again as they were pleased by the turn of events. It was common practice to punish the deserter, even in Mortal World! Everyone was dumbfounded as they never thought that the Great Elder and the Third Elder could escape capital punishment. 

“Well, if that was the case, then I will be the one to avenge my father!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. He reached out to Evil Spirit Divine Sword, and his body was immediately covered with the evil aura coming out of the sword. “I am not the member of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation. Therefore, I won’t be punished if I harm or even kill you!” Yi Tianyun said with a slight smirk on his face.

“You are a joke! Even if you aren’t part of our Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, you will become the enemy of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation if you attack us! Can you afford to become our enemy?” The third Elder said coldly to Yi Tianyun.

“Honestly, I am not sure even Sealing Heaven Divine King himself would be able to stop me! Compared to him, the current Sealing Heaven Divine Nation is a walk in the park!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Everyone was shocked by Yi Tianyun’s words. No one expected a young man would have the guts to belittle Sealing Heaven Divine Nation in front of the Family Lord! Jiao Linghe herself was stunned hearing her son’s word. She knew that Yi Tianyun was impulsive, but he was not suicidal! But whatever happened, she would always stand beside her son!

“But hear me out, I don’t want to involve the entire Sealing Heaven Divine Nation as my father was originated from here. On top of that, my grandfather is also here. So I could show a little self restrain with all that as consideration. With that said, I propose a duel! If you two win against me, all of these Divine Tools would be yours!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

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