Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 715


Yi Tianyun had a Divine Tool and that was indeed amazing for his age, but the Third Elder also had one. Some people thought that Yi Tianyun was delusional enough to propose a duel against the Third Elder and the Great Elder, and they thought it was foolish not to use all his Divine Tools!

“This kid might think that the Third Elder didn’t have any Divine Tool with him!” an elder said with a frown on his face.

“Yeah, that is one of the possibilities. He may be too confident, and it’s not necessarily a good thing.” Another elder commented.

“Well, if it were me, I would regret proposing the duel as I wouldn’t only lose my life but also a Divine Tool set.” Another elder commented with a sigh.

Everyone began to talk about Yi Tianyun’s impulsive behaviour as they thought it was an unwise move. Yi Yuanlong looked at the Third Elder coldly. He made up his mind that he would interfere with the duel as soon as he deemed that Yi Tianyun was in danger. 

“Let’s go already! Stop wasting everyone’s time!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. He stood with the Evil Spirit Divine Sword still stuck on the floor. His action was so reckless that everyone began to sigh that it would be a short fight!

“I don’t know which part of you resembles Yi Xingchen. You are too arrogant for your own good!” The third elder said coldly. He then released his 5th Layer Spirit King Stage aura and immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun. He used all his power at once as he was annoyed by Yi Tianyun’s arrogance.

In an instant, the third elder was already in front of Yi Tianyun, and he immediately attacked Yi Tianyun with a terrifying power! His power augmented a Divine Thunder, causing his attack to be lightning fast! Everyone was sure that once the third elder’s attack landed, the kid would die instantly!

Yi Yuanlong was ready to cover Yi Tianyun, but he was too late! He didn’t expect the third elder would go all out right from the start! Thus he was caught off guard and couldn’t reach Yi Tianyun in time! “Get away from there!” Yi Yuanlong shouted nervously.

But Yi Tianyun was unfazed. One wave from the Evil Spirit Divine Sword caused a horde of spirits to roar and surround the third elder in an instant.

“Diving Evil Spirit!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

The third elder’s thunder and lightning were instantly swallowed by the evil spirit. Even his whole body was covered by the evil spirit! The third elder couldn’t see anything in his vicinity due to the sheer amount of Evil Spirits covering his whole body. 

The evil spirit also bit his body and soul as the third elder couldn’t defend himself against the evil spirit! He screamed in pain as the damage to his soul and the damage on his body was excruciating! He couldn’t attack due to the evil spirits’ attack and fell to the ground. He tried to cover his head needlessly as blood started to drip from his ears, eyes, and nose. 

The third elder obviously couldn’t defend against the evil spirit from Yi Tianyun’s attack! Everyone was shocked by this scene as it was clear that the third elder was easily overpowered without Yi Tianyun really doing anything. It was surprising, especially since the third elder had the power of thunder on his side.

“You will fall under the Evil Spirit that will keep devouring your soul until it’s all gone!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to the third elder before turning his attention towards the Great Elder. “You can start whenever!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

The third elder has already lost. There was no way he could turn around the tide after taking serious damage to his soul like that. Everyone sighed in relief because they truly thought that what they did in the past was abominable!

Yi Yuanlong, who initially wanted to help Yi Tianyun, was dumbfounded as he didn’t even lift a hand. It was clear that his grandson was more powerful than the third elder and the great elder! Yi Tianyun overpowered the third elder with just one move. He even let him suffer as long as he could without finishing off the third elder!

“Like I told you, grandfather, just trust me!” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile on his face.

“Alright, I will calm down now.” Yi Yuanlong said as he felt excited to see his grandson was this strong! Everyone has told him that his grandson would be weak due to Yi Xingchen marrying some outsider, but clearly, everyone was wrong! Yi Tianyun was still young, but he easily overpowered the third elder like it was nothing!

“Elder sister, I told you not to worry about him.” Shi Xueyun said with a smile on her face.

“This is surprising. The third elder was supposed to be more powerful than the bandits from the forest!” Jiao Linghe said with surprise clear on her face. Even so, she wasn’t completely relieved either as she knew that Yi Tianyun still had to fight against the Great Elder, and he was supposed to be much stronger than the third elder!

Suo Kaifeng’s eyes lit up with excitement. He didn’t care about the third elder who was lying on the ground as his eyes were focused on Yi Tianyun. He had lived a long life, but he has never seen anything like this! He never saw a genius with a cultivation at this level despite his young age. 

He was reluctant to agree with the death duel at the start as he knew that it was such a waste to lose such a young man, but he couldn’t do anything about it as Yi Tianyun himself was the one who proposed the duel!

Although the third elder and the great elder was his faction member, he couldn’t say he agreed with the way they think. It was clear that the third elder and the great elder were blinded by power! He knew that it would affect the faction significantly if he lost two elders at the same time, but as he saw Yi Tianyun’s power, he didn’t care that much anymore. It was clear that Yi Tianyun was worth more than the two elders combined!

“I have to admit that you’re not bad at all. No wonder you were that confident earlier, provided your cultivation level. Too bad for you it wouldn’t work on me! I have the Divine King Bloodline on me. All your effort is futile!” the Great Elder said with a smirk on his face.

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