Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 712


The current Lord came with his cane in one hand. The people in the room immediately showed their respect to the utmost limit, but the Lord was already old. It was due time for him to retire from the faction duty. The three highest-ranking elders were the candidates for the next Lord. The requirement to be a candidate was to have personal prestige, talented children, and of course, their own strength. 

“I didn’t expect Yi Xingchen’s child turns out to be such an amazing cultivator. It really is quite a sight to see such a great cultivation base and foundation at such a young age.” Suo Kaifeng, the Lord, said with a smile on his face.

He realized that Yi Tianyun was much stronger than himself, and with the Sealing Heaven Divine King’s pure bloodline flowing in his body, he knew that Yi Tianyun would become much stronger in the future. He didn’t have the Appraisal Eye, so there was no way he knew that Yi Tianyun was currently equipping the Desolate Ancient Set and had the Crazy Mode with him, but that was not the issue.

“Thank you very much for your compliment, Lord.” Yi Tianyun said respectfully. Although the third elder and the great elder gave him a bad impression, it didn’t mean that he should behaved rudely to the Lord, who didn’t seem to do him any harm earlier. 

“What are you saying, my lord?!” the third elder said nervously. The Family Lord said that he would take this set of Divine Tools instead of the Third Elder, meaning that he would be fine if the soul search was used on him!

“I will help you get this set of equipment is what I’m saying here. It’s such amazing Divine Tools, and the generation to come would be greatly benefitted from it in the future! You don’t have to worry about the source! Since you said that you are innocent, there is nothing you should worry about.” Suo Kaifeng said indifferently. 

“Rest assured as I will be conducting your soul search myself! As long as you don’t resist, your soul wouldn’t be damaged!” Suo Kaifeng said confidently, which was the truth as he was already an old man, and the third elder’s martial arts memories wouldn’t do him any good, so he didn’t have any reason to steal it.

Cultivators could live for a long time, but they couldn’t live forever! Suo Kaifeng has lived his life for a long time, meaning that he had sufficient strength and good people around him, making it possible to live out his life.

“Yes, you are right, my Lord. But…” The third elder was nervous, he seemed to be racking his brain to find a plausible excuse to refuse the Family Lord’s order, but he knew that he couldn’t do that. If he refused, he would be rebelling against the Family Lord, and it would be equal to rebellion against the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation itself! 

The Great Elder frowned, and his expression turned sour. He knew that if the Family Lord insisted, his action in the past would be exposed.

“I don’t know what else are you waiting for, I don’t know what makes you so reluctant to accept this offer, but if you keep this up, I can’t help but think that you’re not telling the truth.” Suo Kaifeng said coldly.

“No, that is not the case!” The third elder said with a pale complexion as he couldn’t come up with another excuse to refuse the Family Lord.

“Then let’s conduct soul search on you immediately! You want me to do it, or do you have any other preferences?” Suo Kaifeng said coldly.

“I am so sorry, Family Lord! What I did was wrong! I shouldn’t have done any of it, please, I beg you to have mercy!” The third elder relented under pressure and kneeled down in front of the Family Lord, begging for mercy. 

He couldn’t find any other excuses, and he didn’t want to be soul searched as it was just going to make him lose even more after everyone knew that he was really the one behind all of it.

Everyone was angered after the third elder confessed. He had the audacity to blame it all on Yi Tianyun earlier, but now he admitted that he was really the one behind it all! 

“I don’t expect Third Elder and the Grand Elder to be the one to cause such havoc. They insisted that they weren’t the one behind it at first, but it all turns out to be one big lie.” An elder said with a disgusted expression. 

“Does it mean we are blaming the wrong person this entire time?” another elder said with a guilty expression.

“This is too much! They really did everything for power. What a disgusting creature they have become!” another elder said with a bewildered and disgusted expression.


They knew that Yi Xingchen was their future hope, but now the elders that they’ve been looking up to destroyed that hope! Now, the future of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation looked bleak. They were really disgusted by what the third elder and the great elder had done!

“Family Lord, we are at wrong! We are fascinated by the possibility of attaining more power than what we already have! We have made a huge mistake, but give us another chance! We will never make another mistake in the future!” Great elder kneel down beside the third elder as he knew that everything was already exposed. He knew that it was no longer possible to deny anything at this moment.

“How dare you!” Yi Yuanlong angrily shouted before he kicked the third elder with all his might, sending the third elder flying while vomiting blood from the attack. He then glared at the great elder. “I had a feeling that you have something to do with my son’s disappearance, but I didn’t expect you to go to such a length! We are from the same family, and I never expected you to be this cruel! Does everything has a meaning for you? Did you see anything was worth it now?” Yi Yuanlong said coldly.

“My son has become a victim of your search for power! What did you get from becoming the Family Lord anyway? More resources and power? Is it really worth it to destroy my son for it?” Yi Yuanlong furiously shouted as he pulled out his sword, but he knew that he couldn’t kill these two as it was the Family Lord’s decision to deal with their punishment.

Great elder remained silent as he had no intention to justify any of his deeds. It wouldn’t matter anyway as everyone knew that what he did was something terrible! 

“Well, it seems I don’t have to give up any of my Divine Tool this time.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently on the side.

The truth was already out, so there’s no need for him to give up any of his Divine Tool as compensation.

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