Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 716


When the great elder saw Yi Tianyun’s power, he wasn’t really impressed! He thought that it was normal for someone that has so many Divine Tools to be this capable! He pulled out a giant axe and activated his defence Divine Rune on the axe. Everyone could feel boundless energy from the axe that they could barely move due to the pressure.

“That is the Star Divine Axe! The Great Elder is finally going to use his ultimate weapon! He has killed so many well-known cultivators with that axe!” An Elder said excitedly.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen the Great Elder use that axe for a long time! He could definitely change the whole venue with that axe’s power.” Another elder said with the same excitement. 

“The kid is indeed strong, but the Great Elder is definitely stronger! There is no way the Great Elder of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would lose against a little boy. What would Sealing Heaven Divine Nation be if we can’t even defeat that teenager!” another elder said with a frown on his face.

All the elders seemed to be intrigued by the Great Elder’s Stars Divine Axe, and no one bothered to to look at Yi Tianyun’s weapon anymore. They knew that it was a Divine Tool, but based on their Divine Tool’s appearance, they were convinced that Great Elder’s Divine Tool must be more powerful than Yi Tianyun’s. 

Yi Tianyun was also aware that the Great Elder’s weapon was more powerful than his. However, Yi Tianyun wasn’t afraid. He knew that he was far more powerful than the great elder, and there was no way he would lose the fight!

“Didn’t you say that you have the Divine King Bloodline in you? Why don’t you show it to me and let me know how strong the Divine King Bloodline you respected really is!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently, but in fact, he was curious of this Divine King Bloodline’s power. 

Sealing Heaven Divine Nation was extremely cautious of their Bloodline transfer. They understood that their descendant would have to inherit the Bloodline to some extent even though they know that the Bloodline would be diluted at a later generation. Therefore, they had to slow down the dilution to find a potential partner to have a child with. 

“Kid, don’t let him release his Bloodline’s power!” Yi Yuanlong shouted on the side to remind Yi Tianyun.

“Grandfather, relax! As long as it wasn’t the Sealing Heaven Divine King himself, I wouldn’t lose! I just want to know how powerful this Bloodline that you respected really is.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. He sounded arrogant right now, and everyone judged him for it. 

“This brat is too arrogant for his own good! He thought it would be easy to defeat the Great Elder after defeating the third elder?” 

“I would be willing to bet the kid would regret it later!” another elder said with an annoyed expression.

“It’s probably because he is still too young to understand what is happening in front of him right now!”  another elder said with a frown on his face.

The elder immediately acted neutral. They knew that the Great Elder had done something terrible, but seeing that Yi Tianyun was too arrogant, they didn’t want to cheer him on as they did earlier.

“You are really arrogant, kid! I know that you would be powerful in the future, but you won’t be able to deal with me in your current state! I will do you a favour and cut your life short!” Great elder said as he immediately released his bloodline power! His aura immediately shone brightly while his axe emitting a similar bright light. It was like seeing a star in the night sky, terrifyingly bright!

“Stars Energy!” The great elder shouted as his aura was immediately enhanced, raising his power significantly.

This is the power of the Divine King Bloodline, it was connected to the power of the star, and once it was used, the user’s power would be significantly enhanced! The Evil Spirit Bloodline’s power came from within, while the Divine King Bloodline’s power came from the star above!

The name Sealing Heaven Divine King wasn’t just to intimidate the enemy, but because it was truly connected to the source of power that he used! The Sealing Heaven Divine King used the power of the star for his cultivation, which made him one of the strongest cultivators in the past!

Due to this surging Star Energy, the Great Elder’s combat power rose to 4 billion. That combat power was far beyond the Spirit King Peak Stage cultivator. It was something that the 4th Layer Saint King cultivator should have! Clearly, Yi Tianyun wasn’t expecting something like this either! The Great Elder’s combat power after using the Divine King Bloodline rose beyond his expectation!

“Interesting, no wonder you respected the Divine King Bloodline that much. This Bloodline would be able to control the world if used properly!” Yi Tianyun said with a nod as he was impressed by the Great Elder’s power. 

But even so, the Great Elder’s power still too weak compared to Yi Tianyun’s power. Even so, Yi Tianyun knew if the opponent had a purer bloodline, they could cultivate so much easier as they would undeniably be able to use a stronger Star Energy!

“It’s over!” Yi Yuanlong said with a sad expression as he thought that the Great Elder would definitely win. Even he couldn’t stop the Great Elder once he used the Divine King Bloodline’s power.

Jiao Longhe also felt the same thing, but Shi Xueyun kept comforting her as she knew that Jiao Linghe would found it hard to accept the truth that Yi Tianyun really was a powerful cultivator.

“Believe in Tianyun!” Shi Xueyun said with a smile on her face. Jiao Linghe just nodded his head as she knew it was the best she could do at the moment.

“I wonder if you can withstand the Great Elder’s power now, kid.” Suo Kaifeng said to Yi Tianyun expectantly. He was looking forward to Yi Tianyun’s victory than the Great Elder’s victory because Yi Tianyun would have a great potential to surpass the Great Elder in the future. 

But Yi Tianyun’s expression was somewhat bored. The Great Elder’s power was too weak for Yi Tianyun that he walked towards the Great Elder and whispered, “Can you raise your power even further?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. 

The Great Elder was shocked to hear Yi Tianyun’s word. Everyone was also dumbfounded after they heard what Yi Tianyun was saying. Was Yi Tianyun really stronger than the Great Elder, or was he just stupid all along!?

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